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Pluto in your partners 1st

This placement can be very powerful between two people that are attracted to each other in a love relationship for it points to lots of passion and sexual attraction. As with all placements, they are multifaceted and there are multiple ways in which they can play out. There is positive and the negative to all the placements. 

Positively the Pluto person can help the house person transform areas in their life in which they need transformation. In the negative the Pluto person can be bossy, controlling, dominating, pushy, manipulative or a whole slew of other negative Pluto traits. The house person might find the Pluto person to be too overbearing.

The Pluto person likely has a very powerful personality and presence. However, if used appropriately the Pluto person can help the house person become more dominant and to learn to set proper boundaries with others or to take better care of themselves or any other positive transformation.

Negatively this placement can point to obsession, manipulation control or domination. If the Pluto person is evolved in their Pluto or their use of power then this can point to a powerful attraction with a lot of passion, and the two can be seen as a power couple. If both are attracted to each other then they are likely VERY attracted even mesmerized feeling caught in a spell. Depending on the house person's nature and whether or not they get on well with more dominant personalities or not will depict whether or not the interaction is smooth.

Typically, the house person will find the Pluto person alluring, powerful, intense, and sexy. 

On a sexual level, this can be a highly passionate placement which also involves the potential for jealousy and power struggles. 

The Pluto person can help motivate the house person, and help them empower themselves and be more confident in their pursuits.

The Pluto person may also have strong ideas on how the house person should behave, act, or carry themselves. As long as the Pluto person is not a bully or mean in their delivery this placement can be very positive.

Pluto in the 1st synastry audio expanded version click here

Pluto is in your partner's 2nd house

You can be a powerful force in your partner's life and will have the ability help increase your partner's overall confidence, self-worth, and income.

In some cases, the Pluto person may take a very strong interest in the house person's money, and how they manage or spend it and may try to control how they do so.
The house person might feel like it's none of their business, which would be true unless of course the house person is being supported by the Pluto person. 

Positively, the Pluto person can help the house person come up with new ways to increase their income and may even passionately help them do so by assisting them. The Pluto person might completely transform the house person way of making money by helping them find a new job or new outlets, and business ideas. 

The lower vibration of the placement is Arguments over who handles the money, control of your partner's money, or manipulating them for money. This depends on the integrity of both people involved.

As always if both people are evolved or mature, then the Pluto person will have a strong desire to help in these areas and can help the house person come up with new and creative ways of making money, and can also be a positive and powerful force in helping the house person become more confident in themselves.

If the house person had issues surrounding money and asking for what they're worth, the Pluto person can help them feel more confident in asking for what they deserve or what their work is worth.

Pluto in your partner's 3rd house

In areas of communication, your conversations will be deep, penetrating, not the usual small talk. You want to talk about things that matter or have depth, hidden things, secrets or the things most people prefer not to talk about.

On a basic level, it's possible that the Pluto person will dominate conversations, or force their opinions on the house person. In this case, this placement can be problematic because each person needs to be allowed their opinion without having it shut down. Arguments and blow-ups are likely.

However, if both people are mature and evolved, and not operating on the lower vibration of this placement then the Pluto person can help transform the way the house person see's things in a more positive way. Used negatively there can be mind games and manipulation and forcing opinions.

There is something about the way the house person communicates, thinks or perceives things that differ from that of the Pluto person. The Pluto person will unconsciously or consciously try to change the house person. This can be good or bad and it all depends on the intentions and overall character of the Pluto person.
The house person may find the Pluto person's way of communicating too bossy or controlling and may fear to express themselves. 

In the positive, both people will enjoy uncovering mysteries, secrets, and hidden things, or exploring the depths of psychology, magic, sex, taboo subjects and will challenge one another's perspective, aiding in new insights. 

The Pluto person may have deep insight into how the house person's mind works and the house person may appreciate the depth and intelligence of the Pluto person. 

Pluto in your Partners 4th house

The Pluto person may take a deep interest in the house person's family and early upbringing. If you are living together, the Pluto person may try to control things in the home or be more dominant in the home. The house person may feel that the Pluto person is too dominating, controlling or bossy at home.

The house person can help the Pluto person overcome any of their childhood traumas, by being a place of comfort for the Pluto person. This can ignite a very powerful bond if handled correctly. You have an opportunity to develop a strong intimate bond.

In the positive: The Pluto person can help the house person overcome many phobias or fears that stem from childhood. 

If the focus is on the inner healing of past hurts and family issues, issues with patience and understanding then deep healing is possible. The Pluto person may focus much of their energy on home matters or discussing family matters with the house person.

