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General Monthly Horoscope for September 2014


Beginning on September 1, 2014 we can lighten up a bit gratefully for Mondays intense Moon in Scorpio will bring more lighthearted energy and hope when it changes signs into Sagittarius.

The Scorpio Moon is responsible for Intensifying our emotions from light to a darker and sometimes more paranoid state. Relationships can become much more passionate during a Scorpio Moon, there may even be a bit of jealousy or possessiveness during this time. It's a great time, to focus your mind on a particular project rather than the possible irrational fears we are experiencing. During this Moon focus is much strong now, so take advantage of this energy and use it for good rather than searching for wrongs is how it's best used. 

This Scorpio Moon moves void of course at 11:40 am EDT and shifts to Sagittarius at 1:17 pm. Earlier hours include a Moon and Venus square. 

Don't let this tension cause problems be aware of the energy and avoid starting issues. Simply be nice to each other, and all shall pass, when the Moon makes it's move into free thinking Sagittarius and a much more light hearted Mood is in store. 

This Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with Mercury  and will encourage us to get out and about and communicate our ideas or experience the new and exotic. We are thirsty for knowledge and answers during this time, but extremely open minding and optimistic which is always a nice thing. Communications become much more expansive and optimistic, since Jupiter is quite the change of energy from Pluto it will be felt rather quickly and even in a dramatic fashion. The veil is lifted and optimism is restored.

Tuesday: Mercury sneaks into Libra making us much more flexible in dealing with others. We are less likely to push our way, and more likely to listen to others perspectives. This is a good time for you to have a conversation with a partner, or set up a business meeting. You are much more accommodating and persuasive. Good time, to have that conversation with your partner as well, if you haven't been able to find the right time.

Mercury changes signs at 1:38 am. In Libra, All favored now are mediating, meeting new contacts or friends, and strengthening relationships. In October, Mercury will retrograde back track into Libra again, in case you missed your opportunity, you will have another chance during his RX. However, be sure to  Make a deal, sign a contract, or work out any possible deals prior to Mercury Rx is you want them to stick. If you made a bad deal during this time, you may have a second chance to get a better one during Mercury Rx.  

The powerful Sagittarius Moon is busy with aspects to Neptune, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, which will be quite invigorating and a lot of changes on many levels might take place. You might get sudden news regarding a partnership, inheritance, things will happen quickly or sudden and perhaps even unexpected! Expect the unexpected as a matter of fact. Just be watchful of being to blunt or perhaps a bit erratic, stay calm and focused against the natural energy.

Wednesday: We are compelled to take a deep look at ourselves and how we exert our power if we do. Are we too aggressive offending more people than attracting fans. Are we building negative energy against us? Are we too dependant on others for approval that we are not being true to ourselves? Pluto in Square to the Sun are opposites of Nature and this can cause us to Shine light on are darker compulsive side the way in which we may sabotage ourselves by separating ourselves? or Controlling others? do we use our power appropriately. On the other side, are we standing up for ourselves? our we letting others dictate our lives. Pluto seeks to strengthen our resolve as well. With the Moon in Capricorn we want to build structures to our lives, we want to contain our impulses, but Pluto is not this way at all. He wants you to be true to yourself in the process of building your Structures. Sagittarius is compelling us to believe, have faith and trust in ourselves, and Pluto is pushing us to be authentic. We can make huge strides now, making the best of it would be to get behind the Sagittarius optimism in combination with Capricorns drive and Pluto's passion and start something fabulous.

Progress is due as we move toward 

Full Moon on the 8th, Monday. The Pluto/Sun trine helps combine realism & optimism. What you need to do may not seem as hard once you see the value, progress, and light dawning as a result. Sagittarius Moon is void of course from 2:06 pm to 6:15 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon squares Mercury tonight. Think before you act or speak or commit. What is the most fair way to sort things out? Solve problems with a combination of action plans and actual effort. Take a step to a goal or something that comes due soon. Aim for order. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto -Emotional turbulence

Pluto likes to draw out deeply hidden suppressed parts of ourselves and with the Moon it's deeply emotional. All sorts of fears come to the surface, it is important that you overcome these and not give into them. Pluto is often explosive, because all these deeply buried resentments come exploding to the surface and it can be quite difficult to avoid letting them go. Knowledge is key and a understanding of what is going on can make all the difference in how you choose to respond. Be wary of letting much of it go at this time, damage that is done is often irreparable, because of the extreme behavior and hurt feeling that come along with it. It is best to bare down, and bite it until this transit passes. You would like to have a chance to have some composure when you address deep problems. Besides when the transit passes you may not feel it's so bad after all. However, it is a great time to conquer any fears you have, dig deep and purge or you can choose to let them dominate you and continue on your way. You will feel tremendous courage today so use it for your advancement to overcome, or transform it. 

