Monday, December 9, 2013


The 8th house is a powerful deep psychological and sexual house, also known as the house of extremes and intensity. It draws out such deep feelings and as a result compulsive behavior.

 It's the psychological dungeon where we store all things we try to forget or the things that cause us fear, it's an intense house where fears loom large.

 It holds all things hidden away or blocked out, things taboo, family secrets, and our psychological inheritance, and is not a light nor superficial house. It is also the house of intimate sharing and the sharing of resources.
See description of Pluto for more.

When you're Mars or your Partners Mars falls in the 8th house in synastry. This produces a strong desire to enter into the deep realms of the hidden and psychological needs of each other. Sex is a strong focus for the both of you and will likely be quite racy, and passionate. You will find that you both can reach new heights in intimacy.

The Mars person will stimulate these areas in the house person you may both enjoy exploring many secrets, darker or more taboo subjects such as conspiracy, or secret societies. The Mars person may also push the house person to explore their true sexuality and the deeper meanings in life. You may both also be interested in esoteric knowledge, magic or the occult. 

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