Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Venus Retrograde Transit

Venus Retrograde is a time when we re-evaluate our love nature, desires, relationships, financial security and all things related to those things that bring us beauty, pleasure, love and security.

All planets when they turn Retrograde, deal out karma and Venus is no different. However, it's not simply Karma and always remember Karma is both good and bad. However, there is much more to to planets in Retrograde motion by transit, the main theme is going over old ground, revisiting, re-evaluating and anything that has to do with inner review and work, however there is of course much more.

Venus turn's Rx once every two years, and is often a time when we feel a lack or need of these things if we are not getting what it is we need. Evaluating is a key word here, and if we are feeling a sense of lack then it's now the opportunity to set a plan, make changes and implement new ways of developing more income, finding true love or making the love we have better. Whatever your personal situation it's a good time to evaluate all these things.

Because most people are in this evaluation mode, old lovers can sometimes come back.

If you are in business for yourself, you can have old clients come back, if you are owed money it's possible you get paid during this time.

It's also possible that something you wanted in the past can suddenly become available, this includes relationships that never really got off the ground but also personal items or things you wished to have purchased.

It's important to look to the house in which Venus will be Retrograding, for clues as to which areas of your life in which you will re-visit.

However, no matter the house love, money and pleasure or fulfillment will be scrutinized. If you are happy in a relationship then this time can be a very romantic time, or it can become a time where you can also make any needs or concerns a topic of discussion in order to improve the relationship you are currently in.

If you are single, this time can bring about lovers you might has missed as in potentials, perhaps having you cross paths. You can also notice someone you might have not noticed in the past seeing them in a different way.

It's not best to make decisions during this time in terms of making a commitment but it's perfect for dating and meeting new people. Watch out or negative attractions some don't function as well with Venus Retrograde and can make poor decisions or get involved with the wrong people, it can be a time of temptation.

Again it's different for everyone, you can always get a "personalized Venus Retrograde reading" if you want more specifics in particular to you, but the gist of it is that we will revisit, re-evaluate, whether or not we are getting what we need or want in areas ruled by Venus. It is also a Karmic time in which we reap what we have sown for better or worse.

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