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THE BACK ROOM: is a Private Member site. This site is powered by google and You MUST have a GMAIL email account to view this site. 

For a "one time annual fee" of $25.00 (you will NOT be automatically billed or renewed. 

Membership will cancel at the end 12 months from date of access.

 By becoming a Back Room Member you will help support this site all while gaining access to much more. Unlike other sites, I do not allow advertising or pop ups on my site, advertising and pop ups generate revenue but are frustrating to readers, I do not wish to have my readers annoyed.  

So to help support this site but not for nothing, I opened the Back Room. Please note there is a very limited amount of members allowed per year, as memberships expire there will be new openings. 

See below for more details and to become a member.

***There is limited availability every month for new members. Please look to see if I am accepting new members just below this paragraph. If the Back Room is  Full you will see a red notification stating Back Room Full. There will be a green notification that says accepting new members just below. Should it say Full you can still purchase a membership if you wish you will be added to the waiting list and sent a email invite at the earliest opening in order of received. I Look forward to seeing you there!

Current Status: ****  Accepting New Members****

Please note, shortly after purchase you will receive" an email invite to your gmail account" to log in to the Back Room. *All sales are final once email invite is sent and accepted. 

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In the Back Room- extended versions of articles, many additional specialty articles, more on Asteroids, Composites, Attraction, Love and Relationships, Finding your destiny, a Guide to Flourishing during Saturn's Transits, many special posts and articles.

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Please note this is just a small preview of the "Favorite Back Room Articles viewed by current Back Room Members. (There is much more in which you can find listed below)

  • Extended Article Reading Section: (most of my posts in the main area have extended versions: continue reading in more depth).
  •  All New Articles will be posted to Private Members Only
  •  Special XXX AREA: All about sex, attraction, chemistry
  • Asteroids
  • Additional Synastry
  • Karmic Relationships- Love hurts
  • Composites
  • 20 steps to live a illuminated life
  • How to flourish during the difficult transits
  • How to win a Saturn Venus's love
  • And so much more!