In addition to Astrology, there are many different esoteric sciences that can assist one in finding the answers they seek. The energies are all connected and Tarot is an additional form in which one can derive the inner workings of any situation. 

If you have a situation in which you would like further insights, Tarot is yet another form of using energy to display further information in any given situation. I am an intuitive and an empath which has been very beneficial in both Tarot and Astrology, for I can see much beyond what is already known and am able to guide you in any situation.

If you are interested in a Tarot Reading for your current situation. 

Please send an email to illumeastrology@gmail.com titled Tarot Reading. Please include in the email all persons names and Birth Information or your own information with regards to your outcome or theirs. 

Tarot readings are only available as prior video recorded and emailed via a private link. You can choose love, career, or any other area of life. After your email request, you will be sent a payment link via email prior to reading.

I look forward to helping you and giving you clarity into your situation.

Past Present and Future Individual predictions 55.00
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What went wrong, what are they thinking and going through, will they return? and possibly when if so?  Advice on the situation and best course of action. 

Order Future Love OR Ex love Tarot Reading

When will you find love and what might the person be like? What does your love life look like in the near future?
Order Singles Love Tarot Reading

Guidance, and direction in overcoming obstacles, or difficult times, also when positive energy will move in, and messages of love, money, and hope. $75.00
Order Divine Messages Tarot Reading


A Astrological overview of any relationship via voice recording for deeper insights into the relationship or any life situation. I also offer advice and insights into what can be done to help the relationship or situation in your life succeed,  what may be standing between the two of you or the situation at hand along with many other insights into the whole relationship. This is a 30 min-40 min Voice Recorded Astrology Relationship analysis, included is an analysis of the individual psychology of your partner based on natal the natal chart of your partner along with pertinent transits of both people involved. The synastry Chart ( how you affect each other), Plus a separate pre-recorded video Love Relationship current energy Tarot Reading. 
Cost $199.00
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In this reading I give a full Astrological psychological Analysis of both people involved of their individual birth-charts for the best understanding of each person's personality, needs, desires, and love nature, along with the pertinent current individual transits each person is going through and how to best manage them or what they are about, then I analyze the Synastry chart which tells all about how you affect each other and what you each see in each other, finally I analyze the composite which explains much about the relationship and how others see you but also what you create together through your relationship along with the relationship purpose, and finally the transits to the composite and which convey the outer influences or weather in which the relationship will be working with and how to best navigate. Plus a separate Love Tarot Reading or Career reading current energy of the relationship and is sent via email via a separate pre-recorded video link.
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Please allow 4 days for delivery from time of purchase in some cases up to 5 days depending on current orders and back up.

Important* After payment, if you did not include your birth information and that of both parties involved if a love or business partner reading.  Please send a follow-up email to me at illumeastrology@gmail.com 

Please Title the email "Tarot Reading" or Tarot Astrology Reading Include the first name(s) of both people involved. I also need birth information of up to two people maximum for each reading. I need the birth month, day, Year, and place of birth or current location if the birthplace is unknown. 

*If you have the birth-time please include it for yourself for even more specifics but if not it's not necessary.

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