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Astrology of Chiron

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. He was the son of Cronos and is represented in one's chart a wound, and how that wound allows us to empathize with another's similar wound. The person Identifies so much with an others pain and therefore can help another and often feel inclined to do so. Usually as a result of having had suffered in a similar fashion and therefore they find their healing in providing it for another they discover the necessary action needed to heal themselves through the offering of answers, suggestions, insights to another they can take the advice themselves and often do, therefore they heal themselves through healing others. 

When someone takes up a cause, the cause is often one close to home. Examples such as suffering from the loss of a loved one due to a disease. Because of the impact on the person, they find healing in offering help to others, opening organizations to help find the cure, or getting involved somehow in the solution. Whether by, starting a foundation, or similarly a Psychiatrist client visit, or a relationship between two people of any type, offering guidance, healing, and support. Where Chiron is in any of the charts it points to where the Chiron person can be hurt or suffer pain but alternatively where they can also help others and as a result bring healing to themselves. There are two sides to Chiron's life. 

First, it begins with the early abandonment of his parents, and later, him taking on the father role, guide, and teacher in the lives of youths. It was through his loss that he finds fulfillment in having close family relationships with strangers along the way teaching them, advising them.  

In synastry, the Chiron person can relate and empathize with the other person's pain and by attempting to heal the other person they find answers to their own healing. The aspects made to Chiron will foretell much about the specific pain or suffering, more specific to each individual.

Carl Jung termed, Chiron's myth " The Wounding of one's own arrow" as a state of introversion.

The idea states that a psychologist, Doctor or Analyst is compelled to treat patients because they themselves are "wounded". 

"Much research has shown that 73.9% of counselors and psychotherapists have experienced one or more wounding experiences, that lead to their "Career Choice as a healer.

The idea behind it, is the person is consciously aware of his own personal wounds, therefore, these wounds may be activated in certain situations especially if the other person's wounds are similar to his own.

If one suffers from a wound they can then speak the language, apply their knowledge and experience, empathize and offer the best assistance but most importantly take it on and find the resolution because it strikes a chord within them to do so. But also, because the person finds their own answers and healing through analyzing what another should do, An Example of this is the Orphan that grows up and opens an Orphanage or adopts children of their own.

According to Myth, Chiron has a few wounds to deal with and often Chiron in our charts also points to the same for us, (in the house that he resides) Whether we are wounded in early childhood, or later in life as a result of a damaging love relationship or other experiences such as abuse, we can see where this began. Look to where Chiron is located and aspects being made if any. 

As the story with Chiron, the first of his wounds were being a child born of rape, when his Father Cronus disguised himself in order to mate with Philyra, Chiron's Mother. She conceived Chiron and because of her inability to get over the horrific experience of that day, she ended up giving him away. 

His first wound was that of abandonment from his family. When tragedy strikes there can be good things that come from it. We see this later in Chiron's Story. It was not all bad, he had The God Apollo, raise him as his own. Not bad eh? Apollo taught him all he knew in music, art, dance, and probably even relationships since Chiron was also known for saving relationships as in the story of  He was very fortunate was adopted by the God Apollo, who raised him as his own and taught him many things like the gift of music, art, and dance. 

However, the wound of abandonment never left him he reached out to fill this by helping others. He eventually became a surrogate father and teacher and was specifically adored as this father figure by Achilles.

In the end, the pain continued, when he is hit by accident by Hercules arrow during a battle, and although by complete accident it was very tragic. The arrow in which he was hit was dipped in the poison of a Hydra. Hydra's poison had no cure, and Chiron being immortal would have to suffer infinite pain, which would have been complete torture. The story ends, when he could not heal himself and the pain was too much to bear he eventually traded his immortality in a trade for the life of Prometheus (who was chained to a rock by Zeus for stealing fire and giving it to humans).

What we can derive from the Myth of Chiron and apply to own lives is the area where Chiron resides in one's chart entails where this wound was likely surrounding. 
It could involve a betrayal of a trusted and dear one, neglect or any abandonment, or even a self-inflicted wound born out of a bad decision, that has lasting consequences.

The potential for healing comes in when the Chiron person has made many attempts to heal themselves and through their efforts, they have learned particular lessons that they can now help others with, and by doing so they also offer to heal themselves.

It is suffering that brings out our compassion for others because we know how it feels, it is through healing others that we can heal ourselves. 

It's an area that we are passionate about, knowledgeable in, and we may have already tried many methods to heal ourselves. It is this pain that brings us to become healers for others.

Healing the Wound

Ever hear the phrase " Practice what you preach"? It is often the advice we give others that we neglect to apply to ourselves. It is in the application to self of these Chiron teachings that we give to others, that hold our own healing. 

Rather than running from our pain by trying to save others, when we are hurt ourselves it would serve us and others to help ourselves, and then help others. We have the answers to heal others

Usually, where Chiron lies in our natal chart we find an area in which we are great at giving advice to others and are quite passionate about it, but we don't usually apply it to ourselves, we seek redemption through helping others, in hopes to heal our pain.

It is through our experience of sadness, pain, hurt, or lack of that we can then relate to them assistance, psychology, teaching, or simply advice that is therefore healing or enlightenment help because unconsciously by doing this we are attempting to fulfill or heal the hurt or lack within us.

In the Mythological story, he was most written and spoke of as a Great Teacher.

Chiron was notable throughout Greek mythology for his many gifts and knowledge in many areas, such as his teaching ability along with knowledge of music, art, and dance, but also with medicine, archery, hunting, prophecy and nourishing and teaching the youth. That's a mouthful!  Much of which he learned was by his fortunate adoption by his multi-talented and faceted, adopted father the God Apollo. 

He was skilled in much more and was even considered a matchmaker or relationship expert as told in the story of Peleus. The story claims that Chiron saved the life of Peleus by retrieving the Sword when Asus stole it and left him in the woods to be slaughtered by the Centaurs. 

However, it is also said that he coached Peleus on how to attract or capture the Nymph Thetis,  that he later married as a result of Chiron's advice. Making him quite the psychologist or love expert as well.

What a talent this Chiron was!  and guess what this is where we find our talents and gifts as well! The house you find Chiron in is where you have many strengths, that you can likely teach or contribute to the world or the people's lives that you cross.  

Perhaps the healing for ourselves does come through helping others but it is also by applying our own advice to ourselves.

Look to the house that Chiron lies in your natal chart, it is where you have many talents and gifts in which you can be greatly successful and an area where you are a specialist but it is because it is usually a sensitive area for you.

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