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Physical attraction is a large part of synastry and whether or not a couple that has great synastry will become great friends or become insatiable lovers depends on whether or not the attraction is mutual. When one might be very attracted to his or her choice, the others response may be repulsed, indifferent. just not interested or just as attracted. 

Yes, it stinks when it's one way, it stinks bad. However, just because you don't have the mutual attraction aspects it does not mean you are "doomed" there are other things one can find attractive about someone.

The first step: Learn about your desired's needs in love.

Learning what makes your crush or partners world spin would be a great idea.  You can do this by first taking a look at their Venus Sign and What house it's in. Also take a look at aspects made to her. Venus will tell us about how they are likely to behave in a love relationship along with what they look for in a relationship, along with what they are attracted to and what brings them pleasure.

You can add to that the Moon and Mars sign, read about these signs and get an understanding of the effects in combination. This gives you an advantage, you now have a choice to project these qualities or appeal to their needs and attract them. 

This is just a very tiny piece, though, but it's a good place to start. 

The best possible to get a complete understanding, all aspects need to be considered and why aspect by aspect can really only tell part of the story or the possibilities if other aspects allow.

 For example: even though the person you have a crush on has a compatible Mars or Venus sign with yours, if the Moon and Sun sign are at odds, then it can add complications. You also need to consider other aspects being made to both Venus or Mars, and, of course, all other planets. 

Another example would be if your crush or partner has Venus in Gemini, you would think this person would be talkative and sociable in love especially if  Mercury is making aspect to this Venus, communicating would be pleasant between the two. However, if the planet making aspect to this Gemini Venus in the natal chart is Saturn, then the person may not be all that expressive at all, or would have a more serious nature and perhaps a even critical tone.

That is just one small example and this goes for all planets in the signs, we must also look at the aspects. That is why if you really want the clear picture, all things need to be considered.

For a Relationship Analysis that will cover all these probabilities (You would need  their birth-time), you can order one from here.)  

If you're desired treats you as if you are invisible,  no matter how obvious you make yourself,  they don't just react on their part, then at least if you understood more of what they like, you may have a better chance of grabbing their attention.

Physical Attraction is not the only reason why two people fall in love, but it is one of the fastest routes and can sometimes override some of the lesser compatibilities, although not usually for the long run.

Physical Attraction and Chemistry here are some of the most powerful aspects that indicate Physical Attraction.

All aspects from Venus to an others Ascendant show attraction, (including the hard aspects) however the harder aspects may have difficulties over the long run. 

The easier aspects add a beauty and grace to the relationship, you both will be diplomatic, appreciative and romantic. Venus does not like to fight, she prefers to get along, being the ruler of Libra it makes sense. She understands partnership, and when we see Venus in synastry it shows, our ability to partner and our willingness to make it work.

( As always This is the best if aspects go both ways but is not necessary.)

Love for their mind

Of course as always there are other aspects that can make someone attracted your mind (Mercury good Aspects) Mercury Conjunct, Trine, or Sextile your Partners personal planets are amazing for getting along. 

You both enjoy talking to one another and appreciate one another for their mental gifts " Intelligence". You will likely say the person is smart to others. That's sexy.

If you have both these you are in good, however, there are many aspects to take  into consideration in each others natal chart as well.  Other aspects may prevent some of the better one's from playing out. For some of these See: Astrological Love Blockers

Assuming you don't have any of the blockers, then here are some additional aspects that show attraction to one another.


Planets in each other's First house

This causes a great deal of attraction on many levels, you both enjoy mirroring yourselves in one another. You are a lot alike", you get along really well. You have the similar energy, so you will enjoy doing things together at the same time". That's a biggie".  Venus in your partner's 1st house shows they are attracted to you and that they make you feel understood and appreciated.

Venus Conjunct, Trine, or Sextile your Partners Ascendant

( ideally double whammy or both ways)

This is an indication of immediate attraction as well as long term attraction so this aspect is very favorable.  Both parties are usually mutually attracted. The Venus person is apt to see the Ascendant person as very attractive, and there will be a strong physical attraction as well. The Ascendant person will usually find the Venus person very attractive as well, however, it is preferable of the Venus Ascendant aspect are both ways and in an easy aspect with each other. This is similar to the effect of Venus Sun positive Aspects which means you find no flaws with each other.

Venus Conjunct, Trine or Sextile your Partners Sun

This one is hard to beat again the double whammy is preferred both ways. This is one that is I think is the best aspect in attraction, simply because you don't see each others faults and you just plain adore each other. You both find each other beautiful or handsome and it doesn't seem to fade over time.

Venus Conjunct, Trine or Sextile your Partners Moon

This is similar to the Venus-Sun but much more emotional but when you love one another, you just gotta get physical. This is a very strong attraction factor and produces great chemistry between the two.

Sexual Attraction Indications

Mars in your Partners 1st house

This is especially true if it is the woman's Mars in the Man's 1st house. However, one of the 1st aspects must apply for this sets off the sexual aggression and desire quite strongly if there is a mutual attraction to each other. The Mars person will tend to be the aggressor, and won't be able to keep their hands off the other. Strong sexual energy with this one. However, it is important that they have some nice aspects or it can come across in the opposite and aggression and aggravations, arguing and physical fighting. Let's hope it's the Woman's Mars and there is the mutual attraction.

Mars-Pluto Aspects ( All)

This makes no difference who is Pluto and who is Mars and it also makes no difference whether the aspect is hard or fluent, although fluent makes it less competitive and aggressive. There is something about two sexually energetic planets making an aspect to another that can put all the other sexual aspects to  shame. This is a carnal desire and want, and it is constant. Until one of you piss each other off to no end, with a hard aspect, but even then...

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