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Your Drive, Aggression, Ambition, Sex, and Energy
Mars Square or opposite your Partners Sun

This position can either enhance the sexual attraction or cause a great deal of aggravation which will really depend on how evolved both people are. The Mars person exerts a strong will and may inadvertently leave the Sun feeling bossed or pushed around. 

Both people have different approaches to expressing themselves and if they are not aware of this and learn to be patient with each other it may lead to many heated arguments. 

If both people realize to accept the fact that each of you may have a different perspective, energy level or way of doing things and learn from one another rather than trying to force or change the other then this can be a rather stimulating aspect.

The relationship no doubt will be invigorating and active. The Mars person can help the Sun person take more initiative in their life. There may be a competitive spirit between you, and that's Ok, just don't push it too far. Try being tactful, and supportive rather than aggressive and argumentative, for it will likely destroy the relationship over time.
In the positive, this can be a highly invigorating aspect that causes a great deal of attraction and stimulation. The Mars person will get the Sun person to take action.

Mars Square or Opposite Your Partners Moon

The Mars person may be too brash or insensitive to the Moon's feelings. More often than not, this aspect causes hurt feelings and usually for the Moon.

 Mars is the warrior planet and the Moon is sensitive. This basically shows a tremendous difference in emotional temperament. 

The Mars person can unconsciously pick at or say hurtful things whether in "joke" or intentional which leaves the Moon person feeling hurt.  

This aspect, however, does create a strong attraction in which the Mars person might be a bit aggressive with the Moon person. Perhaps the emotional banter or fights play into the sexual attraction which contributes to the fabulous "Makeup sex".  

Mars Square or Opposite Your Partners Mercury

This aspect shows a difficulty in communicating, arguments are likely with this aspect but can be avoided with awareness. 

The Mars person will need to watch for dominating conversations, and forcing their ideas on the Mercury person or cutting them off and over talking. This does indicate lot's of communication but just be mindful of imbalances or a tendency to force opinions by being aggressive, impatient or insensitive to each others mode of expression and ideas. 

 You both may have different ideas or ways of communicating in which you both can learn from each others perspective, there is no need to always be right. 

The Mars person in the positive can help the Mercury person speak up more and may also stimulate new ideas in the Mercury person.

Mars Square or opposite their Partners Venus

This is a rather feisty pair! First of all the attraction is usually very strong and instant. If it's the opposition it seems to work VERY WELL because you both have what the other wants. 

The square can be irritating because you will have great difficulty meeting in the middle of most things. The way Venus shows love and affection are in a way that the Mars person isn't fond of. 

The Mars person isn't likely to show love and affection the way the Venus person wants either. You both have strong personalities and are stubborn in your ways and have very different needs, likes, and desires. 

Sexually this aspect causes a  great deal of passion and attraction initially, but like all fires, if constantly fueled they can burn to an inferno. Don't  push each other too far, love is not a competition.  

Mars Square Your Partners Mars

This can be extremely invigorating or quite the contrary, beyond annoying. As always this depends on aspects of Mars in the individual's charts. 

Sexually this is not the best aspect but it's not the worst either. Mars rules our energy including sexual energy and you two are energetically very different. 

This position also reflects a competitive energy between the two of you, that can lead to much discord. It could be as simple as one wanting to do something or go somewhere and the other wanting to stay home, too completely different interests, needs, and desires.  

If you are both mature and flexible, you can both learn a lot from each other by means of expressing yourselves and trying new things.

Mars Square or opposite your partners Jupiter

The two of you have fun together and are probably very active you both like to do things in a big way. This is a great sex aspect, you will be adventurous in the bedroom. The level of ease, optimism and excitement will be unusually high. 

You will like to try new things together and will have a lively active sex life for sure. There is an expansive feel to your interaction where you might feel more confident and open with each other. 

 You stimulate each others desire to experience new and exciting things. Being together longer might provoke a more daring nature in one another.

Mars Square or opposite your Partners Saturn

This one can be a total drag if it plays out negatively. However, in the positive Saturn can help Mars refine or solidify his plans. 

The Saturn person might find the Mars person too irresponsible, or energetic, and the Saturn person might end up being critical and having a suppressive effect on Mars.
This all depends of course on other aspects within the natal chart of both people. Generally, this plays out as the Mars person having different plans than the Saturn person has for him. 

