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The moon represents our instincts, our moods, our feelings and emotional responses along with how we nurture, feel nurtured, the women in our lives and the things that bring us comfort and support. It's our homes, our mother, and our intuition.

In synastry, it points to the heart of the relationship. It's where we are likely to be emotional, sensitive, intuitive and how we nurture our partners, and how they nurture us. It's where we are emotionally invested in the relationship.

Disclaimer: Astrology is complex, it is impossible to understand how an aspect or placement will play out in the synastry between two people without first understanding the individual charts of the couple involved. Certain aspects in the natal chart of the individuals can block, suppress or enhance the way it will play out in the synastry and this is why aspect by aspect interpretations are rarely accurate. These are general assuming there are no other aspects being made and without regard to the sign. 

Moon in Partners 1st house

This placement makes for a very close intuitive connection based on similar emotional natures and upbringings. 

This is a very close tie, you each will be very sensitive to each other's feelings. This is a very intuitive position for the moon, you will easily pick up each other's feelings and therefore will be able to respond as needed and your moods will be closely connected to how the other feels.

Just be careful not to mix their feelings with your own. Your moods will affect each other greatly and usually when one is down the other will know it, and feel it. This placement is very binding because of the almost telepathic understanding of each other's needs. 

The similarities between the two are uncanny and you both feel that you are of the same tribe which makes you want to spend as much time around each other as possible.

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Moon in partners 2nd house

This position of the moon adds a greater need for emotional and financial security with each other. The Moon person will want to provide security for the house person. 

The Moon person also might find or feel security in the house person. The house person will be very generous and helpful to the Moon person. 

You will likely be quite generous with each other. This is the house of Venus and Taurus, so there will also be some jealousy and protectiveness of each other as well.  

You will also find you share many of the same values, interests, and likes. The Moon person can help the house person get their finances in order, but it is also possible that the Moon person will cost the house person money. 

The couple will see each other as a benefit and find value in one other, this is usually a good self-esteem building position for both people, they seem to compliment one another with complete ease and enjoy doing so.

Moon in partners 3rd house

The Moon person will intuit what the house person is thinking and they will share many interests. This is an indication of similar ways of thinking and sharing ideas. 

The couple will enjoy communicating about many different subjects and will tend toward conversations in areas of the sign of the Moon, and the sign on the 3rd house of the other. For instance, if it's an Air sign, their conversations will be more of an intellectual nature. 

The house person will admire the Moon person intelligence and the house person will feel that the Moon person simply gets them.

 The Moon person will be sensitive to the house person moods, there may be a psychic connection as well. 

There is a deep intellectual understanding between these two which makes for interesting and dynamic conversations. 

These two will enjoy taking up new subjects of the same interest together. The Moon person will need the verbal expression of the house person's feelings more often to feel safe.

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Moon in partners 4th house

A feeling of being at home together is the feeling between the two usually after a very short time. You will be very supportive of one another and will experience a desire to both nurture and care for each other. 

You might have similar upbringings or family backgrounds in which you can relate to one another on a very deep level. 

This placement is ideal for a long-term marriage and family if it is a love relationship. Amongst, friends they will become like one of the family. 

If a love relationship you are likely to move in together rather quickly,  you just feel comfortable together and will want to spend much of your time together. 

The moon person will feel an at "home feeling" with the house person, which may even remind them of a family member. 

The house person will nurture and provided a warm safe environment for the moon, but it is also possible it's the other way around. 

This aspect is common in couples that live together for they mesh really well, and living together just flows with ease. 

This is an ideal placement for family and home. You will feel like family or want to experience family together. Trust, security, and safety will highlight your relationship.

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Moon in your partner's 5th house

This is a fun, loving and playful placement for the moon. You both will spark the playful and romantic side in one another. If other aspects allow( see variables of the aspects) this can be a highly romantic relationship. 

This is the house of creative self-expression, play, love, and children so all these things will color your relationship. 

Talk of children is possible, or at least you will have good relations with each other's children or the children of others. 

You will enjoy your alone time in your own playful sandbox together. This is a very romantic and fun placement, where you will enjoy each other's company immensely. 

