Friday, January 11, 2013


ARIES-This is a fabulous month for you to establish yourself and accomplish your wildest dreams. You are likely to be quite ambitious this month possessing a extra fuel pack to burn through anything standing in your way. People will take notice of you this month, and this extra fire you possess. 

Others will look up to you and even admire your tenacity and fearlessness. You are one to be fearful anyway, you always plunge into the unknown believing all will work out fine, and this adds to your luck. 

Although it's beginning this month, much more of this extra energy will be obvious more towards the end of January, 2015. However, they are kicking in now, and you have a while to ride this wave into maximum accomplishment.  

Another highlight will be around intimate relationships, sexuality finances and emotional control. You might be tested this month in this areas, so it's important that you don't let this extra energy come out in the negative and impel unnecessary drama. 

Don't give in to the desire to make issues out of things that you would normally tolerate. Now is the time, to use energy productively. Put it into correcting finances, or tax issues or take a new approach to sex with your partner, bend and curve with the energies don't fight them, and find fault, rather focus on the solution and make the necessary changes. 

Strategize a overall financial plan this month, you can make great strides in fixing any financial issues now. Get serious about your money.

Also, if you have any bad habits that you have been wanted to eliminate, you will have help this month. Be honest with yourself about what you want in your life and what you don't and be willing to  let go of things that are bad for you. You will feel much better, and have more time available to do the things that are good for you.

Helping you along is Neptune's direct motion mid-month, giving you a real sense that you are not a victim of your fears, guilty feelings, and past. You can take steps to use your increased imagination and compassion in positive, constructive ways. 

Also beginning mid-month, you develop a stronger taste for expressing yourself freely and spontaneously, and the last week of November cements this. You will feel very confident in your abilities and will want to take even more new risks that you already do. Breaking out and becoming authentically you and caring less about what others think will serve you well now. You are a innovator a risk taker by nature, now you are being doubly supported to be exactly what you are. 

Reach far and wide this month, and take charge of your money, focus on personal freedom through trying new things, taking a new approach making beneficial changes in your life style but also sticking to any of this positive changes made. A new you is emerging, which will help take you to the next phase in your life.

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