Pluto in your partner's 5th house

Pluto here usually points to a tremendous sexual attraction between the two. The house person finds the Pluto person s charismatic, intense and mysteriously sexy. You will both enjoy pursuing creative outlets together, with a strong focus on self-expression. This can point to a competitive environment, which can be good if kept in check.

Having fun will be very important, you will enjoy playing games, taking vacations and spending leisure time together. If you have children you will likely be heavily involved in their lives and quite passionate, and protective of them.

Negatively, the Pluto person may try to control the house person's self-expression, or control what the couple does for fun and might be too competitive, always wanting to be the center of attention.

If it applies, the Pluto person may want to have children with the house person. The sexual intensity and desire for each other will be hard to contain. In some cases, the Pluto person may be obsessed with the house person. 

If a relationship evolves they will both be passionate about creative affairs and sex will be intense and not superficial. You may pursue fun and leisure as a couple and experience transformation through children. The Pluto person can help the house person become more expressive and more confident.

Pluto in your Partners 6th house

The Pluto person may show an extreme interest in the house person's health habits or daily routine and even try to control it. They may find themselves, suggesting new healthy ways to eat, or vitamins and health habits and may be pushy about it. 

The Pluto person is probably fixed in the way they do things and may insist the house person follows suit. It's also possible that the Pluto person gets on the house person nerves by being so strict or particular about scheduling or the day to day chores. The Pluto person can help the house person become more organized, fit and healthy. The house person may or may not like this.

Pluto in Your Partner's 7th house

When your Pluto is in your partner's 7th house your partner finds you secretive, elusive, intense and mysterious. The Pluto person may become obsessed with the house person. The house person may look up to or respect the Pluto person's fearlessness, or how they wield their personal power.

Negatively, the Pluto person may try to control the house person or who the house person associates. They might be dominating, controlling, possessive, jealous or vindictive. 

The Pluto person may also have strong ideas on what a relationship should be and how one should act in one.
If this is a romantic relationship, then this relationship has the potential to deeply impact and transform the both of you. Marriage may be an ultimate goal or partnering in some form. 

Positively the Pluto person will enable the house person to present themselves much more powerfully, to set proper boundaries with others, and exude more personal power. 

If married, and the two of you decide on divorce, there may be many power struggles, and vindictive behaviors brought out, and you most likely will not remain friends. Again much depends on how mature both are, and whether or not either one has issues with power, to begin with.  

Pluto in Your Partner's 8th house

This deeply penetrating position of Pluto is exactly where he likes to be. The Pluto person will take a strong interest in knowing all there is to know about the house person. 

As a matter of fact, the Pluto person will have deep insights into the house person's fears and can help them, overcome them or heighten them. This depends on what side Pluto is on. Pluto will ask many private and perhaps heavy questions of the house person, and in this exchange of very private information, a deep bond with intimate details is formed. 

The topics of discussion will likely be in areas of which most people rarely tread. This deep exchange of personal information can make the house person feel very vulnerable. Hopefully, the Pluto uses it to help the house person and not use it against them. Depending on the Pluto person and their personal aspects will dictate whether or not they will use this secret knowledge for their best or their worst.

Positively, Sex will be intense and passionate and experimental, even risky, or taboo. You will enjoy uncovering secrets and mysteries and all things were hidden. Be careful not to make the relationship too heavy. There may be power struggles in the sharing of resources or control issues over money. Much depends on the individual charts of the two involved and how they handle power.

Pluto in your partner's 9th house

The Pluto person may have strong philosophical, religious or fundamental views in which they will openly share with the house person. The house person may agree or disagree and in the latter the Pluto person may become difficult or fixated on proving to the house person they are right.

 The Pluto person may try to reform the house person or persuade them into their beliefs. This can be seen in two religious people from different religions, but not always just an example. 

The Pluto person may get the house person to open their horizons in some way and travel if they have not. In areas of higher learning or education, the Pluto person may also help the house person further themselves in this area. In the negative, the Pluto person can try to manipulate the house person into changing their beliefs in a more negative fashion. In the positive you will both enjoy learning, expanding, and traveling together, and will learn a great deal about your beliefs through one another.

Pluto in Your Partner's 10th house

The Pluto person will take a strong interest in the house person's public standing and career. The house person will be someone the Pluto person respects and see's many of their talents. In the negative, the Pluto person may try to control the house person's career or decisions made about it. The Pluto person can suggest powerful ways in which the house person may obtain their worldly goals.

This is sometimes found in the people who become strong supporters, and marketers of their partner. The Pluto person will likely want to manage the house person or in a negatively suppress their career desires, or hold them back.  