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Moon in partners 6th house
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The Moon person will go out of their way to help the house person with many of the days to day activities and will be concerned and helpful in areas of the health and wellness of the house person. 

As a couple, you will both be willing to help each other when needed. You will both feel you have a partner that helps you be more efficient and effective together on the day to day areas of life and are likely to feel taken care of and planned for. 

You may enjoy being of service to each other. Be careful, not to do much, because although your partner may initially appreciate it, you run the risk of allowing this person to take advantage of your good deeds, not always intentionally. 

The house person will want to help the Moon person organize better, you will both like quality and efficiency and will give you great ideas on how to make your work more efficient. You can both be critical of each other so try to pay attention, not to spoil the fun.

Moon in your Partners 7th house

This is an ideal position for both Marriage or a Business Partner or relationship. This is the house of equal partnership, where you both will strive for balance within the partnership and you each have something you both can gain from another. 

You will both want to offer your best to the relationship and will be very supportive of one another. If you have other romantic aspects this placement can very well lead to marriage. 

Alternatively, it is also the house of enemies, so if the Marriage doesn't work it would likely not end well. In a relationship, it's important that you realize you both have a lesson to learn from one another for you both have qualities that you each would benefit by incorporating into your lives from one another. This shows a lot of compatibilities but does not necessarily guarantee a romantic relationship or Marriage in itself.  

However, You both will like being around each other, and may even want to start a business or work together and if there is physical attraction than a long-term relationship is very likely. See also: Audio Version of synastry 7th house

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Moon in Partners 9th house

This is a fabulous placement for the moon, you will both appreciate each other on a fundamental level and share many of the same ideals, philosophies, or religious beliefs. You will enjoy learning and discussing topics of a higher more spiritual nature. There is an expansive feeling to this relationship in which you both will have the opportunity to grow, expand, learn and travel together. 

Higher learning, exploring and discovering answers to life's big questions, trying new and different things will be a large part of your relationship together.  You will make great travel partners.

If a physical and or romantic attraction is present and other aspects allow- over time your love will grow and continue to expand. You both have many of the same life goals, fundamental values and many of the same interests that will last over the long run. 

This is the house of Jupiter so you will feel good together, share similar ideals, Values, and interests, along with a zest to experience "the new" and the unknown.  

The Moon person will be very supportive of the house person in these areas, and the house person can open the Moon person up to a broader way of seeing things. 

In some cases couples take on a very spiritual outlook on life, it can show similar religious backgrounds or philosophical beliefs which only deepens their love for each other. 

You will feel like you can do anything together. The house person may bring out the spiritual side of the moon person or vice versa. Either way, this relationship will be meaningful and more than likely larger than life.

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Moon in your Partners 10th house

This aspect adds a great deal of admiration. The house person may look up to the Moon person, or the Moon person may also admire the house person and see them as someone they not only respect but if in a romantic situation this can produce idealistic feelings where the planet person idealizes the house person seeing them as someone they admire. In return invests in them or takes a strong interest in helping the house person reach their career goals. The house person makes the Moon person feel proud of being seen publicly together.

 If a relationship is pursued you may work together at some point. The Moon person will make the house person feel more confident and can help the house person in their Career.  

The Moon person may find themselves promoting the house person in some way, usually speaking very highly of the house person to others, bringing attention to them in a positive light.  This is a beneficial placement to have for both love and business for there is a mutual respect for one another.

Moon in your Partners 11th house

This is a fabulous placement for love, friendship or both. Being friends and simply liking each other helps the longevity of any relationship. When you get along and are supportive of each other's hopes and wishes in life, you last. This placement pretty much says that you both "just plain like each other".

 As a matter of fact, you like each other a lot. You will find that the two of you have many similarities, commonalities and even similar ways of thinking. You will be supportive of each other as true equals.

You will probably enjoy hanging out with mutual friends, or group settings together, and may even take up a cause together. 

This will not be a relationship where you have separate friends, you will more than likely blend your groups quite well. You will enjoy having fun, dreaming and making wishes together. Highly compatible placement for the Moon. 

