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Synastry: Pluto Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Planets

Pluto Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Sun

This can be the most powerful relationship you have ever experienced if both of your are mature enough to handle this energy. However, it's no easy energy to handle and many often fail. As a result, the relationship often ends and when it does it's in a highly dramatic and extremely painful way. If the relationship ends you will not likely remain friends, and it will most likely be unrepairable.  Pluto's energy is extreme, and pride is usually his fall.

 In it's negative the Pluto person can undermine the Sun person, try to control them through underhanded tactics, or manipulation. Pluto is subtle so you do need to pay attention. Pluto's need to transform is where the problem really lies. In a relationship-no one wants to be transformed, well not in a negative way and with this aspect it is very possible. 

It's important for the Sun person to not play games with the Pluto person. Pluto can be passive aggressive so you do need to be intuitive. 

The Pluto person may turn every disagreement into the end of the relationship in order to get the Sun person to give in. This resistance that Pluto puts up and his ability to be cold and withdrawal is what usually brings the worst out of the Sun. 

When the Sun person feels Pluto will never come back. This is not the case it is often a tactic, to get the Sun person to submit. Power and control are big issues with this placement so if you start to see signs, it's best you end the relationship.

 If you are both mature and resist the urge to play psychological games with one another and don't draw out each others uglier side, then the level of depth the two of you can reach will be like no other.  

The Pluto person has deep insights into the Sun. The Sun loves the way Pluto person is so interested and even obsessed with them. However, may not realize the love inferno included and may enjoy pulling Pluto's desire out of him. 

This is not wise, and immature, that is why this position requires maturity. This goes for both Pluto and the Sun. There is something about one another that draws out the others darker side.  Pluto is subtle, and by no means direct. At first the Sun feels adored, by the Pluto's extreme interest in the Sun. 

Alternative description of Pluto Square Sun

Pluto Square or Opposite your Partners Moon

This is a tough one because Pluto may want to control the emotional expression of the Moon. As a result, the potential for many heated conflicts can arise. You both will need to be careful of projecting your fears onto the other. Learn to let go of the need to control one another out of fear of loss. Giving in to manipulative tactics to keep anyone attached to you rarely works out in the long run and often pushes them away. It is important to accept your strong emotions and learn to profess them in direct, yet gentle ways (in order to open up the honest communication) which are very needed with this aspect. 

There will be a lot of intense feelings that surface and need to be handled with care. If you can work through your emotions and learn to work together rather than attempt to control the other, you will both have a lot to offer one another and will enjoy the honesty and intensity this aspect wants to bring forward.

Pluto Square or Opposite your Partners Mercury

This aspect indicates communication can often lead to arguments because one or other tends to communicate defensively or can be bossy or demanding. The Pluto person needs to watch for the tendency more so than Mercury unless the Mercury person has aspects with Pluto. Passionate arguments and drama are possible with this aspect. It would help if you both learn to appreciate one another's differences rather than challenge it or overpowering one another. 

If this is the case then the Ego has taken over, and really has no place in a loving relationship and should be realized and put to a end, if you wish to have a peaceful loving interaction instead of a battlefield. Realize it is not so important to be right, sometimes just letting the little things go, brings much more happiness in the long run.

Pluto Square or Opposite Your Partners Venus

This aspect generates a lot of attraction, that is very often mutual, however, Pluto wants Venus and usually his way of testing her love can be very dramatic. However, the problem is Pluto may not be direct about how he feels, and may actually show the reverse as if he does not care. When the Venus person brings it up, Pluto will likely explode and leave the scene, making Venus feel abandoned. This is Pluto's way of getting Venus to be a bit more obedient. If Venus disagrees Pluto blows up and leaves. This usually works initially but after time, it burns the relationship out. Pluto needs to be direct about how he feels to avoid all the drama and pain that is very likely with this position. If a relationship is formed both parties need to be wary of power struggles and Pluto is usually the one to start them. The Venus person needs to not engage in playing games with Pluto or trying to make him jealous because his stinger is venomous.

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