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past_life_love___seth_marissa_by_brighterday-d2y96cm.png (441×423)North and South node connections in synastry are very powerful and often fated. The North Node represents our souls goal in this lifetime. It's a point in which we will be pushed by circumstances, and people that usually make connections or aspects to this point. 

The South Node represents our past, early life or where we are comfortable and often fall back to because we are comfortable. The North Node challenges us, to do things differently than what we already know. This is why it's not so easy and often scary to reach our North Nodes. Our North Node is new terrain, new experiences that help develop us further. It's usually the opposite of what we have been doing and what we already know. You can tell a lot by the house placement and the sign one's North Node or South Node are in. Imagine that you will live forever, that reincarnation is true, when we die we re-incarnate and are expected to do things differently, or experience new things. This is what most astrologers believe since we can often see that past lives are seen in Astrology. Let's say you were an English teacher in the last life, You re-incarnated in this one and early on you were always good with English, writing, and speaking. You naturally pursue what you know or what your good at (well it's really a soul imprint or memory within), so again in this lifetime you become a teacher because that's where you are comfortable and have prior lifetime experience, however, your soul is not really growing in experience, perhaps you wanted to be a world traveler or a rocket scientist? So the South Node represents what we already know, based on experience, this includes relationships with others, that we knew in the past.

The North Node is the new direction or life experience, and when we try to fall back on habits of the South Node, we find difficulties, blockages, and frustration. So whether we like it or not, we signed up to reach our North Node lessons. So in synastry when people's planets touch our North Node, depending on the planet they will teach us or push us, lead us, or support us in the area we need. They often have these characteristics, or traits that are beneficial to us if we learn from them. 

The South Node connections often come with a familiar feeling or instant feeling of ease and comfort, however in some cases it can feel like a burden, hard work, or difficult to get off the ground, there may even be a "old feeling" as if you have known each other for years. 

If the past life connection was good there might be  a feeling of " Meant to be".

 South Node connections are often vaguely familiar. However, if the connection is Karmic where one or the other owes the other, then it can feel heavy, burdened and even uncomfortable. 

South Node Connections feel very similar to Saturn Conjunctions, that feel fated, and from the past. Usually the same past issues resurface, making it difficult to move forward together until the issues are worked through.

Saturn is the father of time, and in a conjunction with others personal planets especially Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus it's likely a past life association to this person for better or worse. The South Node connections are Karmic both good and bad, depending on the Karma with the person. 

These connections are most commonly found within close associates, family members and long-term married couples. However, also seen in Star-Crossed Lovers, whom never seem to get off the ground, or the relationship was karmic or simply served a purpose.

Similarly, the 12th house can bring us our "soul mate" or enemy, it all depends on the Karma, the Nodes work much the same. While these connections are not always romantic, many of them are, but can also be people you meet to help or inspire, support or guide towards each others life's purpose. 

The South Nodal contacts are frequently thought of as holding the person back because in a sense you have already "been there done that", and sometimes the feeling oddly changes to frustration, or simply indifference after some time has passed or the Karma has been worked off.
As time passes one or both begin to feel they need more. 

People that make a close aspect with one of their personal planets to our South Node, can sometimes cause us anxiety or a feeling of unease, if this is the state there might be some Karma that needs to be worked out. 

Past life connections are not always positive.

In the case with the positive South node contacts, which are often seen in married couples or soul mate couples this is usually when the severance occurred as a result of outside forces, or no doing of their own. 

They met again, to finish out their love saga. 

North and South Node contacts are tricky some are good and some not so good, especially with the Conjunctions or Squares. The Trines and Sextiles are typically positive and easy going experiences.

North Node connections are people that come into our life to help us learn new lessons. They instill a sense of new and are not always comfortable at first.

These people, introduce you to a part of yourself you may not have known until you met them.

In the case of The North node conjunct, Sun-The sun person has a way of bringing out the best in the NN person. The attraction was likely instant. You both felt a powerful pull to one another as if you are aware that this person has a lot to show you. 

The Sun person will be highly complimentative of the Node person, increasing the node person's self-esteem. The sun person will say and do things that make the node person open up their potentials.  

Sun and south node connections in synastry are said to be a male figure from your past ranging from a superior your father, government official, or employer, it can also represent a brother, cousin but more than likely a man you looked up to. 

The moon south node conjunction in synastry is representative of a mother-child relationship, wife, sister, or woman in your life in which you perhaps needed healing from the past. 

Venus connections are future or past life lovers and typically they are unusually romantic. These connections are familiar and depending on how the relationship was severed, will indicate the level of comfort between you or not.

 If the relationship was that of betrayal or some other malicious intent, then your interaction may produce feelings of uneasiness and experience an unrequited love or a heartbreak. If the Karma is good, or in your favor then you are in luck.

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