The Sun should help us keep our heads on our shoulders by staying somewhat cool in resourceful Virgo results oriented, analytical and logical energy to accomplish a lot and get real tangible results that you have been hoping for. However, Pluto's energy is quite powerful and could dominate the logical Virgo Sun. Just try to focus of Virgo's logical side and do something beneficial. 

Uranus is in the mix too, and depending on your own personal transits to your natal chart will depict the outcome more specifically as to which planet may dominate. Uranus likes to break free, but often by pushing, shocking or uprooting and can sometimes make us erratic. Take a deep breath and think before speaking this is the most important to keep in mind with all this crazy alignments with the Moon. We need to pick our battles and use the energy to create rather than destroy. Uranus is very creative and unique, you can apply that energy to expressing a more creative side of you with confidence by being less worried about being different and more appreciative. After all unique is good! Find your unique side!

Friday's Venus into discerning Virgo will make us a tad bit more selective in what we appreciate and want. We will also become more rational in love, helps lighten things up a bit from what it's been. Depending on your natal chart will tell us which house Venus will be transiting for you. For Sagittarius Ascendants Virgo would be your 10th house so expect to have more in that area with extra benefits. Career and public image will fare very well, Venus always has gifts. For the rest of us we need to see where Venus transits will be for us personally and expect that area of our chart to experience a touch of glamor, and overall enhancement. However, we are more logically and picky, so we will want to put our best foot forward.

With Venus Shift into Virgo from Exuberant Leo we are much more focused and particular to the details. Virgo's are a magnet for the Month so take advantage of this month to do all Venus activities such as love, money and charisma. These all come with tremendous advantages. We have much more attention to detail now, so finishing any project that you have been unsure of would more than likely be done well now, just be cautious not to over do and over think to much to where you do nothing at all.

 Mars and Saturn in Scorpio we got a push and pull feeling, are desires are strong but realistic. We are much more precise in our movement and willing to take the extra time to do things well. If we are not moving in the right direction some of us might be stunted in our movement. Saturn wants us to slow down, be wise and make smart moves.  

The Full moon this month is on the 8th in the Sign of Aquarius, Aquarians are uncovering quite a bit with the Super moon last month and the Full Moon finishing off what the Super moon brought to your attention. We are reminded to think large and wide, and to be authentic to our true natures. Being different and unique is appreciated. Look to the house of where this moon will be to see what may be coming to light or end for you. New Moons are a fresh start.

On the 15th Mars will move into abundant Sagittarius where we will be less passive calculating in our steps and more risky encourage much more luck! We don't like to think too much before doing with Mars in fire signs but with it in Sagittarius we try to stay above board in most of our actions.

September is rather intense early in the month with all the aspects to the Moon, however, things lighten up quite a bit as the month gets kick started we start out much more precise and cautious and end up just going for it! and 

We can accomplish much this month with Saturn both Saturn and Mars in Scorpio early on, but will be much more lucky in our actions later when Mars moves into Sagittarius to plan to pounce while in Scorpio and take the leap while in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Leo makes us want to shine, and be more fun loving and creative. Leo's will be having a all star year! All eyes are on you so make the most of it, do not let a moment pass where you are not trying for something, luck is on your side! 

Uranus is still stirring up Aries and Aries are discovering allot about themselves, taking on new hobbies and exploring the different. It's quite the ride with Uranus but enlightenment happens all along the way. 

Uranus in Aries encourages all of us to take more risks, and to do them now! Aries doesn't think before doing, and perhaps it's a lesson to all us over thinkers that we often render ourselves hopeless by not doing any thing at all. Uranus in Aries says, it's better to do then not to do. We all know this isn't always true, just be sure that there are no real dangerous repercussions and take risks in areas of getting the things you want without stepping on too many toes. The message here is to be bold.

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