Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 2017 Monthly General Astrology Forecast

July is a month when sparks will fly and I am not just referring to the 4th of July although it's true, but all month looks like it will be full of fun, playfulness and even romance.

 It is summer after all, and this is a time when the mood is generally feel good, and summer romances begin, or summer vacations and outings with friends and family. Shortly after we celebrate the 4th, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 8th this Full Moon is a rather creative and positive one! 

Although Capricorn is not known for it's creativity but rather it's hard work and pragmatic approach the Quintile aspect with Neptune and a lovely Trine with Uranus can help us not only think of new and creative ways to go about doing things but add just the amount of romance or creativity to soften out this Capricorn moon, don't worry Capricorn will help us stay realistic and to put creative ideas in into a tangible working form. 

As far as romance it will help keep us grounded and realistic too. Something sudden and unexpected can occur as well that is likely to be quite positive anytime Uranus is involved this is usually the case. But even if nothing too shocking or out of the norm occurs we will feel pretty good and not overly emotional or sensitive. 

 Neptune in a Quintile is a supporting aspect we may come up with something quite brilliant or have a aha moment the Uranus Neptune combination can be very intuitive and we can receive sudden insights.

Although Full Moons are mostly about finishing up and culminations of what was started at the last New Moon they can bring about realizations and in turn bring new directions. The house in which the New Moon occurs for you can also bring about benefits so check out where it is for you.

The next New Moon is on July 23rd and in the sign of Leo,  is a bit of a mixed moon. Passions might definitely flair up with the conjunction to Mars and opposition to Pluto and in a square to Jupiter. 

However it's a new moon so the energy isn't as strong as a full but it will bring about new energy and new opportunity and even endings to something. Look to the house that Leo rules for you to see where these endings or beginnings or both might be with regards. 

However, power struggles, or arguments are possible if you tend to get hot headed quickly you might want to be forewarned to prevent any unnecessary drama. On a purely psychological level we may purge up some buried frustrations and make them bigger than they need be. But if there are issues that really need to be handled you most certainly will have the courage to speak up about them, just don't blow things out of proportion and perhaps wait for another day.

Venus entered Gemini on July 4th and this is a much more playful and communicative place for Venus. New loves, flings or just fun is very likely. More time spent with friends and socializing is certain. 

On July 5th Mercury entered Leo, and this adds to the fun and playfulness of Venus in Gemini and why I think this month will be good for finding love or simply just having more fun. Leo likes to be in the mix of things and so does Gemini, both are communicative and social. 

Leo rules the heart and loves to love, so we will be feeling much lighter more expressive and therefore we will have more chances of having fun and finding love. Those of you in a relationship can find some good times together as well because July 11th Mercury in Leo will parallel Venus in Gemini and on July 14 Mercury in Leo will sextile Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter in Libra is all about relationships so partnerships of all types should flourish even more so as a result of the planetary transits along with Jupiter in Libra which is now quite active in direct motion.

A great day for romance will be on July 17th when Venus in Gemini will Square Neptune in Pisces. We will definitely wish we had love if we don't but it's a bit tricky because Neptune can make things appear in a way that their not really. This day is better for those all ready paired up, rather than a first date. However there is no reason not to go it's not always bad it's just we tend to overlook things that we might not normally. So just ask yourself would i normally think this is OK?

 It's a short transit as Venus moves rather quickly so you will have time to figure things out. Besides Neptune is Retrograde so the veil is thin and we can see more than we normally would with Neptune direct, so go for it. Also on this day Mars in Cancer will square Uranus in Aries so just be careful with trying to rush or hurry you are much more accident prone, just take careful steps and don't rush. But use it as a time to try something different for sure.

July 18th is a really good day for love and romance when Venus in Gemini makes a trine to Jupiter we will feel really good on this day, and as a result we will attract. Jupiter and Venus are benefactor planets and Venus rules love and money. You could definitely hear word from a love interest, find love or even see money come to you this day, who doesn't like some of that? Look where Venus and Jupiter are transiting for you for clues to what positive might happen for you. Definitely something beneficial shall come.
On the 19th Mercury in Leo will Trine Saturn in Sagittarius which  is good for work or business but can also be good for communication and writing of any type. A good day to have a interview or business meeting for sure.

July 20th Mars will join Mercury in Leo so we are going to have double the fun. Leo is fun and these two planets rule over our mind communication short trips and action or vitality. We will feel much more expressive, and maybe a bit more proud so watch out for that. However, it's great for socializing, putting on a show, acting drama, or simply just socializing and finding love. 

A couple days in the month aren't so good for romance and that is July 24 and a couple days following for Saturn and Venus will be in opposition. This typically means we might be feeling a bit agitated or not acting like our normal selves it can also point to frustrations but most of these are as a result of us being to hard on ourselves. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, or allowing negativity to come in, try to focus on the all wonderful things in your life you do have, and practice being grateful on these days, this can go a long way and quickly replace any negative effects. 

On July 25th Mercury will enter Virgo where it's very well seated he enjoys analyzing and it's good for writing, communicating, analysis and things that require focus or concentration. We will pay more attention to the details so anything detail oriented for the next 30 or so days  would be great to plan during this transit.

Overall the month will be very positive, lot's of activity lots of opportunity for love and fun in the sun!

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