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THE BACK ROOM is an extended version of the main site and requires an annual membership. This site is powered by Google and You MUST have a GMAIL email account to view this site. If you do not have a Gmail Account, you will not be able to gain access. You will need to create one specifically for this site to access it.

There are two memberships available: An annual membership" AND for a for a limited time a "Lifetime membership". Once the lifetime member allocated space has been filled. I will no longer offer the lifetime and will remove the option. This is because of the limited members allowed by the site.

ANNUAL membership: $44.99 (you will NOT be automatically billed or automatically renewed, you must request to continue prior to membership expiration. The membership will automatically expire at the end of the 1 year or 12 months (no expiration for lifetime members). Please request to renew prior to expiration, to assure availability.

Please review all terms, there are NO refunds once payment is recieved so please review the Mini preview previous to purchase* here Back Room Mini Preview".

Lifetime Membership: $159.99 and will be good for the lifetime of the site.

By becoming a Back Room Member you will help support this site all while gaining access to additional posts and extended article reading plus you can ask questions with regards to your chart and have them answered in the Question and Answer section restrictions apply*

(Please note there is a limited amount of members allowed not to exceed 200 members which is very limited. 

As the annual memberships expire, there will be new openings, these may fluctuate from day to day or in some cases it may be months.) Members join at different dates and as their membership expires new openings become available. 

***There is limited availability every month for new members. Please look to see if I am accepting new members just below this paragraph.

In the event that it should it say Full. You can still purchase a membership for the next available and will be added to the waiting list, and sent an email invite at the next earliest opening in the order of received.

I Look forward to seeing you there!

Back Room Current Status

Current Status: *** Accepting New Members ***

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ shortly after purchase which (on occasion may take a few hours) you will receive" an email invite to your Gmail account" to log in to the Back Room. *All payments or donations are final there are no refunds *** PLEASE see the Back Room preview prior to purchase.*** 

1 Year Membership: $44.99.00 you will not be automatically billed. Your membership will expire at the end of the 12 months and you will need to request to continue at the end of the 12 months, renewal and is subject to availability. No Refunds.


Life Time Membership

By request, from my members. For a Limited time* I am offering a Life Time Membership for a one-time payment or donation of $159.99 because there is limited space of a maximum membership of 100 Lifetime members, this is a limited and special offer. No Refunds. 

**Important instructions***. After payment, if you did not include your Gmail Email address on the payment form then shortly after you will then be sent an email requesting the Gmail Email address to add. 

You will then be sent an invite to this Gmail email address you provided, Please simply accept the invite. 

You can then return to the main site and go to Back Room entrance on the navigation bar on the main menu. You will click the tab and use your Gmail Email address and your normal email password associated with this email address to log in and access the site. 

Your membership begins the same day. Please note, it must be a Gmail email address ie. it cannot be a personal domain or any other email address other than a address. 

Each Member's membership recorded based on their membership choice. If you choose 1 year, your membership will automatically cancel at the end of the 12 months of purchase. Lifetime members will have access for the life of the site which is intended to expand with new content not available on the main site.

What's in the Back Room?

In the Back Room- extended versions of articles, many additional specialty articles, more on Asteroids, Composites, Attraction, Love, and Relationships, Finding your destiny, a Guide to Flourishing during Saturn's Transits, many special posts and articles it is an ongoing work in progress with new content always in the works. This site will be expanding. However below is a list of what can be currently found. You may also ask questions with regards to particular aspects and get answers.

  The Back Room Mini Preview (click link)
Please note this is just a small preview of the "Favorite Back Room Articles viewed by current Back Room Members. (There is much more some of which you can find listed below) Please note, this image was taken some time ago and since then there are many new posts. Please see below for what's been added.

  • Extended Article Reading Section: (most of my posts in the main area have extended versions: continue reading in more depth).

  • Synastry North and South Node Conjunctions
  • North Node/South Node transits: What to expect
  •  Special XXX AREA: All about sex, attraction, chemistry
  • Asteroids
  • Additional Synastry
  • Karmic Relationships- Love hurts
  • Composites
  • How to flourish during the difficult transits
  • The Magic of the Squares or oppositions
  • Moon in partners 8th 3 part series
  • How to read a synastry chart accurately
  • New Content on how to make the most of each month!
  • More on Lilith
  • This room is expanding and may not have availability once the lifetime membership fills up. Get in now to be privy to stuff that is not on the main site.
  • Lot's more coming on relationships