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JULY 2018
Welcome to July 2018
New Announcement to Back Room Members, I now post extended monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings be sure to check them out for each sign. 

July is a huge month with Jupiter finally turning direct on the 10th! Yay! We also are in Retrograde season and joining in the mix this month is good ole Mercury once again. We also have two eclipses this month wow! 

Check out your monthly horoscope to learn more about what this means for you and your sign. Be sure to listen to both your Sun and Ascendant sign for both houses will be affected. Much love and positive energy sent to you all! 

Welcome to June 2018

Mars and Neptune will turn Rx this month, Mars near the end of the month. Please listen to your Monthly Horoscope for more on June 2018

Welcome to May 2018

General Astro weather forecast: Big changes! Uranus changes signs

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Welcome to April!
For all the details be sure to listen to your monthly horoscope for both your Sun sign and Ascendant. Also the General Astro-Weather forecast in the monthly horoscope section of the menu above.

Here is the special (extra) audio for April 2018 for the month below click the link to listen.


Welcome to March 2018!

FULL BLUE MOON IN LIBRA MARCH 31st, 2018: This is a intense one, and some real realizations will be made. Be careful for tempers can flare but there is a upside to it! click to listen to find out more!

Another Blue Moon Month! Plus Jupiter turns rx along with Mercury and to top it off a New Moon in Pisces. 

For all the details please see my monthly audio horoscopes in the menu bar above, where I talk all about it or click the monthly horoscopes below.

Plus check out your own specific sign forecast for all your sign details below !

Monthly Horoscopes


Listen to the Special on New Moon in Pisces Destined Love audio


Happy Valentines Day
February 14th, 2018 

2/15/2018 which is tomorrow, is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius!
Listen to my general forecast for more but also check out your own personal forecast for your Sun sign and Ascendant
in the main menu or for the general click below I cover all the New Moon's, Eclipses and soon to start Retrograde madness.

February General Planet Forecast ( don't miss it)

Check out the monthly Monthly Horoscopes in the menu above for more specifics according to your sign. However, the general forecasts cover so much more! so please don't miss them, they are important for all and cover stuff that is not in the sign horoscopes. 

UPDATE: I will no longer be writing all the news instead I will be podcasting it, because frankly, I am constantly writing for my site and reports it helps me get more out to speak it! So Thank you for your support! 

 I hope you enjoy them please leave a comment below them or like them so I can gauge whether or not I should continue them. I think you will find them energizing and feel good no matter the challenges that might be before us! Also, You can also find my forecasts on Youtube if you would like to get notified on the latest please follow me.

Welcome to January 2018!

Click below for general forecast
General February 2018 stutter version part 1 General February 2018 Podcast Edited

General Forecast for January 2018

Separate write up on the Super Moon on the 31st click link below

January 31, 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse!

December 2018  General Forecast Review


Welcome to October 2017

I will be selecting 2 people for the month of October for a Free 30 min reading! Just either follow me, share my site or share your experience with any aspect or placement whether synastry or natal chart or become a Back Room Member.
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There is one more available for the month! 

October Brief Overview

Pluto is now direct as of September 28th so passions are ignited, we feel things more intensely and as a result we can direct our energies into obtaining our goals. As always watch out for power struggles with others or giving away your personal power. Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th heating up our love nature and can certainly bring about strong desires and intense attractions. Neptune will be moving direct on the 22nd of this month bringing the romance and feelings of elation back but as always we need to be sure to set proper boundaries and also awareness of the fact that Neptune can also bring on illusions and alter our judgement. The New Moon on the 18th is in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet of luck and expansion Jupiter which will bring about a wonderful energy for manifesting be sure to set your intentions they will likely manifest on the next full moon.

Welcome to September 2017

Last month's solar eclipse is still playing out, Saturn is direct and Mercury finishes it's last few days of retrograde. Please check back soon I am writing Septembers forecast now. 

I am having a special each month to win a free reading by simply sharing your experience with any of the transits, aspects or whatnot! 

Every month I will select two people to offer a free 30 min reading just for sharing your experience on my site. 

Find a post and comment share your experience and win a free reading. I will announce each winner here at the end of each month. 

The more you share the more your chances are of wining, you can also participate and win by liking, sharing or following me of course only if you really do like or want to follow me:) 
I love each and everyone of you!

Check back for September write up!

Welcome to August!

