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The 7th house represents our opposite, a person that has many of the qualities that we admire and may  lack ourselves. These differences if appreciated rather than fought over, can help both people learn a great deal and become better and more rounded people. 
As always there are many factors to consider in each of the natal charts that will alter each interpretation for the most accurate analysis, please visit my reports page or schedule a phone consultation.

So here's the scoop with the 7th house. Yes, opposites attract, but they can repel over time if you both try to change each other or choose to fight rather than get along. The truth is you both have qualities and ways of doing things that can be beneficial to each of you. If you can work through your differences then you can do great things together and will be much stronger together. 

The 7th house is the house of equal partnership, and commitment both romantically and professionally and is known as the house of Marriage.

Each house has it's positive and negative, the negative part of any close relationship, is that when things don't work out they can turn bad, and why this house also holds our open enemies.  Open enemies are often people that we trusted or were once close with, and we have been hurt or let down. This is true for ex-friends, ex-lovers, and ex-business partners.

As always there are many factors to take into account for the most accurate interpretation.

If Your Sun is in your Partners 7th house

You and your Partner have qualities in which you both admire in another. You both have very different ways of doing things and qualities that one or the other lacks and may admire about the other. You make a great team and together you can accomplish a lot when cooperative.

This is a strongly supportive placement. You both will respect and even admire each other. If this is a love relationship then there will be a very strong attraction and the potential for Marriage if other aspects allow.

You will both feel more confident as a result of your relationship and will also enjoy socializing and networking together. This is an excellent position for both love or business partnership.

If your Moon is in your Partners 7th house

There is a sense of responsibility and sincere care for one another. The Moon person is very supportive of the house person, and this indicates a tremendous compatibility and comfort in your partnership. You both will relish sharing, working together or simply being together. 

The Moon person will be sensitive and intuitive to the house person's needs and the house person will feel supported and cared for by the Moon person.  This is a great position for a marriage or business partnership.

If Your Mercury is in your Partners 7th house

You are able to help your partner communicate openly about relationship matters.You stimulate each other by being in agreement to what it takes to have a long term commitment and relationship. Local traveling around town together brings you great pleasure. You will both enjoy communicating with each other about similar subjects and are probably a lot alike in terms of how you think. Your partner might look to you for solutions to business problems. Your partner is apt to respect your intellect and look to you for answers. You are two of a feather with your outlook in general.

If your Venus is in your Partners 7th house

With Venus in your Partners 7th house you make your partner feel good and attractive, you add a bit of a glamour to your partners life.  You will more than likely help assist in growing his or her network of people that are like the both of you. Your Partner is probably very attracted to you or at least see's you as charming and possessing all the finesse your partner desires. You appear charismatic, and add an artistic quality to your partnership that perhaps your partner lacks. There will be much luck together in business or marriage. People with often say that the two of you would make a great looking couple and you more than likely do. The Venus person brings out the admiration, attraction and desire of the house person to form some sort of partnership. This is an excellent aspect for a love relationship or business relationship.

If your Mars is in your Partners 7th house

You push your partner to be more aggressive in business dealings, or you yourself are can be quite pushy with your partner, or perhaps your partner is aggressive with you. You are fiery, enthusiastic, and invigorating which stimulates your partner. They may feel inspired  to form a partnership with you because they feel like they can accomplish a lot just being around you.You may feel the sense of urgency to partner up on some endeavor. Your partner will either find you invigorating or aggravating, depending on whether or not your partner is low energy or high. Either way your interaction with being dynamic and over the top stimulated.

If your Jupiter is in your Partners 7th house

You relationship together will be highly beneficial to the both of you. Others will see the two of you as optimistic, positive, ethical and in each other's best interest. You will add a sense of "great optimism" to the house person while you are together you feel expansive, optimistic, and that "together you can accomplish" everything you want in life, which is very true. 

The house person will benefit greatly by being in a partnership with you.You will receive the same benefits just through being in a partnership with the house person. 

Other's will often say "You two look good together"! If this goes both ways, and both of your Jupiter's are in each other's 7th house, You are likely a perfect match! 

Other's will put a lot of faith into each of you individually and your relationship. Ideal position for long term marriage. The expansiveness never seems to end and you are both able to expand and grow abundantly together.

If your Saturn in your Partners 7th house

Your relationship with your partner may consist of many burdens, trials, and tests. It may be difficult for you to form your relationship as things tend to pop up preventing it. 

If a relationship is formed there tends to be a increased responsibility on the house person for the Saturn person. The Saturn person may resist a commitment with the house person or vise verses out of fear of responsibility. 

On another note, the Saturn person can help the house person learn to be more responsible and conscientious. The Saturn person may require a lot from the house person in order to be in a relationship together and may even be a burden.

If there is a lot of love, and the house person is mature enough to handle responsibility, and both people are willing to work hard for the relationship, then a long, enduring, committed relationship is possible and likely Marriage.

Uranus in your Partners 7th house

The Uranus person may just fall into the house person's lap or vice versa. There was likely an electric and immediate attraction to one another. This position is invigorating stimulating and exciting but suited for couples that are very open-minded and progressive in matters of the heart. 

The Uranus person will stimulate, provoke and even shock the house person which can ignite strong passions. 

Independence, friendship, twists, turns, ups and downs, will keep you both enthralled in each other. 

This can also indicate that your partner instills a greater desire for freedom in you. You both make really good friends and lovers. 

However, it's also possible that the Uranus person will require a lot of freedom in the relationship, or may be too unpredictable. 

Neptune in your Partners 7th house

This can be a highly romantic relationship in which you both feel like your the characters in one of the most romantic love novels. You can easily get swept away. You both may tend to idealize each other, but there is nothing wrong with that! After-all idealization is the stuff that soul mates and dream lovers are made of. 

Just be sure to be honest with each other, and to not brush aside real issues or real problems only to have them come slap you in the face at a later date, when the Neptune fog clears away.

You are both likely to be less judgmental and more accepting of each others faults for neither one of you have any. 

You tend to accept one another as is, and may gloss over potential issues for the sake of keeping things sweet. The danger lies if one or both of your are deceptive one or both are not likely to notice. Keep both eyes open and be sure to communicate and not be afraid to ask real questions.

Pluto in your Partners 7th house

You either love or want to run from this person. If there is mutual attraction than this can be one very sexy partnership but not without it's fair share of challenges but this all depends on how flexible the Pluto person is and if the house person prefers a more dominant and even bossy personality.

If the Pluto person is too forceful, bossy or manipulative with the house person then things might take a sharp left. 

However, if the Pluto person is mature, and not into power trips, domination and  game-play, and allows the house person to have their own personality and likes and dislikes then the house person is likely to find the Pluto person quite mysterious, sexy and powerful. 

The house person may appreciate the Pluto's way in fearlessly going after what they want. The Pluto person may become obsessed with the house person again this depends on how mature the individual is and whether or not they have this tendency in their natal chart.

If a relationship is formed it will likely be quite powerful and will have the ability to transform the house person in some way. The Pluto person may change the house person's perspective on relationships and they may experience rebirths of their relationship through intense experience and possible drama. If used positively this placement can add a lot of passion, and the Pluto person can help the house person become more assertive in their desires.

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