Monday, February 26, 2024

MARS RETROGRADE: The Gods are sexy

The Gods are sexy. Caught your attention, Ha! this was the name of an art exhibit in Los Angeles, a friend told me about. I didn't go, but I had to "laugh". I do have to say, being a God is kinda sexy, and I know you agree. Take your pick. It all depends on what you're into. You know," your type". 
They live within all of us. In the dating world, it's as so. You like the conservative, strict, critical businessman? that is cool as cubes? That's Saturn. You like the rough, tough go-getter, or a fearless fighter? even warrior? that's Mars. You like leather and lace? and role play games, obsession, intensity, and drama? Well, that's Pluto (or Lilith for the guys). How about the guy that comes right out of the scene of the most romantic movie you have ever seen? that's Neptune. By the way for you guys, the Goddess's are super sexy too! but in this post, I'm posting about Mars Retrograde so. 

Ok, that's actually not the purpose of this post but I thought I would have some fun with it. 

This post is strictly about Mars. I decided to "highlight" him since this month he will turn Retrograde on December 6th, 2024. So in honor of him, I will post here what I posted to IG.

"The gods are sexy.... in honor of the God of War “ MARS and his "extra long stay" in one area of our life. This Mars energy is giving us courage, determination, and the audacity to just go for it, say it, or just make it happen. We go about our desires, fearlessly and without a thought, perhaps a bit too thoughtlessly. Just do it! is the “motto of Mars” which is also, by the way, Sexy. 

Mars will turn Rx otherwise known as "Retrograde Motion" (moving backward) "reviewing" on the 6th of December, 2024. This phenomenon is known as an optical illusion it appears to move back. When it's really when Mars speed matches or catches up to that of the earth. Therefore appears to move backward.  

What it means for us mere humans is that we will strategically, methodically and wisely plan our steps rather than just push and shove our way to our goals after the 6th. And, this my friends is giving us an almost “certainty” of success in whatever we want to accomplish in the next two months and with less of a fuss ( if any) left in the wake. 

When Mars is retrograde it's best used to strategically plan our next moves, slow down a bit to avoid frustration. But the house in where Mars is transiting for you will likely see much come to fruition or accomplished. Tap into your warrior spirit, be brave but also wise.

Those that have Mars Retrograde in their birth-chart are strategic and brave, they can perfect their actions, and become amazing athletes, or strategists. They are planners, practicers, and perfectionists. They think before they act.