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The Gift of Pluto in the 12th

Continued from. Pluto through the houses 12th house. Please see first for full write up.

Pluto in the 12th is a very powerful placement but was usually hard earned. There seem to be forces beyond one's control early on that shape the inner unconscious of the individual. Early on there may be hidden enemies, or issue with psychological manipulation, underhanded tactics and in some cases abuse that that may or may not be remembered. The 12th house is a mysterious house where all things are hidden or deeply buried. They may have difficulties expressing their personal power, or in some cases they are deeply Plutonian but are unconscious of these tendencies. They may unknowingly project deep secrecy, experience issues with paranoia or jealousy. The 12th house is the unconscious mind so Pluto activity may very well be unconscious. For some, they tend to hide these projections or be completely unaware of the power they have. However, later in life as the person grows they find that they possess quite a gift in which is highly beneficial.

The Gift Of Pluto in the 12th

There is a tremendous benefit to having Pluto in the 12th also, it is quite a powerful placement. For it allows the native the ability to heal through dreams. Although your dreams may be quite powerful, you are asked to overcome great odds during this. Your fears, and confrontations and difficulties with others will come to your through your dreams, in which you can confront them and actually heal yourself, to where you do not hold on to the poisons that others may try to plant within you. Dream therapy or learning how to stay “ awake” in a dream would be highly beneficial because you will be to able to tap into many of life's secrets through your dreams which will impact your life and even the lives of others. This placement provides an opportunity to face your fears in the dream world and not only overcome them but also to heal from any traumas you may have experienced. When you can call the problem into a dream and deal with it as you wish you may, then you can release any pent up anger and then find a deep sense of peace. The 12th house is also of the collective consciousness, you have access to tap into it and even change parts of it. Pluto is transformation, wherever he is in our charts he transforms, he lets nothing get by.

There are some interesting articles written about dream therapy and healing through dreams in which can help you hone in on the best possible ways to do so.

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