Friday, May 31, 2013

THE 9th house Synastry- Higher Love

In synastry the 9th house is not known as the house of true love, that's the 5th. However, why are most second marriages taking place in the 9th house then. Aren't we suppose to make it better the second time around, if the first time didn't work? The ninth house in astrology is known as the house of higher learning, long distance travel, organized religion and philosophy. Not very sexy, so where does the love come in? Perhaps, as we evolve later in life, the things that were important to us while we were younger, change. As we evolve the things we use to tolerate while younger become unbearable and the things that were important suddenly loose their importance. The one thing that we look for regardless of age is compatability. Compatibility can come in many forms whether is sexual or intellectual, but most of us would ideally like both. In astrology the 7th house represents are marriage partner, the ones we tend to attract early on, along with the 5th and the 8th. The 5th being romantic, and the 8th being intense experience. When we are looking for a higher love one that is based on the same beliefs, interests and the things that truly matter to us over the long run, the 9th house has a important role to take on. This is our guru, our spiritual guide and people that we relate to on a fundamental level and over the long haul. The 9th house is synastry is considered to also be a platonic house. The house where you are so far in the clouds that sex is not of importance anymore. Very untrue, it's the house of adventure, seeking out universal truths, travel, experience, learning, our quest to find happiness! This is a fun house! This is a house where we search, explore, expand and believe. In synastry this can be our life long partner the person that has the same or similar quest as ourselves. Expansion and optimism are "key words" for this house. Couples that travel together, participate in activities together whether recreational, play or sport more than likely share 9th house planet(s).This house is a house of mutual goals, mutual beliefs, mutual desire or zest for experience. Being the house of Jupiter, you will both hold each other with the highest regard and will be honest and positive with each other. This house is fun!

 and as always I love to hear your experiences, comments or questions:)

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  1. Thanks for this write-up! I love your site. I just stumbled upon it today and I am having a ball reading the articles! :)
    I have Pluto in 9th in Libra in the composite with my bf. Does that mean we will both pursue mysticism as higher learning?
    Thanks for any suggestions!

  2. Hi Zoya! Thanks for visiting and enjoying my articles!:) The composite Pluto in the 9th means that you will as a couple, seek the truths relentlessly, exploring all possibilities. Pluto here will dig up both your beliefs and drive you to question them, and seek truer answers. As you explore new possibilities together, and uncover new larger than life concepts mysticism' is one of the many areas covered by this house. You as a couple will more than likely feel compelled to share with others what you have discovered together. Pluto is a powerful planet he digs deep, so the 9th house areas is where you will both dig for answers. Gain great insights together and experience deep transformation. Is Pluto making any aspects to other planets?

  3. Thank you for this, there isn´t much written about 9th house synastry anywhere...
    I have 9th house moon and recently I´ve met someone whose Saturn/Venus/Moon conjunction almost exactly conjunct my Taurus moon and I can´t even describe the feeling- like I´ve known this person my whole life, pure love, and conjunction is in Taurus so I feel I wanna hug him all the time- honestly I am out of my element with him, thats how strong it is... he is 15years older then me and married with kids so I don´t think that our relationship is going to progress into sometning more than what it is right now- colleagues...but we also have lilith-sun exact conjunction, and neptune-saturn conjunction right on my IC cusp- thats probably explains alot from my point of view...
    Anyways,thank for your blog :-)

  4. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for visiting and sharing your story! First I would like to say that Saturn Conjunct Moon in synastry really does feel like you have known the person in the past which perhaps you have, it's also a indication of having (Saturn) restrictions to your relationship him being married preventing it from going anywhere. It is also a indication of the age difference! However, the Lilith Sun conjunction, is responsible for the powerful attraction, which is very hard to resist! Neptune Saturn conjunct your IC, Vague circumstances making it difficult to live together. In your situation the it's not so vague, he's married with children. Sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with, just be sure to take care of you!

  5. Thank you for the post! One thing that strikes me funny about my current bf & I's synastry is that my venus directly conjuncts his 9th house cusp.. 9 leo/9 leo. I was wondering what you think that means? Also we have venus and sun conjunct in the 9th composite right next to the midheaven. I sometimes feel that if your composite or synastry moons are in like the 5 or the 7.. have the sun in the 9th can make for a better balance in relationship.

    Would love to get your take on the 9th house cusp thing!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Anonymous! Jupiter being the ruler of this house, I can say all things of a positive nature unless there are negative planets ie. ( Saturn, Pluto) making hard aspects to any planets within the 9th house. Venus conjunct the 9th in my experience turned out to be more than I thought it would. The 9th house is that of abundance, their is a uplifting positive feel to people that touch this house:) ethics and exploration, all Jupiter related. When it's a personal planet- It's a great feeling to have someone that "thinks" like you do. Understands, and moves about life on the "same wavelength" and "principals" about life. I think 9th house synasty, offers a big picture relationship, that is supportive, uplifting, you feel abundant together (Jupiter). This relationship will be larger than life, a match of a higher kind:) You grow together through faith and optimism!a fun 5th house playful feel with more substance:)

  7. Hi!!! I was wondering what it meant for someone to have their pluto in my 9th house??? My 9th house is in Libra. Also, my pluto is in his 4th house. We both live in different countries and the distance and family seems to be our biggest obstacles. Any thought? I've heard that the 9th house can mean 2nd marriage. Well the both of us have been married once before also. Just trying to figure things out between our charts :-)

  8. Hi Gabriela! Yes the 9th is is considered 2nd marriage to some astrologers, including me:) It as you also know, represents overseas, long distance travel, higher learning philosophy and our over all beliefs, our faith in life. A person transposing their Pluto into your 9th house would indicate transformation in areas of the house. Those areas will be tested, or of particular faccination to the both of you as a couple or even true Pluto style obsession or areas one want's to control. Living long distance would apply to this, meaning their can be obstacles in the way, that you both must overcome. It can also play in many other ways, another being that he has the ability to change your overall beliefs, or will want to challenge them. Pluto is transformation too. You may transform your opinions in these areas through knowing him. You will both also enjoy exploring all these areas with more zest and passion than most without this placement. Pluto is generational and the energy is subtle often it takes time to see which way it is working for the both of you. However, Pluto can also be downright brutal. For it's application as a second marriage-I have mostly seen the sign on the cusp of the 9th house is usually the other Partners Sun sign. However, this means nothing because there are way too many factors to take into consideration in the rest of the chart. So this placement alone would be focusing or experiencing Pluto's power in the areas of the house. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. Actually the 5th house is the house of Narcissism. No wonder Americans love it so.