Sunday, November 2, 2014

Breaking up Sucks! Save your Marriage or your Relationship

Astrology can help you understand your relationship on a profound level. 

Relationships are complex in the beginning every little fault is just that, little or even considered cute. Overtime these things can take a toll and suddenly the things that were once cute are unbearable. On the other hand relationships can also suffer or instead as a result of differences and misunderstandings. Learning to understand what your partner needs and why along with what is needed grow your relationship to the next level can all be seen with Astrology and it most certainly can give you clarity, insights and answers to why your struggling, or what tests and trials you might be experiencing as a couple.
If your new to Astrology, you more than likely have no idea you that there are particular planetary transits that occur that test the strength of your relationship, test it, illuminate it and even force change if it's necessary. Many couples struggle during these transits, and knowing when these are happening can make all the difference in the outcome. 

If you are not aware of these, you are not alone only those familiar with Astrology usually are but it's important to be aware or you might end up on the losing end. 

These transits do not always break people up but if you were having problems prior chances are they will be enhanced and if not handled appropriately the relationship most certainly can come to a serious end.

For those of you familiar with Astrology: These Transits are: Saturn Square or Opposite Venus in the Natal Birth Chart of either of the individuals, this is also true for the Composite which is the chart the two of you create together. For each of these transits there are solutions at hand, but you must understand what's happening, what to do and what not to do. 

Others are Saturn Transiting the 7th, Saturn Transiting the 5th house, or Saturn Transiting the 1st house. Also included are Saturn Square or Opposite Moon which can burden the relationship and the more dramatic are with Pluto these include: Pluto Transiting the 1st house, the 4th and 7th, along with hard Pluto transits to your Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus.  These are just to name a few however if you are having relationship problems chances are any one of these could be happening. 

Of course these transits don't always spell doom to a relationship the stronger ones can make it through and even get stronger, so both charts of both people do need to be examined to find out what the root of the break up might be or the source of conflict in order to remedy the relationship.

More than likely there are problems in the synastry Chart ( the relationship chart between two people) that become enhanced by these transits. They only bring to the surface the things that need changing and knowing what these might be and what to do can save your relationship! 

If you are experiencing relationship problems chances are you are experiencing one or more of these transits. 

But don't worry, Along with every problem there is a answer and a solution, if you would like to find out more about how to save your relationship if you are experiencing difficulties please see my consultations page I will be very happy to help and you won't regret it every couple is different so the situation is personal to each.

For a consultation click here to choose your method of assistance. I truly look forward to assisting you.

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