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South Node placement in Leo.

 Leo is all about feeling royal, receiving praise and attention, admiration or to be the center of it all. Leo's need to shine and prefer the spotlight. In the negative they can be demanding, arrogant, self-centered, boastful and even inconsiderate of others. 

What Leo's can learn from their opposite Aquarius is that need to be consciously aware of the fact that others are rarely happy for other people's success. People are surprisingly jealous and why the evil eye came to be which projects the negative energy of jealousy onto the boastful.

Being boastful is not in one's best interest. Others can easily become quite envious, jealous, spiteful or even vengeful. 

What your North Node ( Aquarius) is telling you is you need to learn to pass the praise to others, because in doing this you are attracting admirers, fans and the approval of others which is truly what you want anyhow. 

Your North Node in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of Humanity and the people. Aquarians are known for being the cheerleaders of the Zodiac, they care about the masses of the people. They are good at helping people find their talents and usually very happy for them in the process. Aquarians build fewer enemies than any of the other signs because of this and gain much support on their endeavors. 

This is not to say they do not secretly desire fame or fortune, which many may obtain it. It shows they are aware of having the many or the group, on your side as opposed to the many against you. 

People that are self-centered, arrogant or boastful tend to develop  enemies whether they realize it or not they are typically seen to rise and fall just as quickly. 

The key to utilizing your talents but instead of demanding the attention of others, shine the light on others talents, aquire a nonjudgmental attitude, have more acceptance and stop trying to steal the show or be the center of attention, chances are you will be anyway. Focus on keeping the playing ground level and leading by example. Positive encouragement goes a long way and try to be quietly successful to not occur others jealousy, which will have longer lasting results.

With your North Node in Aquarius, it would be wise to find the balance between the positives of both Aquarius and Leo. No sign is perfect on their own and why together we are always stronger and better. The answer lies in the balance. 

Incorporating the positive traits of Aquarius can benefit  you greatly. On the negative Aquarius falls prey to neglecting themselves and putting others first.

Aquarius needs to learn self-appreciation and to invest in themselves, which is something Leo knows quite well.

With your North node in Aquarius, it would benefit you to learn to project the same energy you put into yourself into others. Bring out the best in others rather than purely self-promote. You will still get to shine as you want because others will appreciate the way you make them feel and return the favor or compliments that you truly need. It is better to have others boast about you than you yourself.


South Node in Leo indicates a misuse of power over the lifetimes that has to do with being too bossy, arrogant, or worried about ruling over loved one's rather that being supportive and building them up. You may have even been born into Royalty and became quite the high maintenance personality. 

Whatever the case, you now have to learn how to give back to be a good friend,  be supportive of the group, and to give back to the community. 

It is important to remain balanced and humble in our endeavors to build friends, allies and advocates as opposed to enemies through arrogance or self-preoccupation. Learn to be quietly successful in your endeavors in order to not attract the jealousy of others.

Understanding this law of life is critical to avoid the Karmic trap.

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