Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 2015 Mercury Retrograde: Aquarius

Don't put things on hold or avoid doing things because as often as Mercury Retrogrades you will be avoiding a lot of time in one's life and that is just none sense. This is a opportune time as is such with all Retrogrades, and we should be happy they are here.  Rewinding can be strange and even uncomfortable, things can feel out of your control and even fated. All areas of our life can be affected and depending on where Mercury is transiting for you, you may experience setbacks, break ups, confusions but nothing is in stone during Rx's we are being allowed  a re-do, just think it all through first. Yes, Mercury Retrograde can cause some frustration as the time roles back, rewinds or whatever you want to call it. 

To some they don't experience any of the setbacks, communication issues or technical difficulties and others are plagued by them. It really depends on Mercury's state in your own chart and the house he is turning back in. What you can expect is a opportunity to fix or redo things for a better outcome. Mercury Retrograde although it's said is not a good time to sign contracts, I have signed many and have had very good results. However, the results were not so good for the other people I signed with but I ended up with a much better deal. I also bought a new car during Mercury Rx, for a ridiculously good price, in which I had no problems. However, I also had my computer break, phone break, all sorts of technical problems but really it was just pushing me to replace what needed replacing. So I see Mercury Retrograde as a opportunity. Perhaps it's because I have a stellium in the 3rd house ( Mercury Ruled) which includes Venus and Jupiter, but as I said things did break and I have experienced many technical difficulties. I guess I consider it good, because it always turned out for the better I ended up with new and better, so in the end it was very positive. 

However, Mercury is not just about contracts and cars it's also about communications, so it's also a excellent time to make those calls you have been meaning to, patch things up and have those uncomfortable conversations, rethink problems and come up with solutions, make new plans, refinance, and evaluate the way you have been communicating and if it has been working for you or not and if there is anyway you can improve.

Another Retrograde effect is past issues, or past people simply the retrograde itself (the action of moving backward) insinuates this (although not technically but optically) Nonetheless people, things and issues come back or opportunities arrive to revisit what these things are depend on the house he is in. I had 3 ex boyfriends contact me during Mercury R-xing across my Venus in the 3rd, that I hadn't heard from in years. I usually experience past events reoccurring, and I know many others that do to. I think the main thing to think when a Planet goes Retrograde is to see it as a opportunity to redo or make something better. You will have a chanced to think things through and come up with a better way. The confusion and the mix ups in the process may be frustrating but stick it through it a lot can be accomplished. Retrogrades are magical we need to seize the opportunity to take advantage of these times and make the most of them. 

See: planets retrograde through the houses or Mercury Retrograde for more.

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