Monday, August 12, 2013

The 12th house Synastry: Love behind the scenes

The mysterious, elusive, highly psychic, mostly unconscious and spiritual house of Neptune is now my favorite. Although this house offers both our soul mate or our enemy, along with our fears, phobias, and those things we are not conscious of that we do that somehow undermine our happiness. This house offers the opportunity to discover these things, sometimes it's painful other times it's purely magical and offers us the opportunity to overcome our fears, get in touch with part of us we didn't know, uncover hidden talents, and secrets, and uncover the mystical, and spiritual side of life.

In synastry when people impact this house, there is a sort of confessional that occurs, even if neither one really speaks much. The relationship functions mostly on an unconscious level, but there can be much confusion as a result.  

12th house relationships are Karmic, this house holds many lifetimes of memories and typically the planet person has insight into the things the house person is totally unaware of or not conscious of.

 If the house person has unconscious fears or hidden talents, and a past of bravery or misfortune, the planet person can convey these things to the house person often without even realizing it.

In the positive the planet person can help the house person overcome their fears, discover hidden talents, and even highly beneficial awareness of certain traits. In the negative the planet person can use these insights to hurt the house person, by pointing out weakness, or simply playing on them. 

On can feel invaded in this house being such a private house and it truly depends on the planet involved and the sign on the cusp of the 12th house. 

The 12th house is of water, highly psychic and deeply spiritual, that relationships that enter this house are highly impressionable, they will leave their mark.

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