Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Composite Mars in the 5th house- Couple that Plays together, Stays together

a9791484495c9443310a4b8c170b.jpg (478×358)Mars in the 5th house of a composite assuming there are no other negative aspects made to Mars will indicate a relationship that is driven towards mutual satisfaction. Both parties involved will enjoy spending ample time together. Their relationship drives out each other's creativity, desire for love and affection, as well as a desire for children together. Your relationship will be playful, loving, romantic and fun. This position of Mars in a composite also produces a very strong sexual attraction that is built on love. The enjoyment that you both receive through just being together will provide a foundation for a very strong love bond that can be very long lasting. There is much appreciation for each other's talents, and fun and leisure are a large part of your being together. Very fun and romantic position for Mars, therefore, the saying, " a couple that plays together, stays together".

Additional reading on the desire nature and sexual side of Mars in the 5th house of the composite in the Private Members Only section.


  1. Nice Post! and I agree completely! Romantiiiic galore! We are goof balls together, always having fun! We loooove the playhouse:)

  2. Love your name Pink Alligator! Thanks for visiting:)Yay! good for you! Playhouse fun:)