Monday, August 15, 2011


There is a fine line between love and hate the saying goes. With the moon in your partner's 8th house in synastry, it can end either way. To love deeper than you ever have (unconditionally) or to almost hate with all you have. These extremes are very scorpionic which rules this house of extremes. This will be undeniably a deep connection to the moon person. The moon person will feel that they need to go to the depths with the house person. The house person is aware of this power and the moon person is willing to plunge to the bottom in an effort to find the depth of love that we all seek "unconditional" which in turn both parties involved will be forced to see when the dust settles. This bond is very powerful and very difficult to let go even when most needed.

The moon is all that's emotional, it's our inner selves, what we need to nurture ourselves, it's our mother's nurturing, it's the love that we receive from others or how we love ourselves. 

The eighth house's natural ruler is Scorpio. It's all that is hidden within the recesses of the mind. It's is power, control, domination, manipulation, death, sex, taxes and other people's resources. 

It's the house of intense experience. In synastry when a person"s moon (emotions, inner self, core) are dropped into another person's 8th house, there is a mutual acknowledgement of a very intense experience in murky territory at hand. 

The moon person's moon suddenly becomes a Scorpio moon in a sense. 

Their emotional viewpoint, feelings and inner core are being dropped into a deep pool of intensity brought on by the relationship to the house person. 

There is something about the house person that draws the Scorpio 8th house stuff out of the moon. The moon person then finds himself digging deep, experiencing fear, jealousy, and perhaps an intense desire to control the house, person. 

This produces a strong emotional attachment to the house person. The depths of what these two will experience will be deep. 

This has the potential of being the closest lovers or the worst enemies. Either way it will be intense most often times, producing a type of love/hate relationship colored with dramatic over the top displays of drama. 

The moon person may feel like they are not in control of these deep feelings, and sexual compulsions they are overwhelming. It's intense and perhaps unconditional, which brings out fears in the Moon.

This relationship will bring out all sorts of emotional insecurities in the moon person. Strong sexual desires, urges, feelings and emotions that are near impossible to control are pulled out by the house person.

The moon person will be lured and almost bewitched into this 8th house with a powerful erotic drive for this house person. The house person feels adored and special by the Moon person.

This relationship has the ability to overcome many challenges others can not. The couple may experience many rebirths, and cycles as they dive deeper each and every time.  If the intense and compulsive undercurrents are handled with respect and maturity, then this relationship will bring out better in each other rather than the worst.

 If NOT handled with maturity, then the latter is possible, and you may end up in the flames, with no chance of return. 

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