August 21 total Solar Eclipse in Leo
Mercury is Retrograde
Saturn Turns Direct August 25th so things will start pressing on again, and new decisions that were brought about during the Solar Eclipse will begin to take form. Mercury Retrograde is a excellent for making amends, renegotiating and revisiting and fixing things, take advantage of this opportune time.

Click for August 2017 Forecast

Welcome to July!

Check out July's monthly forecast below

July 2017 General Forecast

Welcome to June 2017

The big news this month is Jupiter's direct motion we have all been waiting for this one. Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion is always much more generous in direct motion and will finally be moving direct on June 9th 2017 Yay! We currently have Saturn and Pluto in Rx motion and Neptune is soon to join on the 16th of this month. This is a good one, when the blinders are taken off and we can finally see clearly. We make much better decisions when Neptune is retrograde we see things clearer and without the illusion curtain drawn that Neptune tends to project into our lives. 

Overall the month is relatively calm there will be moments of self doubt, and even fatigue or exhaustion with some difficult aspects from Saturn to the Sun, but those are short lived and we will begin to feel better rather quickly. Remember Saturn is about refinement, hardwork and usually when we feel down it's as a result of not doing what we should have, this is not always the case but it's a time to evaluate our lives and how we can make changes to improve them.  More on this shortly..

Welcome to May 2017

May is a bit of a smoother month now that Mercury finally turned direct on the 3rd things will start moving again. 

With Saturn the planet of Karma in Retrograde it's time to re-evaluate the way we have been doing things. Many things are likely to come to the forefront pushing us to make necessary changes in order to make our lives healthier, financially wiser. relationships stronger or whatever area 
Saturn is passing through in your natal chart.

 Pluto Retrograde is much the same it generally brings about power struggles or issues with power in some form. Pluto wants us to let go of unhealthy attachments of those that are controlling us or unhealthy for us, he does this often by bringing things to light that we might have otherwise ignored. 

He asks us about our power and the power others wield over us and why. We learn to set boundaries and to cut ties with those that are making our lives unpleasant and often bring us stress and drama. The lessons of both planets can be rather harsh and seemingly unforgiving but that is not the case. Often we don't make the changes necessary until the glass shatters. We need that kick in the ass to wake up. Pluto and Saturn are great at doing so. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th was quite the eye opener but not in it's usual way, this full moon was about personal empowerment. Not hanging on to unrealistic hopes and fantasies but more about what is real and why do we give our power to others and depend on them for our happiness. Why are we willing to settle for less than we deserve? This Full Moon was about taking back your personal power and depending on ourselves for the things that we want in our life.

 There are only so many excuses we can make until we finally see that it's been in us all along. 

The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th will affect us all differently according to our natal chart placements but overall it's about getting moving, communicating, learning new ways of doing things, multi-tasking and mentally compartmentalizing those things that are weighing us down such as worry and self doubt.

 Understanding that communication is key to what it is we want. If we don't communicate these needs they will go unacknowledged. We need to speak our minds, express our self, ask and socialize with those with like minds.

 It's a good time to get out, to socialize and to make new friends, learn new things and express ideas. We also have Mars in Gemini helping us manage multiple things at a time and therefore being more efficient. We are also feeling a bit more active and curious.

Venus in Aries is a passionate daring one, and we will be much more fearless in our approach. It's the just do it attitude, and guess what? a lot more happens this way. Stop procrastinating, start doing and see the results come in much faster. 

Overall May is a communicative and active month, use it to get the things done that you have had on hold. To connect with friends, network and to communicate your ideas or put your business plans into effect. 

Welcome to April 2017

Today: April 15th 2017
Venus Turns Direct today, the passion and benefits of Venus turn back on and we can begin feeling much more like ourselves and reaping the positive benefits of Venus again.

Monthly Overview

Wow, this is a big month! We have massive planet Retrogrades all taking effect. Although Jupiter and Venus started their prior, to join the mix this month are Mercury, then Saturn and lastly Pluto. Wow! This is amping up time, this is where we set our intentions on what we want from here on out. 

During Retrogrades we do a lot of revisiting of all sorts, it's time to clear out blockages whether they are other people, situations or self inflicted. It's time to get those projects we have been thinking about off the ground by planning exactly how and following through.

