Millionaires don't need Astrologers, Billionaires do" JP Morgan"

The quote above was from one of the first self-made billionaires who was known to use Astrology.  J.P. Morgan thought there was more to the market than timing, and he used astrologers to help guide him in that timing in his businesses and investments which was stated in Forbes magazine in an article titled can the planets affect your portfolio" 

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JP Morgan was not alone many companies, successful people and even our government has been known to uses astrologers. As a matter of fact, many would be shocked to find how many successful people and companies consult Astrologers for the timing of event's, forecasting and planning even for launching new products.

Astrology is an age-old science that has been used for centuries even traces back beyond Egypt as far as prehistoric times as seen with zodiac paintings in caves in  Lascaux, France,  and more recently Egypt. Astrology was at those times only for the elite, kings, queens, royalty or the privileged and elite. 

Astrology bases predictions of the timing of events based on the belief that everything is interconnected or as above so below. Just as there is a season for everything planting and reaping and the Moon is known to affect the tides while the Sun not only provides warmth, and even confidence and a sense of happiness and hope from its light it also provides a very important vitamin,  known as Vitamin D. Without getting into complex terminology everything is connected in this universe and we are all energy and there were always time energy ceremonies used in ancient history and that can be taking advantage of today, and why timing is everything. There is a universal clock above that we as Astrologers understand and therefore help our clients utilize it to their advantage.
Each planet plays its role in human affairs and natural life. 

Astrology is an amazing tool for any area of life, and this is true for business success. With the use of Astrology, you can experience great success and growth more quickly than without and avoid many potential pitfalls. This can be done for every area of one's life, as for business it's used in a multitude of ways as well. For example, by taking advantage of timing and hiring the right people that synergistically fit your company mold, and even align with other employees to create a solid inner foundation of those that have what it takes and support each other plus have the talents and work ethic along with the personal skills and  ability to help your company grow. In addition, taking advantage of the most beneficial time to start any marketing plans or to execute the launch of products or purchases by doing so at the right time your benefit is at its maximum reward.

Simply said Astrology works and by using timing to your advantage and you can better your chances for greater success and avoid many typical business pitfalls and you can expedite your business growth, lessen and even negate the costly employee attrition rates by finding and keeping all the right people.
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