Monday, January 1, 2018

Blue Blood Super Moon Eclipse in Leo, Yep! January 31, 2018

No that's not the name of a hot new mixed drink, ha! Although it sure sounds like it could be! Nor is it a Moon for all the blue blood's out there, or maybe? 
OK, let's get to what we do know about it. 

Blood Moon's occur as a result of an Eclipse, this is when the atmosphere acts like a filtered lens. It bends red sunlight onto our planet's shadow and scatters out blue light. It's the same reason why sunrises and sunsets appear reddish. 

A Blue Moon is when two Full Moon's ( or Super-Full Moon's as in this month's case) occur in the same month. Blue Moon's aren't actually "Blue" it's just the name. They are rarer than regular Full Moon's that occur once a month. Blue Moon's tend to happen approximately every 2 1/2. The Term Blue Moon is relatively new and was said to come to term by error it's not an actual astronomical term. Apparently, it was completely by an error that happened in the 1940's.  The word got out fast, and everyone was talking about this Blue Moon. Its popularity has now become a term which we equate to Two Full Moon's in a month, the second in the month is called, the Blue Moon. This goes for the saying "once in a blue moon" which now we know really isn't so long. 

A Super Moon is a powerful energetic signature in Astrology that brings stronger awareness, illumination of the subconscious, we usually experience heightened emotions, intuition and sometimes even enhanced psychic awareness. Full Moon's in themselves bring things to awareness but also to fulfillment according to what was started at the last New Moon.  

A Super Moon is such a sight to see because they are huge and gorgeous they often look surreal, you can see lots of detail. What we see affects how we feel, but even if we don't see it we can still feel the stronger emotions. Hence, why some people say the crazies come out on the Full Moon. We can be emotionally charged so it's always best to reflect but not to act out under its influence. This is of course as far as making any solid decisions or acting out on impulse, usually not a good idea. Listen to your heart but don't act immediately, see how you feel a day later then if your sure take action.   It's a great time to set intentions, light candles and write out in a journal all your hopes and wishes, thoughts, feelings along with any changes you would like to make or things you would like to achieve.

Super Moon's also known as a Perigee appear larger because it's when the Moon is closer to the earth. The moons influence thus brings about stronger more powerful emotions, illuminations, and realizations. As a result, we can sometimes feel sad, angry, happy or nostalgic and more romantic. Essentially we are much more sensitive to everything. This illumination and newfound subconscious awareness is always positive. Even if it doesn't feel so at the time. This is because it's something we need to become aware of,  it's all needed clarity! That's really a large purpose of Astrology anyway, which is to bring the subconscious into awareness. So we can consciously direct our lives rather than be "subconsciously directed" by the planets. 

What we discover will help us in the future. We can then implement things, make changes and send our requests to the universe/god for a better future or ask for help and guidance.  Eclipses are about endings, finalizing, and then beginning new. Something often ends or is brought up to finally get closure. It can also instead influence us to close the door ourselves and move on. Perhaps we decide to change direction in our lives.  Eclipses are the end of an old way and the beginning of a new way this can take form in many different ways and in a multitude of different areas of our life for each person it will be different. However, in order to end whatever needs to end, it must first be brought to awareness that now is the time, whatever it is that needs to be dealt with. Sometimes we know what it is, but choose not to deal with it. Other times, it's something we were not aware of and can come as a complete surprise! So things that we have been putting off or avoiding can come into focus in order to move forward and clean the slate or to finally get something started.  If there is nothing that has been in the waiting then new opportunities can present themselves. New doors open and you will find you are on a fast track to whatever does open up or begin.  So either way, eclipses are positive they force things to the conclusion that need to be handled then open new doors and present new opportunities.

This Super Full Moon Total Eclipse is happening in the Sign of Leo. Leo rules the heart and is ruled by the Sun which represents our pride, courage and our passion for true self-expression and to be recognized for our talents.  Look at where the sign Leo occupies in your chart to know more about the area of your life in which you will have a greater focus for the next month. Things in this house will likely activate. You will likely experience a surge of new activity and opportunity.

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