 Any relationship issues we can work on too, especially with Venus Retrograde, it's time to figure out what you want in love and what you are willing to do or not do for it. It's time to figure out the big questions in our lives. Where do we want to be? what's holding us back? What needs to be done to get there and simply make plans to do it, and then do it. 

Retrograde planets are also Karmic times, we get what we gave at this time. We need to clear out the negative in our lives and start really living. Let go of those people that are causing you drama and stress, or that are controlling you in a negative way. Establish relationships that are supportive and healthy, those that will help you grow. 

Work toward achieving your life goals, everything is possible we just make excuses like it's not the right time, or I won't find anyone better, or what if it never takes off or it doent work. Look whether you believe it to be true or not, you are right a wise man once said. I believe Winston Churchill.

Retrogrades allow us a opportunity to go back and fix things or do them better. As we rewind in time, go back and revisit those things we gave up on, or procrastinated on, or review our current lives and the reasons why were happy or why we are not, and what can be changed. Make those changes, make a plan and you will see the results of the seeds you planted as the planets begin to turn direct each producing it's own fruit! More about how to make the most out of this retrograde period specifically for each planet in the Back Room in my daily content area. 

Welcome to March 2017

This is a interesting month that's for sure, with both Venus and Jupiter the two benefactors currently in Retrograde motion. This is where past opportunities can certainly return. Venus rules love and money so both lovers from the past or missed opportunities for love can reappear. If you were waiting on monies owed they can very well come to you now as well. In business previous clients can return, and  there can be a sense of deja vu. 

Jupiter brings big opportunities as well perhaps you begin a new course, or school? or pretty much any thing with regards to higher learning or education are usually front and center. However, Jupiter can also bring about missed luck opportunities, and you can very well get a second chance  take a look at what house he is traveling to learn more about what may be coming back or you may be revisiting. 

The Month of April ,we can look forward to both Saturn and Mercury joining the mix, Mercury turns Retrograde April 9th, and Saturn on April 6th, 2017 and then followed by Pluto on the April 28th.

See the write up below for Venus Retrograde
click link

Here are some additional links to the planets retrograde both by transit and in the natal chart for insights into what to expect.

Welcome to February 2017

Hey All! I have been super busy with clients and had very little time to post the full monthly report, so here is the big news for February and I will try to catch up next month in March when Venus the planet of Love officially turns Retrograde on March 4th.

The Big News for February is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 10 at 5:32 Pm. Jupiter is Retrograde In Libra, And There is a New Moon in Pisces on the 28th. You can check out my New Moon and Eclipse posts by using the search bar for more information on what these mean.

Welcome to December 2016


Welcome to November 2016!

Welcome to October!

October is a wonderful month, with much calmer waters ahead. We begin the month on October 1st with a sweet trine between Neptune and Venus allowing us to dream our way to love, enhancing our compassion and believing in the power of love. It's a very romantic day to plan something sweet with a love. 
Then on October 5th, things heat up and passion ignites with a sextile between Venus and Pluto if single it's a great day to attract a love interest because you are smoldering and sexy. 
On October 7th Mercury changes signs from Virgo to Libra so we are more aware of compromise and willing to hear another's perspective. This is great for all conversations and communication both romantic or business we are much more diplomatic, romantic and sweet. 

The best day to initiate any important matter with regards to communication is on October 11th when Mercury in Libra conjuncts Jupiter, feelings of optimism bring positive results because we are confident and in turns brings us positive and lucky results. 

The least favorite day to have any important conversations is on the 13th when Mars will make a tight square to Mercury, people might be a bit on edge including yourself or maybe to forceful another day is better.
October 15 there is a full moon in Aries, we will feel a bit impulsive, daring and willing to go after what we want fearlessly. It's a great full moon to take action that you have been putting off. 

On October 18th Venus moves from intense Scorpio into fun and carefree Sagittarius, lightening up the atmosphere and giving Sagittarius a bit a fun and glamour. Things become much lighter and more spontaneous interactions and fun.

October 30th there is a New Moon in Scorpio which will enhance our desire nature and give us the ability to magnetize the things we want into our lives by setting our heart on what we want and drawing these things to us through our enhanced desire nature. 

Welcome to September 2016

September is a big month for all, we have a lot going on right from the start! We start the month with Mercury Retrograde, a New Moon, and a partial solar eclipse right off the back on the 1st, and later the powerful Pluto finally goes direct on September 26th, Saturn turned direct last month so the pressure is back on and it's time to set up solid structures and foundations and to get the job done. More details coming shortly! 

