Saturday, February 14, 2015


Saturn's transit in difficult aspect to Venus the Square or Opposition can bring about a drastic change in our perception. It seems to fire up the irritability and always seems to bring on feelings of discontent in both relationships and with self. We can become sharp-tongued, and inconsiderate of others feelings. Saturn takes the rose colored glasses off. If you were never wearing any then this transit won't be so harsh.
Saturn is really about perfection, convention, hard work but he peels off the layer of glamor and shows us what's really there. Sometimes what we see is not what we thought was there at all, and this can be shocking. We see faults as if they are glaring right in our face. Yes, it's an opportunity to crystallize every area of your life, because you will be much more critical and mediocre is not good enough. Saturn he's not a bad guy, he's more like a tough parent who expects perfection. However hard aspects can bring about a lot of pressure in both finances and love in our love lives. Because we aren't willing to tolerate much at this time and we feel cut off from all those light and fluffy feelings we've had.

Saturn doesn't make things easy, instead, he makes it harder. He wants you to be wise, work hard and have standards and expectations for yourself and others.  Venus is all things that bring us pleasure such as sensuality, love, and money but also helps us in relationships because we are much more pleasant with others. We charm people under her spell, we try to get along. When Saturn begins to make a hard aspect with Venus in your natal chart, you can careless about niceties, you just can't stand it anymore.  You have less tact in your delivery too, which can offend those that thought you to be different. If your relationship(s) were not equal or good for you, or you were idealizing them in some way, you see it now clearer than ever. In all truth, though this transit can make you overbearing, nitpicky, critical, unhappy and impossible to be around and what's more is you might not even realize it or notice it yourself, but I assure you others will.

If you are in a relationship prior to this transit chances are you will unconsciously or consciously push your Partner /relationship right out the door. You can become cold, nitpicky, and may even need space. You will likely even test your partner beyond what any person might take. Whether it's to test the love of your partner or because you feel too much pressure or you are just seeing things negatively, you won't be a whole lot of fun to be around. 

It's important to wait to see how you feel after the transit if possible, to avoid making a mistake. However, this is known as one of the infamous breakup transits and I have seen it more times than not be the case. Even if only temporarily but many times, it's permanent. If you were unhappy prior to this transit, then you will really be unhappy during this transit, and will likely want out. If you have had difficulty leaving the past behind you won't now.

On the positive, if you have been overly accepting of bad treatment and need to get out of a dysfunctional relationship this transit will help you do it. Along with ridding yourself of other unhealthy relationships.

On a financial note, It is also known to slow down money, which most certainly contributes to one's overall frustration. Whether it's your partner's money or your own, you are unable to fill your needs as lavishly as might have been used to prior to this transit. 

This transit tests your relationships which actually is a very good thing, but not if you are being unreasonable during this time just to test peoples feelings for you. If you decide to cool down a bit that's fine just watch for the tendency to push your relationship right out the door if that's not what you really want.

If you manage well you will both pull through and probably grow even stronger. If the relationship is based on any illusions, those will clear away, but also so will much of the good Saturn has a way of making things feel dull.

The key to this transit is to realize that this transit serves to test the validity of your relationship(s), but also that you are testing your relationships. Think things through or take a break before making any rash decisions, there is a possibility that you can destroy a perfectly viable relationship as a result of your cold and extreme behavior change, irritability and irrational demands. 

Yes, this transit can be brutal and a very difficult one but awareness always makes a difference.

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