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Pluto Conjunct/Square or Opposite Sun

There is a strong need for power and control with this aspect, you have learned early on to control or be controlled. This aspect is a difficult one for the individual possess great strength and willpower but is often tempted to use it in a subversive way to get others to respond according to their will. These people are hypersensitive to any criticism whether real or imagined. There is also a tendency to excessive worry or fear. 

They can have explosive personalities which can be quite unreasonable and possess my way or the highway attitude often in order to get there way and can be very obsessive, possessive, jealous and hypersensitive which can cause them to lash out in unpredicted ways. Issues surrounding control, domination and when wronged they can be very vindictive if not operating on the higher vibration. Pluto's lower vibration is the Scorpion which has a venomous sting. Sometimes they can be very harsh with words, especially in conjunction with other planets and express extremes in behavior. Some have a very secretive personality but have no problem exposing others secrets or searching for them. 

In relationships, they can be very inflexible, demanding and obsessive, and their relationships often end badly and are irreparable as a result of the Pluto blow up.

 There are often issues with pride to an extreme. Although personal power is a positive thing and something we should all strive for, the Pluto-Sun person will often sabotage the very thing they care about the most through extremes in personality. The Pluto Sun person's karmic path is learning about power and the proper use of it, they possess great willpower and at some point in their life, they will learn that power used negatively will only backfire on them at a later more critical date.

Pluto empowers but in a hard aspect it empowers the individual to a point that it's their way, or no way and that other must comply with there will or all hell breaks loose.

The problem with this attitude is that Pluto also makes it's transit to all of us and the Pluto-Sun person at one time will have to face up to how they used this power. The planet transits are karmic, they make us all face up to how we used the planet energy. By transit, Pluto often exposes us to those very things we exposed others too.

Pluto empowers but if used inappropriately exposes and breaks down at a later date. In order to avoid the Karmic effects at a later time, the balance needs to be achieved by standing for one's beliefs and imposing them on others. Overcoming the need to control, and the deeply embedded fear of loss. Balance must also be achieved by learning to be more accepting of those things we cannot control which is anything outside of ourselves our own behaviors and our own thoughts.

These people often appear very cool on the outside but inside is another story, they tend to obsessively worry, sometimes to the point of getting ill. They also have deeply hidden feelings that need expression at which only seem to surface when they are in panic mode or feel they might lose. Often they are there own worst enemy, and like to test the will of others, but also out of fear tend to destroy the very things they held dear. 

Learning to let go of controlling both of themselves and others, and their obsessive thoughts, and need to steamroll their way through life. It would serve them best to learn to use their power for the benefit of mankind and others, to motivate, uplift or to make the world a better place in some way. For not many possess the power to do so, and thus will instead reap positive Karma.

Positively, these people can be extreme motivators and powerful fighters for good. They have the power of persuasion like no other and once they get behind something they can truly make a difference.

Pluto or the sign Pluto rules Scorpio is represented by both the Scorpion and the Eagle, indicating that the path is to true enlightenment is a result of them overcoming the lower paranoid version of the Scorpion and rising up to the more self-aware version that all things are interconnected and that we get what we give. 

Of course, there are usually valid reasons for this aspect is often a result of being bullied in some way early on, dramatic situations in the home such as power struggles or constant fighting and bickering within the home or they have  or have seen much manipulation and in some cases abuse or feelings of not having any control or feeling victimized. This which brings about a personality that needs to defend or protect themselves.  

However, to think that everyone is the same or to expect the worse only creates these same situations over and over again and often this thinking can cause unnecessary separation from others leading one to feel like a outcast or a loner in someway. This is because the perception tends towards fear of being taking advantage of, lied to, or manipulated, or they look deeply into situations to where they have difficulty letting go and being relaxed or seeing the lighter side to life. There is often a intense persona, or a feeling of not fitting in with others and even not wanting to. They are not superficial breezy types and are very perceptive but need to watch for being too negative or taking things too personally and acting out defensively or too powerfully that others don't feel comfortable around them, only perpetuating the feeling of being an outcast. 

Yes, there are shallow and superficial people in this world just realize that not everyone had the same experience in life. Some were exposed to nothing but shallowness or superficiality and don't know another way.

In Business, these people can be very successful if they don't go to extremes and create more enemies than friends. They have the ability to recover from an extreme loss and to build great wealth as a result of their willpower and determination. Other aspects can alter the interpretation many other factors play into all interpretations and why most interpretations only give part of the picture or potential. Some can enhance the more negative traits and other more positive aspects can make these people powerful fighters for good in the world. Nonetheless, there tends to be a bit of obsessive personality that is quite powerful and is best used for a positive cause.

At some point and time, there is a rebirth, Pluto is about transformation and it's often as a result of a breakdown, loss or blow-ups that occur to change the way in which they use this power. Learning sooner than later can prevent this hard way, of transformation.

People with the hard aspect between Pluto and the Sun,  in this lifetime's lessons are about handling power and learning to leave the negative cycle in the past to be reborn from the Scorpion to the Phoenix or a more evolved soul or a more balanced and less extreme personality in which then they can do great things. 

It's important to know the only thing we can control is ourselves and our thoughts,  let go of needing to control situations and other through domination, threats or force. As Pluto transits give us exactly what we gave and Pluto teaches us to let go of control, or he will eventually make us.

 Learn to use that power in positive outlets or even the more shadow side in artistic pursuits of expression where you can let out any fear, anger or repressed emotions in a dynamic and creative way rather than out on people. 

There are karmic implications for all we do and at some point and time, we will get exactly what we gave.  Use your personal power towards your life goals and learn to take things with a grain of salt it's all passing phases and we are "what we think about most" so it's in our best interest to treat each other well, love our selves and think positive! 

See the positive side to Pluto relationships

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