Welcome to August 2016

Uranus is now Retrograde, expect the unexpected
New Moon August 2nd, in Leo at 1:44 pm - New beginnings in love, creative ventures, self expression, and playful activities all will experience a fresh start. 

Click the link below for more


Welcome to July 2016


Welcome to JUNE 2016!

Welcome to May 2016!
May is a Great month for all! 5 planets Rx Wow! The Universe is giving us a break, time to slow down and redo many areas of our life to make things better. Go back, go through, revise, make plans. Great news! Jupiter the planet of abundance atlas goes direct on the 9th of this month! Yippeee!! look to the house Jupiter is transiting to know where you can expect to get more! 

For the full May write up click the link below

May 2016 Overview


Welcome to March 2016


Welcome to February, the Lover's Month

All though not everyone is lucky enough to find love or keep it, it is a month that is favored for finding it and fanning the flames on a already existing love. 

This month Venus is in the sign of Aquarius, pushing us all to learn how to not only be lovers but friends and to appreciate our partners for who they are rather than who we want them to be. 

With Venus in Aquarius we are implored to try new things and to not be afraid to be different. Even if your not an Aquarius your luck will be found in the house that Aquarius rules. You can expect to see the Goddess of luxury, love and favors bestow a little fortune in that area of your chart. 

Venus is in a very favorable Quintile to Lover Mars this month so those of you in love, should be happy as can be. Those of you single and looking have a favorable chance of finding a good match but you will need to go out and make the effort it's not likely to show up at your door.

Another powerful transit of Rahu or North Node is in Conjunction to Jupiter pushing us ahead in a rapid fast speed with new and exciting opportunities for expansion in the area of which this conjunction is happening for you. This is a flags down get ready and go, expect people coming into your life, and new opportunity to help push you forward in your life direction. 

Jupiter is the God of Abundance and is Rx right now back tracking to cover old ground and bring light and new possibilities to bring you abundance. However, we got Karmic Saturn making a Square to this Conjunction so we can expect some Karma coming in this situation. 

If all your efforts have been for the universal good or positive then the Karmic implications should be good as well. Saturn is the judge here and will be overlooking or monitoring and keeping Jupiter in check to what he's able to provide. Overall it should be positive for most perhaps not as supernova as it could be but what is due will be coming. 

We got Saturn turning Rx, after the exact Jupiter Square on March 23rd while Jupiter is Conjunct the North Node, pay attention to this day! Then Saturn will turn Rx on the 25th to go back over old ground as well in the sign of Sagittarius and releasing Jupiter just for a bit only to make a final Square once again on May 26th. We don't usually want Saturn involved in a fortunate Jupiter transit but were all being kept in check to be sure that we have earned our way, there are no handouts on this one. 

Saturn is the realist and as long as we are all doing the best we can he does reward! and they are usually long lasting rewards!

Happy New Year All! it's now 2016, Wow does time fly right? I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with all those that love you! 

As I write this post Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 the Moon phase is waning, and in the sign of Scorpio in Al-Ikli which is good for financial security, Friendship, Love and Marriage, Building, promotions, and healing. So I think I am in the right mood here.

Now there's big news for the month because we have both Mercury and Jupiter turning RX. Which this time both will be very favorable. Although the usual mix-ups and introspection in likely to occur, some solid decisions and opportunity will be available.

When planets turn Retrograde, they offer us opportunities to really dig deeper into the energy and I find for myself personally I function much better and think much clearer under Mercury Retrograde. During Retrograde planets we are going back over things and are being given a chance to clarify, and re-do or represent ourselves in a new light. We will go over things more thoroughly, and usually come out much better because of it. As far as love and relationships are concerned it may be a scary time because your may fear your partner may re-think things, and yes this often happens but this is usually a really good time to make things better if there are any issues. If they can be worked on you are getting a chance to air the issues and work through them. If things can't then sometimes the relationship will end. In many instances you get a opportunity to revisit old relationships, and get closure, or in other times repair them, it all depends on the person and their personal experience.

A New Year brings new energy and there are Lot's of positive things happening for everyone. Cheer's here's to a fabulous New Year! May all your dreams come true!. 

The month begins with Mercury Retrograde, on January 5th, and then shortly after followed by Jupiter on January 7th were going to be internalizing a lot and the luck we receive we may need to create. Depending on the houses affected will describe more of what you can expect and what areas will be revisited during this time.

