Monday, November 2, 2020

Astrology Fated Relationships- The Vertex

When we talk about fated meetings, what does this really mean? It was fate the invisible well-crafted master plan that brought us together. Now what? but when it's bad fate, why?  or relate it to karma which is also often mistaken as usually considered negative. Karma is both Good & Bad. The scales weighed, and you collect your share. There is no doubt it can be painstakingly paralyzing when you actually take notice. Other times it's a laughing matter. "Ha"! I know what this is! We aren't perfect so our Karma likely isn't also.

However, there is Fate, and it's on the other side of Free-will. We always have a choice we just don't always choose correctly. Sometimes free-will isn't a good thing we would be better off letting the Universe make some decisions for us and let's just say, that's what it does more often than not. This is seen by planet transits, lunar and solar eclipses, full moons and new moons, etc.

Anyway, getting back to fated relationships being that the Vertex is considered destiny's gate, destiny and fate can be quite similar. Only you can change both of them with awareness and choosing other than you were predicted to.  If you have aspects to your Vertex in your natal chart you should definitely pay attention to aspects by planets made to this point by transit because more often than not when this point is activated so are your fated meetings. 

These do not always relate to romantic situations there are a lot of people that come into our lives for a multitude of reasons not always romantic. However, many of these people that are triggered by the aspect of the planet energy to that point will certainly be fated and in some cases complicate things in your life, if that's what the fate is at other times they will illuminate you to new ways of thinking, open your mind to new ideas, learning or finding out more about yourself and your talents, learn more about love and relationships, and even wake you up to a new path, so many things can happen, you name it.

Destiny's Gate does not mean always and forever 

This is something many get confused about they think that if it's destined it means it's forever especially in love relationships. Destiny means that it's meant to happen but for a variety of reasons usually to grow, learn, and evolve. It does not mean that it cannot last forever but that is depicted by much more than the Vertex.  These meetings and mirror us so we can learn what doesn't work for us or get a taste of our own medicine. These relationships, people, or situations can point out talents, connect us with important people, or bring some sort of awareness to us. They can teach us lessons and not always ones we want to learn. In other words, it's not always positive but it is always good for us. It depends on what your destiny and fate are and how close to the path you are to it. No, they are not always hard or negative they can be quite positive again much depends on you and how evolved you are and how much guidance and what kind of guidance you need. These are seen by transits to the vertex.

Natal Vertex aspects to planets indicate where you can expect. to have these fated meetings and in what area. If it's your moon it will likely be through family or women. If it's your Venus it's involving love, money and diplomacy, and tact. If it's your Mars it's with Men, your assertion and confidence. If it's Jupiter it's around your beliefs, faith, and optimism often spiritual in some way. If it's Saturn it's with your Father, or authority, bosses, maturity, and responsibility. Neptune is about your compassion, creativity, and ability to surrender and build faith. Uranus it's around being authentic, illumination, breaking out of bad habits or beliefs along with friendships and groups. and Pluto well, it's about personal power, overcoming fear, exposing what's wrong and it can bring about people that test these areas.

More to come soon on the synastry of the vertex aspects