Or energetically they are both very different. Always with hard Saturn, there is a reluctance or a feeling of being held back, criticized or suppressed from Mars. 

 There may be difficulty connecting with each other on a physical level. If this is romantic then Sexually this can make sex awkward, structured or limited.  

This aspect causes attraction because the Mars person either admires the Saturn person and sensors their behavior to appeal to the Saturn person at first, but over time it will have a suppressive effect or a feeling that you are just unable to connect. 

This is good in a business relationship or where one is the others, coach, teacher or manager because the Saturn person can help the Mars person become more aware of their actions and help them bring their plans to fruition.

Mars Square or Opposite your Partners Uranus

The Uranus person will open the Mars person up to new ways of doing things. Both these planets are pretty adventurous or courageous so this relationship will be very stimulating.
The Uranus person will enjoy pushing the Mars person to new levels of excitement, helping the Mars person become less reserved and much more expressive. 

This is a highly stimulating position but has its pitfalls. The Uranus person can push the Mars person too far out of their comfort level, or the two of you might not know where your limits are. 

However, Mars is not about to be pushed around, so it can also be that the  Mars person tries to hold Uranus back or Boss him around which is a very bad idea. (See: Uranus article for more

The two of you will want your way, but if you both are open to the others ideas you will find that you both invigorate each other and can experience new and exciting things. 

The Uranus person might get so wrapped up in the thrill of things, that the Mars person finds it difficult to maintain. Or if the Mars person is an earth or water sign they might not appreciate Uranus's instability. This interaction will be highly stimulating nonetheless.

Mars Square or Opposite your Partners Neptune

This romanticizes and sensitizes sex and intimacy so much that the intimacy between the two often feels otherworldly. It could be that the Neptune person does not see the Mars person as they really are, or that the Mars person idealizes the Neptune person or vice versa. Nonetheless, in a romantic situation, this adds a great deal of romance and magic but negatively could also point to idealizing, sneaky behavior or not seeing each other's actions clearly or a tendency to overlook real issues for the sake of keeping the peace.

Mars Square or Opposite Pluto

This is a very hot aspect for it brings out intense passions and desires, BUT along with this, can come drama and discord. All aspects play out multiple ways and it really depends on the maturity of the 2 people along with aspects in their own individual charts. I have known many that had a successful relationship with this aspect but just as many that ended horribly and why I say it depends on the individuals and how they handle power. If both are mature and don't have issues with power or control, to begin with within their own natal chart then this aspect can be positively challenging, and passionate, although quite possessive. 

The danger is when the two disagree and how they handle their anger. If one or the other has issues with having to have their own way or issues with control then this aspect can bring about intense fighting and disagreements and at it's worst, abuse. 

This usually shows up in the synastry when both people have strong personalities and perhaps even controlling tendencies on their own. This can turn into antagonizing, nit-picking and eventually explosive relationship if both are not made self-aware of any of these tendencies. They will need to apply diplomacy, love and care instead of power and will.

It is important to take this position seriously and to not argue or disagree for the sake of being right. The ego is being called into question, is it really important to always be right? or challenge, push and aggravate the other?

The Pluto person needs to watch out for trying to control the Mars person and the Mars person needs to do the same. 
However, if both people are evolved enough to know, that getting along requires understanding and encouragement, then this position is one of the hottest sexual aspects around and encourages much activity in this area.

Both people are immensely attracted to one another's confidence and ability to stand up for themselves. However, what attracted the two of you can end up repulsing you when it becomes a constant battle to get along. 

Both planets are sexual, powerful and aggressive. This is pure libido, you might not be able to keep your hands off of them.  

The attraction is usually quite powerful if other aspects allow and there is a mutual attraction to some degree. see also: Mars Pluto for even more but much the same. Very intense aspect.


  1. Really dont understand this. In this site... i see Mars opposite and square or trine and sextile, where is the conjunction?

    1. As you can see my site is under construction and not anywhere near complete:( I am so busy with readings and my book that I haven't had much time but am adding and updating a lot in the middle when I can. The Conjunction is similar to Square it can be very stubborn but also passionate and indicate string physical attraction as well.

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