Friday, June 19, 2015


The Month the Sun Transits the 8th house is a time of personal empowerment. You are being asked both internally and externally to come clean with yourself about what it is you really need to feed your soul. You are much more in touch with any suppressed feelings you may have. Relationships with others become a  center point for transformation and if in a partnership or love relationship it will likely experience an overhaul or transform in a major way as a result.

The 8th house is Pluto's house the house of transformation. Things are not really as they appear with Pluto. Pluto is said to be a icy planet on the outside but below are roaring oceans. This roaring ocean is representative of our repressed or controlled feelings. We appear cool on the outside, but down below passions, fears, and anger are pushing to the top. Hense Pluto's explosiveness.

 If these repressed or controlled feelings, needs or emotions are not willingly brought out, they will be forced out and often in a compulsive or even explosive way. 

This is part of Pluto's atomic purge, what is deep inside must be released.  Pluto can not keep things suppressed for long, they will eventually burst out much like a volcano and any planet that transits this house will be forced to do so, in areas the planet represents.

This is a time to let it out, you are much more confident and eager to get what you want. This will help you approach all situations will the intent of transforming what is not working through a better understanding of your needs and expressing them. After this transit passes you will be in a new place as a result of your choice to not accept those things that are not working and promote change. 

The Sun transiting the 8th is like flipping the light switch on in your basement where you store all the things you would rather others not see.  Some can stay there because everyone has personal business they don't need to share, but others such as your real desires and needs in close partnerships as a result of being tolerating, accepting or keeping the peace, will no longer work. 

It would help to Keep in mind during transit, that the people that you are likely to let these repressed emotions out might not have any idea you felt the way you do. Remember these are repressed or hidden emotions. 

Unless you have been over it time and time again, even so it's your fault for not letting out, or for not being honest with your true inner needs.  The people in your life are only giving you what you allow, right or wrong. 

So now is the time to set the record straight and begin anew. Change is needed in the deeper areas of your life and particularly areas of emotional fulfillment or support. 

It's best that you think things through completely rather than acting out compulsively and with anger because remember these people likely had no idea what you really felt. If you were always one to be direct in the past and these are recurring themes then you also will need to learn to let go, or you only have yourself to blame.

Pent up emotions have a way of sabotaging us later, and why it's important we are truthful with ourselves about what it is we really need in order to get it and to avoid anger and frustration that is toxic to our systems. 

This transit is just what the doctor ordered and is necessary empowering and can be life changing. It's important to stand up for what we need so we don't have regrets that set us back later in life. 

This transit will help transform the areas in your life that need change.

Have you experienced this transit? How was it for you? I love to hear your experiences!

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  1. I have this transit in my natal chart in the same location,
    The realisation of how others fuck you over.
    I have been blind to others tactics and agenda,the exposure will come to bite others on the arse.