Sunday, January 13, 2013


Listen to the audio special on Saturn's transit through the 1st here.

So, you finally made it out of the elusive, confusing 12th house, and are now going to focus on " Becoming" the best possible version of you. While the 12th house experience varies for each person, so does the Transit to the 1st house. 

Some experience the 12th house, as a "vacay "away from it all, nothing seems to go anywhere and you feel as if you're drifting at sea. As you purge parts of you that have been unhealthy or bad for you in the 12th, you are making a path to pursue all your dreams with full throttle ahead. (see: Saturn through the 12th for more) As Saturn nears your Ascendant, you ask yourself. Who Am I?, Who do I want to be? Where will I make my mark in this world? Worldly success and approval from others may become much more important than you ever thought it would.

Saturn is the taskmaster, the builder, he makes things stronger, durable and successful.  As wonderful as this sounds, it's not so easy, or everyone would easily do so.

Sometimes it takes a "reckoning" for us to rise above and take on the task, which is" hard work" and focus on getting things done. For the many that have been putting others first, this can be a real eye-opener. Since, there is no time, to waste you will likely feel the pressure, it's now or never, but what to do? 

If you used the 12th house appropriately, you should have gotten rid of some skeletons, and purged many of your "hidden fears" both real and imagined, all the things that may have been holding you back in the past. 

Now, As Saturn approaches your Ascendant you feel that those things can no longer exist, and you will put them to rest or let them go. You feel as if there is something that needs to be done, a new way of doing things, a new purpose, new relationships and a new and better life is waiting. 
This sense of something needs to be done, will be powerful. It's exactly what you need to get off your ass and do something about it. However, Saturn is the Judge, during this time, he may like to rub in your face, all the dumb things you have done, or he will force one to take a long hard look at themselves, for who they really are. 

Saturn's scrutiny can make you feel bad, but the key is to use this to make yourself better. Anyone that grew up with a strict parent that was low on affection and full of criticism will be familiar with this energy. Often the parents that behave this way, say it's " for your own good". this is the same with Saturn, it's for your own good. Although, most of us would like to stick our head in the sand and avoid this process, especially those that are Neptune inflicted. The truth is, when we do this, we are only fooling ourselves, the truth be told. So although we tell our selves it's not true, the truth is still out there. 

Each person's experience will be different, and much depends on other aspects with Saturn in their chart. I have known many to accomplish a lot during this time, and others that felt as if they were just getting by, however extremely busy. Regardless the busy part seems to be consistent with all experiencing this transit. There is no doubt you will need to work hard during this period, there is no slacking allowed. 
This is great, You will be working on YOU. This includes Your physical appearance, health, and personality but also who it is you want to be. Your place in the world becomes very important

Keep in mind, Saturn as hard as he is he wants you to succeed, and tough love is his way of getting you to do so. 

So first things first, If Saturn is in your 12th house now, then your ahead of the game and need to prepare. Saturn rules the skeletal system so often the onset of body pains and aches come on. This is mostly if you have not been taking proper care of yourself. Exercise and taking calcium and magnesium supplements will help a lot if you get started early. The onset of this transit many have said they feel tired and achy. However, I have known a quite a few that have actually gained a ton of energy had difficulty sleeping because of the overactive mind during this time. They said they felt a sense of urgency to their life. Taking better care of yourself will be a necessity. 

As you become, much more serious in mind, you will be much wiser with your time. Fun just doesn't seem to do it anymore, you need more. As with all the transits, we know they are tested and they serve to make our lives better and to teach us lessons. This transit is no different, but the focus becomes on the individual.

 I don't like to talk about myself personally, but the last time I experienced this transit, I accomplished so much, I started a new company and gained much respect from people in authority. People seemed to put their faith in me more readily, I have Saturn Quintile my Sun in my natal. I lost some friends during the process, but they really did need to go and I was actually quite relieved. My Aquarius Sun and Neptune in the 1st was eager to be friends with any and all, and I picked up quite a few users in the process. Well, During Saturns Transit to my 1st, I had a rude awakening when I realized all the toxic people I let into my life. 
 In the years that I have been studying Astrology, this was one of my favorites to watch first hand. It is like a complete makeover of a person. I have seen people completely transform for the positive. I have seen some of the more "free spirit's" go completely conservative, changing their image completely toned down and more proper. It was quite astonishing, they appeared much more contained, polished and confident. Honestly, looking really good! Many lost weight and got into really good shape. The focus became on being respectable and admired. The transformations were all quite astonishing. 

The key to this transit, and it's easier said than done, you need to lighten up and not be too hard on yourself. 

 Everything in balance, and being aware of the fact that this transit will make you critical, is actually the "key" to not being so. 

We have free will, so use it during this transit. Realize that this transit is trying to help you crystallize your personality and who you want to be in this world. This is a very good thing, and although you may have to work hard, the rewards will be everlasting. 

Listen to the audio special on Saturn Transiting the 1st house. Here

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