Friday, June 19, 2015


The Month the Sun Transits the 8th house, although short-lived, it can be quite a powerful time. This can be a time of personal empowerment, and transformation of all that lies below. 

During this time you are flipping the light on your cellar all that you hide within or away from you and taking a good look so that you can face these and either push them back down or deal with them. This can be internally but also through external actions or events that occur. You are dealing with issues of ego, power, and control but also your true inner desires along with any shadow parts of yourself. You are much more in touch with any suppressed feelings you may have. 

The 8th house is Pluto's house the house of transformation. Pluto is said to be an icy planet on the outside being so far away from the Sun, where it's very cold. However, recently they have found that Pluto has icy volcanoes. Perfect This is representative of our repressed or controlled emotions, that if suppressed too long can come bursting out like "ice shards" cutting to the core of all those around. Pluto has many deep energies attached to it but his proper goal is to toughen us up and to teach us about personal power used correctly,  and the protection, and freedom it allows.

If these repressed or controlled feelings, needs or emotions are not willingly brought out for release, then they will likely bubble beneath which can cause illness over the long run. We need to be true to ourselves, even our daily frustrations and aggravations can build up over time. This can be especially difficult for those that have difficulty standing up for themselves, setting boundaries with others, and not using their personal power to protect themselves and end up getting taken advantage of.

This is part of Pluto's atomic purge, what is deep inside must be released.  Pluto can not keep things suppressed for long, they will eventually burst out much like a volcano and any planet that transits this house will be forced to do so, in areas the planet represents.

You feel a deeper need to be authentic to yourself. You are much more confident and eager to get what you want. This will help you approach all situations will the intent of transforming what is not working through a better understanding of your needs and expressing them. 

It's possible something may occur to bring about this transformation or need for expression. As always with Pluto there can be a dramatic situation that occurs, power struggles, and blackmail or things but this is not always and it's not always so extreme but certainly can be. This depends on many other factors. 

Change is needed in the deeper areas of your life and particularly areas of emotional fulfillment or support. 

It's best that you think things through completely rather than acting out compulsively or with anger, should you feel pushed but most certainly express yourself and don't let anyone push you around. Remember Pluto is about personal power and used correctly you can make some very positive changes in your life.  

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  1. I have this transit in my natal chart in the same location,
    The realisation of how others fuck you over.
    I have been blind to others tactics and agenda,the exposure will come to bite others on the arse.