Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SATURN TRANSITS the 12th house- The truth behind the scenes

Image result for old movieSaturn's Transit to the 12th house is a karmic time, and a time when you will need to find your higher power or faith. It's often a heavy time, and  is a time of deep reflection, contemplation, and review, of all that has transpired in your life up until now.

It's also where we face the karma or consequences for our previous actions. The 12th house is the house of undoing, and hold our subconscious and unconscious the things that are hidden from us.

This can be and usually is, a very heavy time and as a result we often choose to pull away or are forced to pull away from others as a result of seeing things in a different light. We can see the very negative side of people, our fears are enhanced and we will need to deal with these things, and let go of all that has been holding us back.  

This is a time of endings, endings of our old ways, facing our fears,  hidden enemies, and on the positive finding our inner strength and faith to carry on and try again, this time much more wise.

The realism and critical eye that Saturn adds to our house of dreams, illusions, spirituality, and the unconscious can be quite illuminating. Saturn here shows us how we may have sabotaged ourselves through our illusions that we have set up, our self-denials, and any painful experiences we have consciously chosen to block out.

Here we face many fears, both real and imagined and often find out that our hidden enemy is our self. We are being asked to right our wrongs, so if you have not acted out with the highest principals, now is the time to make right.

The 12th house is also the house of secrets, sorrows and self-undoing, as well as hospitals, prisons, and institutions. It's where we have imprisoned ourselves through our insecurities, negative actions, and unconscious behaviors.

During Saturn's transit here we can now see all THESE things clearly, and will go 'face to face' with our inner demons. We will see the truth or things for what they really are not any longer from behind " Neptune's 12th house veil". 

However, it is also possible that hidden enemies reveal themselves which can be very difficult to realize and may cause depression.

Depending on your actions up until now, for some this may bring out a tremendous amount of guilt, regret, paranoia or sadness. Disappointment in others is very common.

The 12th is also known as the house of sorrows" and self-undoing" so you will be forced to face up to your part in all that happens now. Then you will be able to work on your release perhaps requiring apologies, forgiveness, or simply letting it go and forgiving yourself. Then making the proper changes so you can begin the new cycle with all that you know now, when Saturn finally hits your Ascendant.

This is the purpose of Saturn's transit here. Although this is a heavy process, this is also very necessary so to assist you in the healing process and going along with the hospital, sanctuary, or rehab theme, most are vaguely or mysteriously comforted during this time by finding a very patient lover, or friend, or finding God or faith. Again this all depends on your individual Karma. 

 For those that have handled their lives wisely and have treated others with respect and courtesy, this transit can very much be a dream-like fairy tale. Circumstances surrounding the individual are strangely comforting in an almost surreal way. 

Some during Saturn's transit here; find the job of their dreams, or and almost" Saint-like" Lover but sometimes finds a new path after this transit is over. 

This time truly is preparation for a new cycle, so let go of the people, attachments and things, that are making their way out. What must go will, so it's much easier to just allow it and not fear, it's truly for your betterment. 

Although this transit can feel like a lifetime, it's not, it will pass. So don't let the depression overtake you realize what's happening and go with the flow. When Saturn finally moves into your 1st the "house of self" you will begin a new cycle, and it will feel like night and day from this transit. 

It's best to look at this time as a retreat, or a long visit to a psychologist or getaway, time alone is usually necessary. We need to let go, forgive ourselves, make changes or whatever your individual case may be. However, we can not continue until we understand our shadow side, our pitfalls, escapism or denial any longer. 

The rose colored glasses are off and you are facing (Saturn reality) in your unconscious mind, this is when "the unconscious becomes conscious". 

However, if you have been honest with yourself and others and have been living according to the laws of karma, then this transit can turn out to be a "walk in the park" and you will enjoy the mystical, magical and spiritual side that is also prevalent, in the more "positive side" of this transit.
Saturn's transit here is truly the time where our karma catches up to us. Karma is both good and bad, it all depends on the individual. 

This is the best time to right any wrongs you now have a chance to rectify all past mistakes and it is the perfect time to do so. 

At the end of this transit you will find a new inner strength, and faith and then will begin a new cycle with a fresh start with all that you have learned. Let go and don't be too hard on yourself. It's a great time to dive into spirituality, meditation and self help, or psychotherapy.