Mercury Rx can create havoc but that's mostly because we as a society are highly dependent on technology to accomplish anything. Well Mercury rules this area and while retrograding technology has a hard time, and this is where most of the complications and aggravation is usually seen. Many companies choose to update their websites during this time, which can be frustrating but everyone revisits areas to try to improve them even company websites need to do so.

It need not be complete chaos, for the most part it's our reactions to the set backs that make things worse. When things go awry, simple take a deep breathe and relax it will all work itself out, don't make matters worse by loosing it. We need to be more patient, and retrograde planets teach us this, especially Mercury. 

Although confusion occurs, technology goes wacko, and mail may be misdirected, it's really about learning to slow down, and have patience and to also take our time to evaluate things. 

Don't worry, trust in the universe it's plans are greater than us, and it's usually all for good reason and you see this usually in hindsight.

Personally, I am a huge fan of planets turning retrograde because I may mistakes and love the opportunity to correct them but really because we are kind of shooting from the hip on a daily basis and being able to rethink and redo things is really quite nice. 

During Mercury Retrograde I have heard from long lost friends, old lovers returned, employers from the past offered me new jobs, heck i even had something I thought I lost for many years suddenly show up! It all depends on the house it's turning Rx in along with aspects being made, but one thing is for sure, things are revisited.

Retrograde planets are opportunistic times, yes things can go haywire for a bit, or you might have to hold off on a big decision but usually we are happy we did in the end.

So, go back in time and fix things, revisit them and polish them up but most importantly have patience for it all to come together.

With Mercury being the planet of communication, technology and transportation, writing any form to getting information out, contracts, paperwork all these are the areas you want to focus on now.

The best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is to revisit, redo, rewrite, or attempt to repair or fix things.

If your computer, phone or car breaks down, you might need a new one and many say not to purchase things in these areas during this time, because of the confusion and lack of clarity you might buy a lemon so the advice is to repair it, don't buy new. 

I have seen this work many ways, some have bought lemons and others have gotten really good deals on very good product. It's really a crap shoot and a lot depends on your natal chart. I am an Aquarius so I don't follow the rules. I tend to take many risks and do the things I am warned not to. I have gotten credit cards , loans and bought cars during Mercury Retrograde and have not experienced any problems with them, as a matter of fact I always seemed to have gotten a pretty darn good deal. 

It's seems Murphy's law applies to all the planets when they turn Rx if something breaks it was gonna anyway and updates or care was needed or perhaps you bought a lemon prior to Mercury Rx. 

I do know there are delays and complications, Internet problems and even communication and transportation problems that can be down right frustrating! but what do you expect when we are rewinding in time? Hey there's bound to be glitches:)

The key is to be patient don't get frustrated and make poor decisions out of haste. Move slowly, talk slowly and heavily review anything before you make a decision. 

If you were planning on making a purchase prior to Mercury Retrograde and you already did the research, go ahead just make sure you review all the details closely.

Welcome to December 2015
Happy Holidays!

This month is a excellent month for just about all signs, the big news is begins on December 24th with a abundant Jupiter in lovely aspect with gracious Venus! This is a very beneficial aspect so check which houses both these planets are in and expect some good news! 

Also,There is a New Moon tonight December 11, 2015 in 'all things are possible' Sagittarius! This is new energy and a excellent Moon to set your intentions for the next 28 days. It's a great time to reach high! any large scale plans are favored so, reach for the stars!

Welcome to November 2015

Mobile upload from Star Chart
 Saturn, Sun and Mercury Conjunction
Being Conscious of ourselves, making solid plans and communicating about what matters. Go forward with confidence and certainty, you got this!

Welcome to October 2015

Fabulous Month for Air and Fire Signs!

Welcome to September 2015! 

September 27th big news, the last of the 4 Tetrad Blood Moons, but even more significant is that this last Moon is also a Super Moon, and a Total Eclipse. see my write up for more by clicking the link below.
Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse

And We have to join in with this Super Moon powerful Pluto moving direct!

Venus Direct!

Venus has been Retrograde, allowing us to take a step back and evaluate the things that we value and why, it's also promoting reflection on our love nature, our desires and how we make or spend money. 

I hope many of you were able to snatch up some excellent deals on all things which are one fabulous benefit of Venus Rx. Well it's almost over and we will be back on, in matters of the heart for those of you in a relationship, things will begin to heat back up, depending on where Venus has been Rx in your Composite together, along with your own natal transits of Venus. 