It is also possible on the very negative that the Pluto person can somehow destroy or harm the house person's reputation and our public image and Career.

This is a great place for an actor and his agent, or business manager, even recruiter or headhunter they will work very hard for you. 

In a love relationship, you can expect the strong support of the Pluto person or disagreements and control.

Pluto in your partner's 11th house

The Pluto person may try to control who the house person has as friends or have strong opinions about them. The house person will provide a safe place for the Pluto person to be authentic to themselves and will be supportive of the Pluto person's hopes and wishes. This usually indicates a powerful friendship to where the both of you enjoy socializing together and participating in group activities. The Pluto person may try to get the house person involved in some cause, or group association.

Pluto in your partners 12th

In the 12th house of secrets and the sub-conscious and unconscious. The house of self-undoing, sorrow, regret, healing, and psychiatry, in short, it's not an easy house. It's Neptune's house and things are always vague, unclear, mystical, spiritual.  It's also the house of past lives, and hidden things. It's the house of seeking help and healing. The Pluto person can obtain some great insights into the house person that may or may not be comfortable for the house person. The 12th house is a tricky house well much of Astrology is, but the 12th households, both our soul-mate and our nemesis, our healer, guru or spiritual guides so it's contradictory and complicated. This is typically a very powerful psychic connection where after time, you will notice the relationship happens so much on an unconscious level. The Pluto person can bring to light many of the hidden insecurities or ways in the which the house person sabotages them.  This is a powerful psychic connection to where the house person will feel as if the Pluto person knows what the house person is thinking at all times, and in some cases causing a sort of confessional. Most people have secrets and this position does not allow for much, so it can be unnerving. However, if the Pluto person has good intentions, they can truly help the house person connect with the talents they may not have been aware of. If they are on the other side of the coin, you will more than likely feel it and know to let this person go.
Negatively, the Pluto person can try to manipulate or scare the house person by enhancing any fears they already have perhaps as a way to control them or keep them dependent in some way or because they are just a bad seed.


  1. About Pluto in the 12 house. I've read it is a karmic indicator about a past life (in ancient times). Is it true? I met someone due to a death. A loss brought us close. Guess Pluto pointed his finger at it?
    Now about feelings. Does the Plutonian person feel the same too? What do they usually do? Love deep, try hard, stalk etc?

    1. Yes it's karmic. All of the above are possible scenarios you mentioned are possible. Sometimes the Pluto person has dreams about the house person prior to meeting them. It all depends on the Pluto persons natal chart and the karma between the two because this placement can be both very good and very bad or very uncomfortable proper boundaries need to be set because the 12th house can be very misunderstood. Often times while planets are transiting the 12th house the planet brings people whom have that planet in their 12th house natally or that place that planet in your 12th via synastry.

  2. I also have this aspect with my twinflame whom i have not physically met yet only thru dreams and we're also telepathic(which I'm still trying to do any suggestions) his pluto is in my 12th house so I'm curious to see how this play out...due to me being a very private person!plus i have read the same about this being a karmic aspect as well.

  3. Yeap, this aspect is preeeeeeeetty wack.
    That's the aspect that got me into astrology. I was the Pluto in his 12th.
    I started believing in past lives cuz of this aspect. I just know those eyes.
    From somewhere / sometime. It was extremely painfull also.

    1. I am afraid it is painful because a friend of mine whose Pluto is in my 12th house treated me so bad i just could not believe it was real. Ok other aspects may play role too but now i think i know what it means and it kinda scaries me.
      They say it is a generational placement maybe thats why i cant find lots of info about this aspect, but i would like to know how strong/weak is the house person towards Pluto. I wonder how Pluto view the house person and their impact on them.

      How was your experience?

    2. OMG, yes, this is exactly the case with me. I had dreamed of this Pluto person in my 12th house when I was a teen. But, it came to my life in such a complicated way, that it has turned all my life upside down, huuuuuuge transformation for me. And we haven't started anything in 3D yet! Maybe we never do, but so far, it's enough anyway.

  4. I have this with someone, in my 12th. i gotta say he is an enemy. I closed down this whole saga between us. Since then i keep dreaming with him but i know when we'll bump into each other he won't be able to leave me alone.

  5. I have it transitting since there since 2007,Suffering from Ocd since then.

  6. If 2 persons have Pluto in house 12 each other and one of them have venus in 12 house of other... it can be a relationship from another lives?

  7. I have my Venus and my Pluto in someone's 12th house. What does that person feel? For me, I started to feel a kind of obsessive and it's unconfortable for both. In fact, I might have poisened and destroyed a lovely friendship with my obsession and insecurities...