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THE POWER OF PLUTO: Passion and Desire


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I know I have been writing a lot about the dark side of Pluto in relationships and this is because he does indeed have a rather nasty side when in his lower negative form, that can make one absolutely despise him! not to mention tough Pluto transits. However, the upside to PLUTO in his positive form is just plain incomparable. I haven't really spoken about the other-side to Pluto the side in which I am totally and completely "in love with" and I most certainly do not want to and cannot live without.

That is passion and depth. Pluto is necessary in my life I have most of my personal planets in a trine with Pluto. Pluto is important in his his positive form in life plain and simple. I need to clarify the bad rap I gave Pluto is for those that use Pluto's power to abuse, control or manipulate ( bad karma). 

However, his good side is far more superior than any of the other planets in my opinion, of course each has their positive and negative. I would not want a world without his his positive side. 

First Pluto is not superficial, which is something we can definitely use much less of if not a complete annihilation of since it really is base energy and we need to evolve past all base energies they are anti life and the lower vibration of superficiality is just too shallow. 

There are too many people concerned with the surface of things that we never get to the bottom, there is a lot of avoidance of responsibility or denial, likely Thanks to Neptune's bad side, ha! 

Jupiter is awesome no doubt about it and to be honest all the planets are necessary for balance each plays their role. For Jupiter he offers his happy go lucky happiness! Everything is going to be great, believe! and even gives us things we may not really deserve or haven't really worked for which is nice but doesn't really help one get in touch with their deeper inner self or allow one to grow through real life experience, which sometimes requires sadness and hard times. Believe me, I don't relish in misery but I have realized the hard times are what has made me find out who I really am, and what I'm really capable of , they have made me resourceful, strong and wise and empowered as a result. Jupiter, Rather he paints over it with positivity that much of the time, doesn't feel real or makes us lazy and even spoiled. Life isn't always Joyous and Yes I wish it was but their is no growth in that! Believe me they all have there great side but this is about Pluto's positive side so I am briefly using other planets negative side for contrast. 

Saturn will make us feel rigid and suppressed or depressed to where we don't express our needs, and live much without. You can read about the positive of the other planets in my other planet posts.

Pluto however, won't have any of this, and this is where things start to get really good. When we face our fears we empower ourselves, when we suffer we grow, much of what the positive side of Pluto wants to happen. There is really nothing that we can't do when we use our Pluto Power. Our souls yearn for depth and intensity but truly Pluto's greatest gift to us all is his intense Passion. Where would we be without "Passion"?. We could say Mars would pick up the slack but Mars is full speed ahead, pure energy not necessarily passion but energy and gust.

Pluto's good side is simply bad ass! insurmountable, indispensable and incomparable. He is Passion, desire and willpower, and determination. He is the lustful, desire that only takes place behind the scenes with a Pluto lover. The hunger and desire to connect with a another person on a deep and profound level is Pluto's territory and deep down most peoples hearts desire, he is intense experience, unforgettable.

Pluto empowers us to go after what we want and gives us the determination to follow through. Pluto provides us with passion, and depth.

Pluto can provide one with a feeling of being the most important person in the world, and loved so deeply in such a sacred way, to death do you part or to where one another are bound together soul and body.

Pluto's desire to reach the real and the profound, can infuse a relationship with great depth.The smooth and fearless approach to love, that causes us to reach deep within ourselves and focus on our desires are all brought to the surface of a Platonic Love.

Somber Saturn relationships are not my cup of tea. I don't like to focus on the day to day activities, and live in a cold or passionless functioning relationship. That's simply living, and without a lot of what living is about. I want the heat the passion, and the desire, that burns through ones veins like warm gasoline, making my heart race, simply feeling alive! Pluto provides this because he needs it too.

Pluto's Sex

Is soul baring, it's the unification of two lustful people full of desire, immensely pushing the limits on one an other's vulnerability, pouring your hearts out and building a deep bond of trust.

The two can explore the realms of utilizing sexual energy by means of tantra for example. Sexual depth and Passion feeds our souls with more than the basic run of the mill routine sex.

No other force has the power to inject the amount of courage, fearlessness, imagination, impetus, motivation and creativity than the force of sexual energy.
PLUTO is the master of utilizing sexual energy. The desire nature is not only applied to sex it is prevalent in everything Pluto does.

If we want to find our personal passions in life, we would look to Pluto and where he is stationed in our chart. Which will be covered in another post called " Finding your passion"

Pluto's depth and deep need to connect on a much deeper level allows us to get in touch with our own personal passions that may have been deeply buried or suppressed in our belief systems, upbringings or people that disbelieved in us, or disempowered us 

Pluto doesn't let go, he perseveres he has seen the dark side of human nature and is quite aware that you need to be reliant on yourself and when all else fails, you rise above it out of the ashes much like the Phoenix.

Pluto's evolution process is ultimately the state of the Phoenix. 

Watching from above takes on a much different perspective then down below in the dungeons as the Scorpion. The evolved Scorpion knows only of survival and protection. The Phoenix however, knows of his power, and uses it to obtain illumination and enlightenment through all forms of energy and connections.

The sign is which one's Pluto is located will tell us how we express our passion or what area we are passionate about. For instance someone with Pluto in Sagittarius may find that religion or philosophy, foreign travel are their passion. Of course there are other aspects and placements that apply to find out with more accuracy how this will play out.

A passionate Pluto couple couple, will merge together, care deeply for each other, go above and beyond for one another, they are aware of the reality of a love relationship, they will not deny what is there and they are not afraid to dig deeper in search of the ultimate connection heart and soul. They do however need to be aware that the intensity needs it's fuel, but must be cautious on how they go about generating it rather than through control and domination, or battle.

We need our passions to survive and to live to our fullest, we need our Pluto if we wish to experience life in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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