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Synastry SATURN in the Houses

Saturn in your partners 1st house

Saturn in a partners 1st house has a stabilizing effect on the house person. The Saturn person can help the house person in many ways if used positively. Although the Saturn person can come across critical or might point out the house person's flaws. The Saturn person usually has the house person's respect and, therefore, the house person may monitor their behaviors more around the Saturn person. The house person might mature or become more serious as a result of the relationship with the Saturn person. The house person might take more interest in fitness or health, or care more about how they present themselves, or look in front of the Saturn person.

 Saturn can also be suppressive or restrictive energy, so it's also possible the Saturn person can make the house person feel blocked or suppressed in their normal expression and if the Saturn person allows the negative expression to play out, they can be critical and even cruel or mean.

In areas of intimacy, there can be blockages, almost as if an invisible wall exists between the two of you. However, this is usually a good placement for a long-term relationship because both parties usually want to be perfect in the eyes of the other. 

If the house person is more immature, sloppy or flighty the Saturn person will point these things out, making the house person more aware of and probably willing to clean up their act. 

The relationship with the Saturn person is like experiencing a Saturn Transit in the 1st house for the life of the relationship. Which means you will probably improve in many ways, and become a stronger, more confident and well-managed person as a result of the relationship.The house person will feel less likely to show emotional displays to the planet person. 

This will be a serious and more traditional relationship, where the house person will learn a lot about how they present themselves to the world, and may become much more conservative as a result of their relationship with the Saturn person.

Saturn in Partners 2nd house

If your Saturn is in your Partners 2nd house, then you will help your partner manage their resources and curb their spending in order to build a stronger financial future. 

It is also possible that you may cost your partner money, but usually it is the house person that is irresponsible with money, and you have come to help your Partner in this area. 

You are likely to be much more frugal and money wise than your partner and in some cases the Saturn person finds the house person's spending habits quite foolish. 

The house person will gain much from the Saturn person such as a new found value in things, and will learn more effective ways to manage their money and will likely end up with a much better financial picture as a result of their relationship with the Saturn person.

In a marriage situation, it would be a benefit the house person having the Saturn person make most of the financial decisions and even manage the money. 

Saturn in Partners 3rd house.

The Saturn person can either stifle the house person when communicating, such as cut them off, over talk them or there may even be a language barrier, that makes communicating complicated. Or the other side, is that the Saturn person will make the house person more aware of how they communicate and may try to grow the conversations up, little small talk if any and the conversations might be short or to the point and typically about the important or serious things. The Saturn person can help the house person become a more effective communicator.  There might be frustration in communicating or a feeling of being cut off. The Saturn person may find that the house person talks too much, or may be critical of how the house person communicates. The house person will become more conscious and might find themselves monitoring what they say in fear of Saturn's criticism or unwillingness to listen. Saturn is the great teacher so the house person can learn a lot from the Saturn in areas of communication, speaking and writing.

Another thing that can happen is that the Saturn person makes it difficult for the house person to express themselves out of fear of the Saturn person, not getting it, not "appreciating it" or tossing it off as nothing or immature. Either way communicating either takes on a serious tone, or one over talks the other. It is also possible that this shows up within people that have language barriers, there seem to be blockages, seriousness or a shortage of communications with this placement.

Saturn in your partners 4th house

Circumstances surrounding living together might be complicated, you may meet while you are both unemployed, one is going through a divorce, or issues with children, blocking moving in together. Regardless of what issues you will face, being at home together will be hard earned. 

Another effect of Saturn here is the Saturn person may help the 4th house person, become more mature or help them become a much more solid personality. It is also possible that the Saturn person may at some point need to move in with the house person. If you live together, you will keep your place minimal with just the basics very austere, or living together may be complicated. In some cases, there  may be family problems or many obstacles that you need to overcome prior to living together.

