Sunday, November 6, 2016

Synastry: Sun in the houses

Sun in Partners 8th house

Your partner either turns you on or creeps you out. Yes it's that black and white, this is the house of extremes. If it's the first then this is a highly magnetic and even mysterious attraction that typically reflects a strong sexual and even lustful attraction. 

If the other, then they may ask far too many personal questions, stare you down, follow you around or make you or feel as if your space is invaded and you need to leave like immediately.

Let's go back to the first one. If both parties are equally fascinated and attracted to one another then this relationship will be intense and likely quite deep. This is the house of Pluto and holds all our fears, insecurities and things we suppress or keep hidden from others. It is also the house of deep intimacy, sex and shared resources so these will be topics often discussed.  

However when some one's planet falls in this house, they often have penetrating insights into these things we usually keep hidden and sometimes the house person can feel exposed or vulnerable in some way. Or as if the Sun person has some magnetic pull over them. Power struggles and drama, and issues around control are also possibilities if both people don't handle the intense energy between them in the best possible way.

You will share secrets, explore the darker more taboo subjects, and openly discuss things that you wouldn't normally feel all that comfortable with anyone else. 

There will be strong sexual themes between the two and a openness to discuss things related to the sharing of resources, psychology, sex, conspiracy, or topics of a deeper nature. The Sun person will likely be generous with the house person but watch for strings attached. If both people are evolved and on a higher path this relationship can be very powerful, deeply intimate and transforming in a good way. If both are prone to game playing, jealousy or control issues then the opposite is true and you can easily end up enemies.

You will either love or dislike one another and sometimes both at different times. 

There is something primal about your attraction and you both will draw out very strong feelings whether for better or worse. 

Sun in your Partners 9th house

This makes for a couple that shares a very similar philosophy or at least a deeper understanding and even mutual respect for one another.

The Sun person can help the house person in many ways usually expanding their educational knowledge not necessarily by going to school but through their interaction, learning from one another and sharing ideas, philosophy's and concepts. 

They will admire one another for there way of thinking and each others intelligence. This can be seen in a teacher student relationship, boss and employee or students in the same school, or simply two people that share many of the same ideals and respect one an others intelligence. 

Simply put, there is a mutual respect with this placement and a desire to seek, learn and expand their knowledge and experience together. They may both enjoy traveling together or trying new things. Religion or spiritual matters, law, government or politics may also be topics in which they enjoy researching or learning about together. 

Sun in your Partners 10th house

This placement usually brings about much admiration in each other and a lot of attraction. You both appreciate one another for each others looks, talents and way about them. You also feel good and even more confident as a result of your relationship especially by the way in which others respond to you while together. 

This is a excellent position for a couple that enjoys the public life, or that decide to work together. You both have similar interest and can help each other in your Careers. In some cases you can both idealize one another as if you have met your dream or ideal partner.

Sun in your Partners 11th house

This makes for a fun and friendly companionship. You will both share many of the same hopes and wishes or at least be very supportive of one another in reaching theirs. You can talk about many subjects and share many of the same ideas, past times and social groups. You can talk about anything and everything with each other,you are two of a kind. If this is a love relationship you will be both friends and lovers. This is a good position for a long term relationship however as always other compatible factors need apply.

Sun in your Partners 12th house

There is something illusive, magical, or negatively eerie about this person. If the first applies the two of you likely have come together to learn about unconditional love, spiritual or psychological matters. It is also possible there may have been a past life or karmic connection that needs healing. 

You may have met in a unique way, you will both share very intimate details with one another. There is also likely a spiritual or unconscious connection that exists between the two of you even if you are apart. You may idealize one another, or see things in another that no one else can see. This house holds both the soul-mate and the enemy so it's always best to proceed with caution in any love relationship. 

Be sure to be honest with each other at all times. It's also possible that the house person may dream about the Sun person. The Sun person can see into the house person and either help or hinder the person based on the intuitive insight they have into the house person.

It's also possible to you come together to heal one another in someway. Be careful of the interaction becoming to heavy or therapeutic where one acts as therapist and the other as patient. 

If other factors apply, this can very well be a soul-mate connection or a deeply spiritual, magical connection that you will likely never forget.

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