Monday, August 5, 2013

Synastry: Venus in your partners 8th house- Intimate Sharing

There is no limit to the depth of closeness the two of you can reach. You will find a shocking ease when it comes to discussing subjects, of a very private nature. In fact, secrets may just come flying out when you are together without reason.

You will both have a deep, meaningful and intimate bond with a strong desire to merge resources, body, and soul. 

This placement produces a highly sexual, emotional and a deeply penetrating bond.

The Venus person will have deep insights into the house person and will also accept them flaws and all. The Venus person can seduce the house person with a simple look. The house person is very attracted, protective and possessive of the Venus person. Depending on other aspects, they should both be rather generous with each other. 

Sex will be racy, intense and addictive. 

Private Members only continued reading Venus in the 8th house synastry.

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