Monday, December 2, 2013


Moon in hard aspect to Neptune produces a longing for the ultimate life experience in love, one of perfection and bliss. You long for the ideal and perfect life. You are very sensitive to the currents of life and the feelings of others. You are compassionate and care a great deal about what other's think of you. Your deep sensitivity causes you to avoid any type of confrontation so you tend to avoid pain rather than dealing with it head on. You can escape the pains of the world by pretending they don't exist or by blocking them out. You need to protect yourself because of this extreme sensitivity for you can easily fall into depression.  In love you are romantic and sentimental, but you may also avoid problems by glossing over them which later prove to be much more problematic. This can leave you with feelings of being disillusioned or betrayed when in actuality you turned a blind eye or wished it away. The power of the mind is strong and we choose what we want to remember, and what we don't. The memory never slips away but is much like a balloon immersed in water, it constantly pops back up. Although we wish not to deal with the pain it is best that we do, to put it away once and for all. You may have confusion understanding what it is you actually feel. You may have fears of abandonment due to the fact that your mother or mother figure was elusive, or pre-occupied, confusing, or non-attentive. You learned to live in your head, the world of dreams and fairytales.  You have such high expectations in love that it is very difficult for you to fill them, a constant longing still exists. When problems arise you will gloss over them, or avoid talking about them by laughing or changing the subject. You may have difficulty making out your emotions and you can cling to a relationship that is not working for the sake of having one. This is part of the fulfilling prophecy of this aspect called: t divine discontent. You can be very elusive when it comes to expressing your emotions and you are a queen or king of avoiding conflict to the point that you actually gloss over things and push them under the rug in an effort to not deal with them at all. Because you are so highly sensitive you protect yourself by dissolving any beliefs that harm you whether there true or not. There is a lack of dealing with real emotions and real everyday problems. You dream of the perfect world and the perfect lover but are unsure of what this person would actually be like. 

 On the downside, in love avoidance can be the majority of your problems and some Astrologers have linked Neptune Moon to avoidance disorder, which is a lack of dealing with real feelings and therefore you miss the lesson from learning from them.

You tend to avoid situations that might trigger strong emotions (for example addressing a conflict with your partner); smiling/laughing when you feel angry, sad or fearful; you find it difficult to spend time by yourself; you struggle to rest your attention in the here-and-now; you need to be in control; you change the subject when uncomfortable; you feel uncomfortable in moments of silence with others; you don’t want to cry in front of others; you don’t allow yourself to show others your anger; you move away from others when you feel emotional; you feel uncomfortable around people who are displaying strong emotions; you have resentments. You have learned to nurture yourself by denying pain, or pretending it never existed.

Self Help tips:

Avoiding what we are feeling is like holding beach balls under water – it consumes energy and its hard work! As we learn to turn towards our emotions and welcome them – we discover something quite revelatory – that all emotions are like waves - they rise, reach a crescendo and then dissipate. By allowing this process to unfold, we not only receive the message of the emotion and the energy liberated from the emotion, but we move more fully into Presence and aliveness. Welcoming and working with your emotions is an art that once learned has the potential to transform your health, your lives, and relationships.

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