Moon in your Partners 12th house

You want to be cautious about who you let in this house because this is a very confusing, spiritual and sensitive house. This house holds both our soul mate and our enemy. No matter the case it's one of the most psychic connections in synastry, which way it goes depends greatly on the individual charts of the people involved. It can be both magical, romantic and highly spiritual or strenuous, heavy and even draining. This is a highly intuitive placement. You won't need to speak your feelings to each other you will both just know. 

When used in the positive either person can help identify things that lie hidden to the house person that may be highly beneficial. It depends on the condition of the planet person and the condition of the house person better know who might need help or who is offering the help.  

The 12th house in it's most positive can bring about your soul mate. The lowest can bring about your enemy or someone that is not in your best interest. If one or both of you need healing it can be emotionally draining because it can easily become a dr. patient type of relationship. It comes down to each other's Karma because often one person feels obligated in some way to the other or the relationship feels fated or destined. Many have dreamt of their partner before meeting them. Even after they are together they often dream of each other. Usually, it has been the house person that dreams of the planet person but it has also been the planet person. There can be a level of understanding and comfort between the two and may contribute to the healing that can take place. They often want to be away from it all together.

This is also the house of hospitals, sanctuaries, therapist, psychotherapist, and negatively prisons and why the planet person may feel comfortable enough to open up and discuss such private feelings and matters.

On another note, this is the house of psychic sensitivity and spirituality, so the relationship and the interaction will most certainly be highly spiritual and most certainly psychic. In other words, you can end up in spiritual bliss in a private romance away from it all in a sanctuary with your soul mate. 

Or contrarily, you can end up with someone that has come to you for help or to offer you help. This relationship will be mostly unconscious, and intuitive you are in each other's head. As a result, either the planet or the house person can feel a need to express or confess things to the other that they normally wouldn't with another. The planet person can also play the doctor or therapist role to the house person.

The ideal situation would be the sanctuary or spiritual and psychic attunement, where both people have each other's best interest at heart. 

In the negative, either person can use the information gained to hurt or harm further or take advantage of them. This is not usually the case, but because sometimes there are mental issues involved or other issues, such as alcohol or drug abuse, depression or anything else that requires rehab or therapy, then the negative side is likely to occur. This house can be very disconcerting, confusing, and many misunderstandings can occur as a result. It's usually a heavy experience but only if one or the other has issues. 

If both people are evolved souls that have managed to overcome many of their issues on their own or didn't have any, to begin with, and are well balanced and healthy then the positive of this house is a highly spiritual and mystical bond. 

Solution to navigating the 12th house. Be sure to see things as they actually are and don' idealize or glamorize, unless it's earned first. Always match behavior and actions with words.

In a love relationship this relationship will take on an ethereal quality that will make you question whether or not half of it is real, the two can live happily ever after much like those romances in a fairytale, we are talking Neptune's house where all things are possible.

Need more? Please see special article on The 12th house synastry along with Neptune Moon Aspects for the descriptions will explain in greater detail.

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  2. Hey Tanya, I accidently deleted your comment:( I have been updating and moving things around, my appologies:) I will be finishing up on this soon. I actually decided to re-do much since I want to expand there are so much to all the aspects you can actually talk endlessly about them. I like to keep it short and to the point, however, there is more coming:) Thanks for reading:)

  3. Hi, I am confused about something and would like clarification. Most of what I have read indicates that the house person is usually the one that feels the planet placement in synastry although there is a reciprocal effect. However, with moon in 8th house it seems to be all about what the moon person feels and not the house person. Perhaps there is more that I cannot see because I am not member but your article is not different than most I have read. I am just curious why most of the other house placements tend to indicate the effect on the house person and that one, indicates the effects are to the moon person. Any insight would be appreciated.

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  4. I have a best friend who has scorpio moon in my 12th house. I believe we have a connection deeper than whay is obvious. We have converstaions from far away (like a couple miles) and when we meet in person it's like we both already "know". She is the closest that I have. Understands me more than anyone. The emotional bond is deep and long lasting.