Saturn in your partners 5th house

Fun and leisure may be restricted, in this relationship by the Saturn person, who might have a suppressive effect on the house person. It is also possible that the Saturn person may have children from a previous marriage that they bring into the relationship. This will be a mature love relationship, and it may be lacking in fun or spontaneity. The house person may feel that the Saturn person is too strict when it comes to having fun, or is not as spontaneous as the house person would like. 

Matters with Love, Romance and children take on a very serious tone and having a family together might be very important to the couple, but there might be many restrictions or blockers they need to overcome first.

Saturn in your partners 6th house

Your partners health and hygiene along with daily habits and routines are under scrutiny from the Saturn person. The Saturn person will help the house person, become much more responsible with diet or health, and perhaps criticize the way the house person handles their day to day activities suggesting more efficient ways to do things. The Saturn person can help the house person loose weight, get in shape, eat healthier or begin a new health regimen that can be quite beneficial to the house person.

On the positive I think Saturn fairs well in the house of routine, work, health and the day to day. Saturn likes routine and this is the house of the daily routine so, it's overall a good place for him in a relationship as opposed to the other houses.

Saturn in your partners 7th house

The Saturn person will help the house person learn how to have a real partnership or relationship. The house person will see the Saturn person as someone that they can depend on, and will take the relationship very serious. 

It is also possible, that the Saturn person may be a burden in some way, or have many different problems to where the house person might feel pressure. This placement usually is quite beneficial for both people whether in love or business in terms of commitment. You will both feel responsible for each other.  However, the relationship will not be without its share of burdens, tests, and blockages.

Saturn in your Partners 8th house

This placement can be a tough one, more than likely there will be  blockages in areas of intimacy, sharing, issues with sex and or money. The house person may not be open to sharing their resources with the Saturn person or Saturn may not be open to sharing resources with the house person. There is difficulty opening up on an emotional level and a fear of sharing particular parts of yourself and there may be sexual blockages or incompatibilities. The Saturn person may appear affectionate or distant to the house person. The Saturn person may be much more conservative in sex than the house person. 

You will likely have meaningful or purposeful conversations on a conservative level. All 8th house issues are to be handled Saturn style with class, austerity, and work. 

The Saturn person may feel uncertain or unstable in particular areas with the 8th house person in which the Saturn person will want to add order. 

Saturn in your partners 9th house

The Saturn person may suppress the house persons higher ambitions, or beliefs or sense of optimism. It is also possible that the Saturn person might have a more rigid perspective or might be more conservative or religious than the house person. It is also possible that the Saturn person might suppress the house person's beliefs or disagree with them. This can show up between two people with different religious backgrounds. The house person will feel the desire to free the Saturn person of their restrictions. Saturn is also the great teacher so the Saturn person may have much to teach the house person in areas of higher learning, philosophy, and world travel.

You both may want to refine your philosophy's together and explore more traditional ways of living. The Saturn person may try to push their personal beliefs onto the house person which is something that should be avoided.

Saturn in your Partners 10th house

The house person will probably look up to and respect the Saturn person. The Saturn person might help the house person professionally. On the negative the Saturn person may suppress the house person's ambitions. On the positive the Saturn person can help the house person pay more attention to how they come across to others, and about the importance of a strong and positive reputation to where the house person might become more conscious of how they appear. On the positive the Saturn person will help the house person in areas of public appearance, Career, and social etiquette. The Saturn person may come across as a father figure or more authoritarian to the house person which may alter the natural expression of the house person. 

Saturn in your Partners 11th house

The Saturn person may not approve or try to restrict the amount of time you spend with your friends. In some cases, one person never invites the other into their social circle and both parties tend to do things separately. Usually in good relationships the Saturn person might help the house person be more selective on whom they let into their life. The Saturn person might also introduce the house person to an older or more, mature group of friends.

Saturn in your Partners 12th house

Saturn here will either be a tremendous help to the house person by helping them become much more aware of the unconscious behaviors that may be interfering with their overall happiness or he can undermine the house person's self-esteem by using these hidden weaknesses against them.  The Saturn person might also have access to privy information that can be used for the house person's benefit or their detriment. To which side does the Saturn person belong? 


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