Those of you in business for yourself, you may have seen a return of clients from the past, those single might have had a lover from the past contact you or you may have been thinking about one in particular from the past. 

Either way Retrogrades, give us the opportunity to Re-do which I don't know about you, but I can most certainly use some of those from time to time. It's a good time, to manage your finances as well, refinance or try to lower your interests rates, change banks or whatever is necessary.

 Well it's finally near end, and hopefully you made some plans to do things better, made some positive changes and are now in gear for Venus's direct motion again..a couple more days to wrap things up so redo, replan do what you got to do before she turns direct, you won't have this chance for another 2 1/2 years!

Also, Atlas, September 24th, Hardball player Pluto will resume direct motion after his long 6-month retrograde cycle.  Hopefully you have learned to work with your personal power and the power of others, don't hold on to the things that are not good for you, and don't misuse your power either, because Pluto will come right back to take it away anyway..You must play fair under Pluto's transits. 

 He's one tough guy, but if you learn to use your power for the benefit of others, not to tear them down -you will do just fine. 
Pluto teaches us how little control we really have on outside circumstances, so why try? Let go, ebb and flow with the Universe.
Welcome to August 2015 Sun in Showman Leo!

Venus is Retrograde, Love relationships are under scrutiny, feelings of frustration may surface if there are changes needed, temptations arise, are you getting what you need out of your relationship?
for more see my Venus Retrograde- Love Under Fire

Saturn is now direct so things are beginning to move forward again, after his long break in re-planning mode, enough internalizing it's time to get moving. Where ever Saturn is transiting in your chart is where you can now build stronger structures, solidify or make stronger, so get going and stay on track!

HAPPY July 2015! Sun in Sensitive Nurturing Cancer

Don't forget to take a look at tonight's Full Blue Moon, it won't happen for another 2 1/2 years this is a super special Moon it will be in Conjunction with Ceres the Goddess of Grain & agriculture, the Mother the Nurturer! This New Moon will allow us a very fruitful next cycle. We can set our intentions tonight, and watch them grow beyond our wildest expectations. What is it you want in your life? 

Venus Turns Retrograde tomorrow July 25th! Big news, relationships are front and center and on review, temptations run amok, and relationships, in general, feel a strain. Feelings of discontent are common. If you have not been a positive force in your significant others life or they to you, then things might get a little sticky, and some people will end their relationship. It's not wise to make rash decisions now, but people often do anyway.  Old lovers often come back too to complicate things even further check back for my Venus Retrograde 2015 write up.

July is a great month, to promote that change you have been meaning to... but... perhaps kept putting it off for the right time. Well, you will have a little push from the Universe this month and it will be hard to resist. 

The Pluto-Uranus Square has been toying with us for some time now and is finally nearing a close, but not without its last and most potent standoff yet. Pluto and Uranus are similar in stubbornness but different in energy. While Uranus wants to break free, Pluto wants drama. 

We begin the month with a  Full Moon in Capricorn on July 1, 2015, this moon might be a " reveal it all Moon" or a "let it out Moon" it will be in difficult aspect to some major players. 

First off, this full moon will be in close contact to Pluto. We all know Pluto is a darn good digger, and this Moon will receive a surge of some powerful emotions. It will likely push to the surface any suppressed feelings and emotions we have. This can be disastrous or extremely healing and it's all in the delivery so think things through first as hard as it may be.  

Pluto is the demolisher, so we can build new, but sometimes there is already a foundation that can be built upon (improved, fixed, restructured) other times, we must make a change and start new with a new foundation to build upon. This will be the theme, breaking down the old outdated, empty, cluttered, confusing or whatever it may be, it's to clear out or let go. 

Although these decisions are often very difficult and things we try to ignore, over time these things erode our life, our soul, our very being. We need to be authentic to ourselves, we need our needs met, in order to be the best that we can be and the happiest. 

Sometimes we hold on to things that are not good for us, because we live in fear of change, or simply live in fear. Pluto is very powerful  he purges us of the things that are superficial, hidden, toxic, not real or that we need not tolerate any longer. 

Tolerating and having patience and humility is always the daily prescription to a happy life. However, tolerating for the sake of keeping the peace, even if it is not good, depleting, or damaging is  not how we are supposed to live. Well, this last Uranus-Pluto Square is giving us the push to liberate ourselves once and for all. 

