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Mercury is our intellectual capacity, thought process, comprehension and learning abilities, and all intellectual activities in general. He is the planet of communication and exchanges. 

Mercury Trine or sextile Sun

You are constantly thinking, analyzing and processing the information you receive. You may be a fast and confident speak that is able to communicate with great ease and can be quite deliberate in speech. You are not likely to interrupt or over talk a conversation as the square for you tend to be more aware of the mutual need for speaking and listening. People probably comment on your wit or intelligence. You have a quick sharp mind that can be restless. This position is much like Mercury in Gemini, where one can be quite chatty but not without some quite interesting things to say.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Moon

You are able to communicate your emotions with ease. You can be an intuitive writer if other aspects allow. You are communicative and quite the talker. You have a quick, sharp and lively mind that is able to process feelings through an intellectual lens usually having to rationalize or make sense of how you or others feel. You are very intuitive with others and can pick up what others may not be directly saying. You are able to speak the right words to others, making them feel understood. You have the right thing to say most of the time.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Venus

You are highly diplomatic or sensitive to others when speaking. You have a way with words, and be very creative with speech. Others may say you have a pleasant voice, or at least others will be more than likely to listen to what you say. You are also very conscientious of others and are a good listener. You may be quite good at debate winning over arguments with finesse. You may be an excellent problem, solver.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Mars

You are a clear concise speaker and can be powerful in speech or at least pushing your ideas. You are a fast thinker and able to process information lightening fast. You are probably quite witty. You drive to communicate is strong and you are not afraid to stand up for what you think. You love all things cerebral and learning new things. You can be direct in what you say, but you usually don't offend people, because you say it with certainty but not offensively.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Jupiter

When you are down no one will know it or at least you try to keep it that way. You are a natural optimist if other aspects to your Moon allow. You are intelligent and able to process information at lightning speed. You can be an excellent motivational coach or a self-help writer anything uplifting and hopeful. You may have much luck in communicating, writing or in commerce. You are a wishful thinker that leads to much of your luck.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Saturn

You are logical and serious in speech. You are very good at detailed work. You are a person who says what you mean and mean what you say, and you can be impatient with, those who don't. You consider consequences before arriving at decisions, so are less likely to make them on impulse. You are reliable and usually make your appointments on time because you are conscientious of the importance of being punctual. You can help others maintain composure under extreme situations with your calm and deliberate speech.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Uranus

You have rapid fast thinking and receive sudden insights into situations as if they came to you in a lightning bolt. You are an out of the box thinker that does not just follow what you're told. You like the question the perspective, and try the other way or look at the other side. You can be quite good in Science, or technology. You enjoy learning about the strange and bizarre in life, or perhaps the unusual and unexplained. You are a powerful speaker seeing all sides of the equation. You enjoy breaking people out of habits and pushing them to think for themselves or try another way.

Mercury Trine or Sextile Neptune

You can get lost in the world of dreams and intuition and may often catch yourself day dreaming. You are probably quite creative in poetry or writing.  You are very compassionate and sensitive. You may have some trouble feeling misunderstood or not understood by others, but this is because you tend to live in your head. You may have difficulty understanding your thought or expressing them. You believe in the power of the mind and have extremely wishful thinking. 

Mercury Trine or Sextile Pluto

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