Sunday, March 6, 2016

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations are available by telephone/Google Hangouts/ google voice or WhatsApp for international clients (it's free) for voice consultations. Let's talk! We will go through your chart, the chart of you and your partner or whatever the case to give you details on what to expect, the relationship potential, or any area in which you would like guidance. See below for types of consults.

Phone Consultation Hours.

Monday through Sunday  8:00 am - 10:00 PM Pacific Standard time extended hours for international clients. Same day appointments available if requested and based on volume. 

                                                                   $50.00 for 30 mins
  $75.00 for 1 hour 
     $120.00 for 90 Mins 

Book a Appointment it's easy, email me to set up a day and time to Title it Consultation and choose a area of interest and how much time you would like to spend.  Please note Astrology is complex so the adequate time is necessary to cover all the charts necessary for the most accurate reading. You may also instead call 818-839-1116 to leave a message to set a appointment.

"For a Relationship Analysis I recommend 1 hour min, preferably 2 hours to cover each person individually first by going through both natal charts prior to the synastry or the composite."

Consultation Types

1. Natal Chart Analysis. Psycholoigcal profile, Life Path, Karma and Destiny 

2. In-depth Relationship Analysis of the Synastry Chart + The Composite.

3. 12 month forecast predictive. Natal Chart Transits. 

4. Career and Business. What Career best suits you, when can you expect to find a job, or any Career related topics.

5. Any purchased amount of time to ask questions specific to your needs. 

Pay in advance.  For appointment priority. You will be sent a email confirmation shortly after purchase to set up a date and time, same day appointments are available please send it in your request.

                                                  Purchase a Consultation
                                                                                             DOB, Time and Location
                                                                                             DOB Time and Location 2

Got Questions? email me!  Same day appointments available please allow at least 2 hours in advance to analyze chart(s) prior to call:)

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