Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Fed up?! I know I certainly am during Mars transit through the down below suppressed feelings house. This is the house of Pluto and Pluto is an icy planet on the surface but what lies below is another story, there are raging waters(emotions) down there that are just bursting at the seams to come out. Well, there is no better planet to do this than Mars, the planet of War. 

You are about to clean house by means of a deep purge of any suppressed emotions,  feelings and will likely act out.

 As a result, you will want to face these things head on and directly, perhaps a little compulsively. Feelings of frustration are likely and you might feel like letting everyone have it. 

This is a very therapeutic transit although not always pleasant, especially for those that 'did you wrong' or are at the end of your wrath. 

However, if use this transit wisely and you can begin a new course getting more of what you feel you deserve. The reason is because you are going to ask for it now, or on the "not so nice side" demand it. In the very minimal deal with it. 

At first you will feel like your will is eroded, others may come up against you, your partner seems to be argumentative, or you simply feel like no matter the situation people just don't respond or seem to not care. 

Then, shortly after you build up enough frustration as a result, you suddenly feel like you want to fight back. You are then empowered but it's not the diplomatic type that surfaces it's more like a much more aggressive personality surfaces, if you want it you need to confront it, demand it or simply go for it. Which may be a result of anger or a fed up feeling, but empowered nonetheless. 

It's a good idea to direct this frustration in the most effective way. Rather than imploding, think, how would Venus the Queen of diplomacy and charisma, address these frustrations. Then apply more finesse. Also have an outlet, Exercise! especially before having any of this deep life changing conversations with people close to you.

 It will help you release "some of the steam" prior so you don't come across like an "out of control lunatic"( part of the 8th house compulsion factor). Compulsion usually leads to regret, think first and relax. Remember, these feelings were suppressed or hidden below so your target may not have any idea what's coming. 

It's great to express your inner needs! it's really the only way to get them filled from now on. Just try not to do so in a way that will work against you, it's all in the delivery and it's not always necessary to" blow it up" as bad as it may feel at this time. It will pass soon.

During the second half of Mars Transit through the 8th house, you will gain a great deal of self-confidence, empowerment, or personal power and, as a result, a stronger sexual lure. You are not one to be messed with now. Be careful about becoming too dominant and causing problems with others, your desires are strong and you want things your way. 

It is, however, an excellent time  to go after whatever it is you truly want and put an end to the things you can no longer accept. 

If you are in a relationship your desire for a deeper more authentic connection will be strong, and feelings of discontent are possible. However, on the positive if your relationship is strong you may just experience a stronger sexual nature and desire for your partner.

On a financial level, it's possible for you to receive monetary benefits or money which may come as a surprise.

You will attract strong masculine, warrior type energetic people at this time also, or people that are bold or involved in some sort of martial arts, defense, military or some other martian qualities. Someone may come into your life that has the survival qualities that stimulate your desire to fight back or be fearless.

Applying for credit cards are common during this transit and most are willing to lend, be careful about taking on too much debt as a result of the approval rate. 

Nothing superficial will satisfy during this time, you crave deeper more meaningful experiences with others.