Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Moon in Aries March 27th, 2017: The Power to Break Free and Heal

Tonight's New Moon is a very positive one, and is making some rather lovely aspects to the other planets. New Moon's are the perfect time to set your intentions on how it is you would like things to be here on out. New Moon's are growth spurts in which a lot can happen. Although there is usually some sort of ending or the finishing of something. There is also a change of focus. This change of focus is seen by the house the New Moon is occurring in. Before I get more into that let me talk about why this Moon will be a excellent Moon for those that are trying to recover from a past love or break up along with those that have been holding on to old hurts and those that want a fresh start.

The New Moon is officially at 7:57 pm this evening it is beautifully aspected by Mercury which rules our thinking, thoughts and communication. This New Moon will be making a lucky or positive Trine with Mercury allowing us to process things much smoother, without contradictory thoughts but more inline with Truth. This Moon is also in a Biquintile, another friendly aspect with Mars which will bring about courage to overcome and emotional strength and courage. While we might take a moment of down time to process our feelings and thoughts we will have the emotional strength and courage to request to the Universe what it is we really want. This is a positive Moon because it is in a  wide Conjunction ( 7 degrees)  with Jupiter and those that have Jupiter in aspect to their Moon understand what a positive aspect this is.

You will feel hopeful, and grateful for all you do have along with tremendous hope and belief that the things you want to change, will. Uranus will be in Conjunction with this New Moon also, which really helps us see things more objectively but to also release those mental prisons we keep ourselves in. These are usually a result of fear, whether of the unknown, fear of being ourselves, fear of being judged, fitting in or fear of breaking free from routine and the mundane, essentially fear of change.

The tightest aspect of this New Moon is a exact Square with Black Moon Lilith. This is screaming independence and recovery from past love hurts along with it's opposition to Chiron the wounded healer reminding us that we have all been hurt. To remind us that those that have been hurt become the best teachers and healers. 

This New Moon has all it takes to break free and start new. This of course might bring about strong memories, reflections or flash backs at first. This is in order to begin to put them behind us.  The energy over the next few months will bring us to a new sense of personal freedom and self love. With a much lighter heart and hope for a better future.

This does not mean that those that are in relationships, love relationships they will want to break free or end. However,  if the relationship hasn't been fulfilling, or one sided, lop sided or unhealthy in someway, it's possible.

However, this New Moon really seems to be speaking directly to those that are holding on to things that really need to be let go. You can't move forward in the past. 

We must muster the strength to love ourselves enough to let go of the things that do not bring us happiness.

There is a plan for all of us, that is for our betterment and we just need to trust that if we do our best, and do the right thing, things will work out for our best.

Once we love ourselves enough to say no to the BS, and let go or release the pain, a much lighter happier person will emerge that is ready for a new beginning free of these burdens. Whatever is holding one back, it could be a multitude of things, you know the burdens of would of, could of, should of. or whatever it might be hiding in your own personal closet. Perhaps a love that never loved us back, treated us badly, or a love that was really no good for us, but we didn't realize it because we didn't really love ourselves.

Perhaps there was a friend that betrayed us, a job we lost because of a cruel mean boss, or false accusations, whatever the injustice and sometimes things even more tragic. Whatever it was or is, but I am really speaking to older hurts that haunt these are really what needs to go now.

This New Moon do yourself a favor and set your intention to release to let go of all that hinders you, holds you back and makes you feel bad. Open your heart to a new positive start. 

 If we want to truly be happy no one can do this for us, in the end we all die alone, yep all by ourselves. As morbid as this might sound it is actually very empowering to realize. 

Just as, Saturn teaches us what it's like to be alone, to have no one for support, or to feel like your on your own during a tough transit but somehow we make it through and guess what, it was because of you. Ultimately after Saturn you learn to love yourself, because you realize that you take care of you.   

When bad things happen or when we feel loss or pain, we don't always consciously know that we are hindering ourselves further by holding on to it and that in reality much of what we wished we had wasn't really good for us at all.

So in basic terms, yes I know there are many possibiities for the injustice each of us have experienced however, it serves you, to forget the girl or guy that ripped your heart out, forget the friend that betrayed you, or whatever has happened that is still holding on to you and you it. Instead let it go, and relax in the fact, that "Karma gets served cold" you are released and free to live your life.  

Besides, Lilith isn't going to lay down and be stepped on or linger in self pity, and Uranus isn't going to let us stay stuck or trapped in any way, and the optimism of Jupiter will instill us with faith, and Mars well, he will give us the emotional strength to let go once and for all.

However, we first must recognize them and put them to rest, this is the hard part. However after we give them there last acknowledgement and wish them merry-ness on their merry- way- out. 

We also have, Ceres who will be helping along with the healing with a sweet Trine to this New Moon, again helping us let go in order to produce new fertile ground to grow and harvest a new love, new endeavors, a new career or whatever you wish for. There is a new life, just waiting and it has all that you have ever wanted, all you need to do is claim it. 

Of course this New Moon will bring about many different things for each of us, but it certainly will open doors and present us with New Opportunities to help further us on our path as all New Moon's do.

Perhaps in Aries in a general sense it's time to take initiative, and to stop procrastinating it's time to just do it.

Aries is ruled by Mars the action planet and it's the warrior in all of us. Let go of what is holding you back, realize that you are your own poverty when you stay stuck in a place that is not good for you embrace the courage to blaze a new path and embrace it now, set your intention and just do it!

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