We all would like to know what the future of a relationship will be in advance. Perhaps to spare us the drama, pain or heartache. If we knew what a relationship would be like in the future wouldn't that be handy? Yes there are many variables and possibilities in astrology but there are some pretty sure fire things as well. 

The Composite show what you and another person create together. This means as a result of your synastry, the way you impact or affect each other you will bend and adjust to each other. Over time you will either learn to work together or clash further. This depends on many factors and can't possibly come down to one chart, all the charts need to be analyzed deeply to see more specifically. Some people will impact us and change us let's face it, and we might impact and change others. You know, we are each others teachers. We just want the person to have our best interest at heart if they're going to go around changing us. 

While the synastry is very important it reflects how you affect each other, and any conflicts in personality you may need to overcome, along with the compatibility and what the attraction is about but also much more.

The Composite however shows the relationship itself how you both act when together. Where you focus on in the relationship, how you will approach matters as a couple, and so on and so forth. The Composite is very foretelling of the relationship, plus you can track transits to it to see what the future tests, trials or blessings might be also. It can show what the purpose might be that you came together and whether or not it's committed and bound to last a long time or even forever.  There is much you can learn from a Composite but there are far too many variables with Astrology to cover them all here. To truly understand a relationship or a partnership you can not simply go aspect by aspect you must look at which planets take precedence and this is after you do this with the individual natal charts because you must first know how one is likely to respond to difficulties on their own before you can say how the aspect will play out in the composite. It's quite complex and for that you might want to order a reading but for now I will keep it simple.   

In addition, whether it’s a brand-new or more longstanding marriage or simply a cohabiting relationship the composite allows us to take a peek into the future to see where it might be headed. 

There are some that say the composite is not necessary or accurate until a relationship is formed. It's true, it doesn't play out until a relationship is formed, but since it is based on the same criteria as the natal chart with both of your birth-times and therefore "will not change" whether you are in a relationship or not I think it's very helpful prior to a relationship I always look at the composite and especially transits if a relationship has not begun for pointers as to when it might start or good times to strike it up. 

Therefore it is a useful tool to use when deciding on whether or not to form a relationship in the first place. Of course love conquers let's not forget this but it's nice to know what you might be dealing with in advance this way you can respond accordingly in order to prevent any of the pitfalls. It is necessary to look to it when thinking about a long term commitment. 

The great thing about Astrology is it makes us aware of the potential pitfalls and the fabulous thing of it all, is about free will we can choose to not act out in the negative ways that we may be prone to. Therefore, changing our destiny and the way our relationships unfold.

We can then even go further into the Progressed Composite for even more information further on. 

However, here I am only addressing the composite. More on composites, and progressed composites in the members area. Click the links below to see what it may mean for you and your partner with signs and placements in your Composite.