Monday, August 5, 2013

Pluto Trine or Sextile Mercury- Drive to know

Pluto in easy aspect to mercury presents a highly penetrating mind, that possesses an infinite curiosity of what lies beneath the surface. These people are very perceptive because of the burning desire to " understand" most things, but particularly the human psyche, conspiracies, secrets and exploration of all that is unknown. This keen interest in understanding things is not motivated by means of self but by means of helping and understanding other's in a positive way. They have the ability to understand abstract concepts, and actually get pleasure out of uncovering secrets in the search for the "Truth". Their calculating mind allows for deep penetrating insights into the motivations of others, which can be quite foretelling. They have a powerful way of painting a picture and their conversations tend to be deep, packing quite a punch. They have the power to their words to help people understand themselves better, and in the trine or sextile this is usually their aim. They make great psychologists, motivational speakers, scientists, and enjoy research and investigations.

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