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Mars Trine or Sextile your Partners Sun

You are energetically very similar and you will find this a huge benefit to your relationship. You will miss much of the fuss that other couples have about one wanting to do something and the other not feeling like it. You will be a dynamic couple that is usually quite active. The Mars person will stimulate the Sun person and get them to take action. This can add quite a bit to the sexual attraction- your interaction is invigorating= vigor of course if other aspects allow. This aspect also indicates great sexual compatibility, your alarms are set for the same time.  This is a very good aspect for having a long term relationship. This adds much sexual attraction the Mars person may find they can't keep their hands off of the Sun person, and the Sun person like's it. 

Mars Trine or Sextile Moon

This is a passionately expressive relationship you will both stimulate one another which adds to the attraction. The Mars person can help the Moon person be more direct with their feelings. The Moon person will find the Mars person attention flattering. You are sexually very compatible and very passionate.

Mars Trine or Sextile Mercury

This is a very talkative or communicative aspect that will mentally stimulate both partners. You will enjoy talking about everything and anything.  You may find yourselves staying up late at night because of your similar mental curiosity. You will have similar perspectives and be equally passionate about them. 

Mars Trine or Sextile Venus

This is an excellent aspect for love and passion. If this is a romantic attraction then the two of you will find that you love each other- just the way the other likes. This aspect is a gift from the universe because there is a smooth, sensual balance between the masculine and feminine energy that is very complimentary to each other. Passion will run high and the desire for each other will be strong but stable and enduring. This is an excellent aspect for you naturally get each other and offer the other what they need with natural ease.You naturally love and express your affections with each other.

Mars Trine or Sextile Mars

Smooth sailing ahead..This is an excellent position for a love relationship because it shows you are both the same energetically, you flow together and are sexually very compatible. This aspect is good for getting along on the day to day activities over the long run.

Mars Trine or Sextile Jupiter

This is an excellent supportive position that adds a feeling that the two of you can do anything together. The Jupiter person will be very supportive of the Mars person and may help them build more confidence in the endeavors. This also indicates a great sex life together, you will feel good being together, you will both enjoy adventures or travel and love to explore and try new things together. 

Mars Trine or Sextile Saturn

There is a warm and steady passion that feels safe and secure.  You will both be dedicated and supportive to one another. This is also a great aspect to have in any business partnership or friend because you will both work very well together and enjoy doing many of the same things. Any plans you have together will likely come to fruition because you both will have the dedication, will and support from each other to make it manifest. 

Mars Trine or Sextile Uranus

You will both stimulate one and another's desire to try new things or do things in a new way. You are very supportive of one anthers uniqueness, and allow one another their personal freedoms. You won't easily offend each other since you both have a similar way of doing things. You each bring out the other's unique abilities just by being together and will feel very comfortable with just being yourself with your partner. 

Mars Trine or Sextile Neptune

This aspect adds a deep sensitivity to the sexual interaction between the couple you may feel as if you are in another realm where boundaries do not exist and you can't seem to feel the separation between you and them  Neptune brings the dream world alive and with this aspect Mars will find themselves disarmed in a boundless, and passionate love interaction. The Neptune person will bring out the Mars person curiosity in all that is unseen. This is a highly mystical sexual aspect.

Mars Trine or Sextile Pluto

Great sex, passion and just the right amount of drama, if any. You will be similar energetically. You will both be supportive of one and others ambitions and desires. 

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