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THE BACK ROOM: is a Private Member site. This site is powered by google and You MUST have a GMAIL email account to view this site. 

For a "one time annual fee" of $25.00 (you will NOT be automatically billed or renewed. 

Membership will cancel at the end 12 months from date of access. Once accessed there are no refunds the content is not on main site. Please see Back Room Preview prior to purchase below.

 By becoming a Back Room Member you will help support this site all while gaining access to additional posts and extended article. Unlike other sites, I do not allow advertising or pop ups on my site, advertising and pop ups generate revenue but are frustrating to readers, I do not wish to have my readers annoyed.  

So to help support this site but not for nothing, I opened the Back Room. Please note there is a limited amount of members allowed per year as memberships expire there will be new openings. 

See below for more details and to become a member.

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I Look forward to seeing you there!

Back Room Current Status

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In the Back Room- extended versions of articles, many additional specialty articles, more on Asteroids, Composites, Attraction, Love and Relationships, Finding your destiny, a Guide to Flourishing during Saturn's Transits, many special posts and articles it is a ongoing work in progress with new content always in the works. However below is a list of what can be currently found.

  The Back Room Mini Preview (click link)
Please note this is just a small preview of the "Favorite Back Room Articles viewed by current Back Room Members. (There is much more some of which you can find listed below)

  • Extended Article Reading Section: (most of my posts in the main area have extended versions: continue reading in more depth).

  •  Special XXX AREA: All about sex, attraction, chemistry
  • Asteroids
  • Additional Synastry
  • Karmic Relationships- Love hurts
  • Composites
  • How to flourish during the difficult transits
  • How to win a Saturn Venus's love
  • The Magic of the Squares or oppositions
  • Plus your more likely to get a answer to your general questions to posts.
  • Moon in partners 8th 3 part series
  • New Daily Content on how to make the most of each month!