Saturday, June 15, 2013


536503_3990119270579_2031619880_n.jpg (600×450)Venus in the sign of Aquarius is a interest in all that is unique or different in some way. Never mainstream. Whether this is done on purpose or not makes no difference because they need it. They are passionate about individualism and like independent unique people that walk their own path unique to them. You can not be plain Jane to catch the attention of this vibrant lovers. They are independent and appreciate freedom in love. They like you for "who you are, your own uniqueness and will be happy to support you in it. They usually have many friends within many walks of life. They can be stubborn in their opinions, and their lovers may feel uncomfortable, when they find out how many friends of the opposite sex they have. They are the "social lites" and the humming birds of the zodiac. While they were younger they were likely to experiment sexually and throughout life had many different lovers from different cultural backgrounds, age differences, whatever it different and unfamiliar. They are open minded when it comes to sex being open to try new things, and actually preferring to. When Venus is in Aquarius she/she becomes a "Sexy Brainiac" They are attracted to someone that is intelligent, open-minded, loyal, friendly and non-judgemental. They are not afraid to disagree with you because they have a wealth of knowledge and can usually back up what they say. You are not the romancer but you can be romantic. You are intellectually stimulated so good conversation about abstract subjects will be of interest to you. Your love nature is loyal when in love, you typically stay friends with your exes, you will marry your best friend, you need comrade in relationships and to be of the same tribe or similar life interests but you can lose interest fast so you need someone to keep you on your toes.  you need to feel like you and your lover are pals too. You have a flare to your style since you refuse to dress like everyone else and you will probably alter or change even if it's the tiniest bit of a garment, to ensure it is different. You are not the conformer but you are also not a law breaker, you will be generous with money to others in need if you have it. You have eclectic tastes and have a interest in the bazaar. Depending on what house your Venus is in will tell you about your ability to draw wealth and in what fields and will also describe deeper into your love nature. For instance, if your Venus is in the 3rd house, then communication of a intellectual or scientific nature would be indicated, if your Venus is in the 8th house then you are attracted to the bazaar darker areas of life, such as investigations, sex, the afterlife, and the unknown.
Venus in the 2nd you have a unique or unconventional way of making money or receiving money through technology or something Aquarius ruled.

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