Saturday, March 11, 2017

Natal Moon Square Aspects

Please note: All aspect interpretations are general assuming that their are no other aspects being made to the planet. Any aspect made to the planet would alter it's interpretation.

Moon Square Sun

You might struggle between your emotional needs and your ego or pride. This aspect can cause conflict in relationships as a result of early upbringing of discord between the father and the Mother or the parents having many differences in opinions. However, this does not need to be the case, but it does indicate that in relationships you often come across a conflict between what your partners wants and needs and your own needs and desires. You may struggle with emotional sentiments or expression. It's likely you either have difficulties relating to either the masculine more aggressive nature or the feminine more supportive and receptive nature or you struggle between the two at different times. There does not need to be a struggle you should aim to balance them both by being more expressive of your inner needs and more accepting or receptive of your partners by learning that compromise and give and take is what makes long-lasting relationships. On a personal level getting in touch with your true inner needs and expression of them would be beneficial.

Moon Square Mercury

Your emotional needs often come out as a result of frustration rather than expressing them openly and with ease. It's possible that you tend to try to intellectualize them or make sense of your feelings rather than just allowing yourself to feel.  Or perhaps what you think you want is in conflict with your emotional satisfaction. You may express your emotions abruptly or without much thought as well.  

Moon Square Venus

This indicates that you may have struggled with issues with your Mother who may have needed much from you or you may have struggled with giving to others vs your own needs. This can indicate frustration with women, or difficulty giving emotionally as well as monetarily as a result of feeling as if you are always giving. You may struggle with giving too much or not enough. Emotionally you want to love but when it comes to expressing love yourself you waver between demanding you get what you need then possibly feeling bad and giving in. There is an imbalance between your needs and those of others.

Moon Square Mars

Emotional expression is often compulsive, you have a fierce temper or impatience when it comes to emotional confrontation. You are active and even somewhat aggressive by nature and need to learn to ask for what you need in a more diplomatic nature in order to reduce the drama and stress in your life. You may feel as if you are often in confrontations with others, or you feel easily frustrated or angered. Once you are upset you will likely let everyone know this. It's possible this may have started early in life with the mother, either having to defend her, protect her or protect yourself from her. Mars in hard aspect to the Moon can also indicate emotional abuse or drama in the household early on. In which you have learned to defend yourself, and stand up for yourself. However, it would benefit you to learn to express yourself in a calmer manner in order to truly be heard and taken seriously. Positively, You have much passion to pursue any goal you set for yourself and the courage to ask and go for it. Try not to overreact, to calm your mind when angered.

Moon Square Jupiter

This is a very optimistic aspect which on its downside can lead to overindulgence or an exaggeration of potentials. Yes, it's good to be optimistic and to believe all things are possible but if you do not do the work in combination then it's simply a dream. Jupiter is all about fun and celebration, and luck and in a square aspect it can be too much of a good thing, that can lead to recklessness. However, positively you are full of grand ideas, you are fun to be around and you most certainly can pick others up when down which is a very powerful attribute for you inspire and give others hope which no doubtingly can be life-changing for them. You are a benefit to humanity with this quality. You would make an excellent inspirational leader, just be sure that you don't overdo things and make sure that you set reasonable goals and follow through. If you are depressed you can't likely show it, and others are drawn to you because of your energy and enthusiasm and faith in yourself. You inspire others.

Moon Square Saturn

This aspect can be a cumbersome one, you tend to over worry or think pessimistically. This aspect indicates that you had to grow up early and were likely not given much emotional affection or understanding and as a result, it's uncomfortable for you to express your emotions or sentiments out of fear of rejection. It's important that you learn that everyone's experience is different in life and therefore not everyone will respond the way you were responded to earlier in life. This means that you often unconsciously or consciously project a cold demeanor or can be quite cold in expression in which it causes others to respond alike. Saturn is restrictive, and his goal is to make one independent and responsible for themselves, he's tough. However, if you can learn to express your feeling and emotions more freely you will have broken away from the restrictive nature and will flow much easier in life. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. You are very responsible, and possess great emotional strength but may experience bouts of loneliness in which you crave the love and affection of another but are unable to give if fully yourself which brings about much of the same and feeds the cycle. You are loved and you deserve love and affection, all you have to do is give it freely and you will get it back.

This can show lack of affection from the mother or a mother who was very business oriented and did not allow the child to simply be a child. Some were burdened with many responsibilities, and most emotional displays were regarded as childish and the parent was likely unresponsive. The child learned to be self-reliant and in some cases can be cruel or mean to others or showing little sympathy. 

For men, this can show difficulty with women and an inability to show sensitivity to others feelings. It is important to find within you the ability to show love and affection because even you need this. We all need this, in order to be our best and we get what we give. Learn to let go of emotional restrictions.

Moon Square Uranus

This aspect indicates a very independent streak, you are not one that takes well to being pinned in the corner, or told what to do. You may be a bit erratic on an emotional level between an extreme need for emotional expression, freedom and a need for closeness. You have enormous emotional energy and are likely quite brilliant. This can be the mad scientist aspect where you download too much information too quickly. Learning to accept others opinions be them right or wrong they are simply opinions and focusing on a calming of the mind such as meditation would be helpful. 

You can experience sudden emotional outbursts that may freak others out when under pressure a need for emotional control and ease of expression would be beneficial.

 This aspect can make one feel like a bee in a jar, lot's of emotional energy, and even a bit of a fidgety nature. Get out and get moving as much as possible and try to slow down a bit, one thing at a time. Make a list and follow through. 

Moon Square Neptune

This aspect can create an idealist or escapist of reality and truth. You may have a tendency to make promises you don't keep in an effort to maintain the mythical of fantasy in romance. You may have difficulty with focus or sticking with plans but would do really well in any creative field where you can let your imagination run away with you. You would benefit from learning to concentrate and to set strict schedules with to-do lists and check them off as you go. 

You tend to avoid confrontation, and may even avoid actual facts in order to avoid hurting another or to protect yourself. You are a romantic and prefer states of elation to reality, however, reality does it exist and if you don't learn to deal with it, it will come around with a wake-up call.  This is likely when Saturn makes his visit by transit to your Moon or Neptune, which can be quite painful especially after flying so high. It's important to ground yourself. Yes, believe all things are possible! but always be truthful, and face your problems head on so they don't come back to haunt you later on.

Moon Square Pluto

This aspect can be intense and there is often an aura of intensity or repressed anger surrounding this aspect. Emotional explosiveness is often a result of buried frustrations. Although you may bury them behind a cool facade underneath is likely a simmering pot of intense fear, worry, obsession or fear of being controlled. 

You need to be in control but don't realize that the only thing that we can control is our own emotions, thoughts, and actions. Learning to let go of fear or the need for power, to learn to let go of the result and not obsess about outcomes would be very healthy for you. You are prone to negative thinking or assuming the worst. 

You have a powerful ability to concentrate with great focus but are often plagued with worry and can get fixated on things and people or events. Learning to let go and let be will be important for your health and well being. Worry and obsession can make one sick faster than ever. Use your emotional power and focus for a cause that will make a difference in the world because once you find one no one can push it forward like you and will truly make the difference may want to.