However, we must be wise, not compulsive, this won't be easy but try to think things through a bit" before letting anyone have it", the intense feelings can cause us to over react, wait. When things calm down re-evaluate these feelings and see if there is real truth to them, if there is be willing to make the change, let go, or begin a new. Don't decide impulsively, you may change your mind when the aspect passes, it's short lived involving the Moon, but not short in feeling.

Adding to this intensity the Sun and Mars will also make aspect so look to see which houses these planets are in your chart for clues as to what to expect. 

The Sun involves our ego or our need to be appreciated and even admired, but acknowledged will work, we can't go unnoticed and Mars, well he just needs action he doesn't care what kind and usually doesn't apply much brain power. 

Strong desires and needs are highlighted, and action required. Overall expect some brief but likely intense emotional fireworks as your true desires and needs, see the light of day and demand to be met.

It's a great moon, to let it out and ask for what you need, how else are we going to have a chance to get it right or get it? by getting real with ourselves, and willing to make the change. 

Just try to diplomatic in your approach to resolution with others. Relationships are likely to be the "brunt of it" all relationships with others. Since we tend to tolerate and then blame others rather than take responsibility for the fact that we have the things, people, behaviors ect.. in our life because we allow them.  Now is the time to take responsibility and make the needed changes, if there need be. 


June Overview click here

Neptune Retrograde Today! June 12th, 2015

The Neptune Fog clears, and you suddenly realize those things that you just didn't while Neptune was direct. Now is the time to make major decisions, you powers of discernment are back temporarily, so be sure to make the most of it. You are no longer willing to tolerate bad relationship behavior. Annoyances aren't fun and they will show their face during Neptunes Rx since while direct he tends to make them sweeter or acceptable, and we turn a blind eye. Time to wake up! What is really going on? really??

Welcome to May 2015! Sun in Sensual Taurus!

The week of 5/25 is a volatile week for lovers so be on guard! for more details click below

Lovers Quarrels Week of 5/25/2015

Mercury Retrograde Today! 5/18/2015

Revealing Mercury in Communicative Gemini goes backtracking today giving us a chance to re-do particular tasks that need a revisit to do better. Our thinking process deepens, internalizes but is much more perceptive and even cautious. We want to improve and now is the time. Gemini asks us to compartmentalize and manage multiple areas in our lives to better serve us. News from the past is probable, things started prior to this Retrograde might be put on hold a bit or seem to fall out of place, it's temporary and giving us the chance to smooth out the cracks. Check the house Gemini will be visiting to know where you can expect to revisit, people, things, contracts, relationships, etc..

Full Moon May 3rd, 2015 in Scorpio see what it's about  
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Welcome to April 2015!

New Moon in Aries 4/18/2015 click the link below 

April 16th, 2015 Pluto Turns Retrograde click the below link for more!

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April is a big month! so big I have a special write up. Check out the monthly forecast below

What Signs are the Personal Planets Currently In 2015
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Welcome to March 2015

The big news this month!  Saturn is Retrograde and there are Karmic implications for some and a time to solidify structures and rework particular areas of their lives. Saturn is Murphy's law if it can go wrong it WILL, he doesn't make things happen they are a result of our negligence or bad behavior. The key is to avoid all karmic implications keep your slate clean! don't do things to others you would not want to be done to yourself, the universe has a way of bringing it right back to us. Just as Pluto empowers us, he just as swiftly takes it around, Saturn let's us break the rules, but will punish us after we do but if we play fair, We also get rewarded. There is justice to the universe, cause, and effect.

On another note: Very powerful Solar Eclipse on its way tomorrow March 20th, 2015. This is a total eclipse in the confusing yet compassionate sign of Pisces. Things are going to be forced to a head to clear away and finalize an area of our life. Eclipses bring powerful energies in through the sign into the houses and will kick off aspects as well. As the solar energy is blocked for a short period of time, worries and even fear are common for some, and for others a new surge of very positive energy comes forth just after the eclipse. This eclipse will bring very powerful changes where your life will take a new direction leaving much of the old behind. Many are looking for that new start and are ready to make deep changes. These changes will be ushered in just after the eclipse and generally felt for approximately 6 months. Take a look at the house the eclipse will be activating and see my (Eclipse through the houses article) for what to expect!

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