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karma-wq.jpg (400×268)Saturn is widely known as the taskmaster, he is order, coolness restraint, restrictions, limitations, hinderance, intolerance, depression, critical and the wheeler and dealer of Karma! He's the guy that judges everything you do and believes everyone should get what they deserve, there are no exceptions, and he feels no remorse.  Yes, he's a tough guy, but you either shape up or fall short. Life is tough and there are consequences for everything that we do, and Saturn is always this reminder. Nothing gets by Saturn's stern judgment and scrutiny so the best medicine is always preventative. Saturn causes us to take responsibility, usually by drying up our sources of dependency. This way, we have no one but ourselves, and usually, accomplish a lot in this state. If you are aware of this and you live your life consciously making sure you behave responsibly, (usually Capricorn's, or people with Saturn heavily in their chart, are aware.) You won't make foolish mistakes that get you a private meeting with Saturn where he brings his clipboard, "makes a bunch of check marks" and decides your fate, or work to be done. If you have managed all your affairs responsibly, the reverse will happen, you will receive Saturn's reward where things solidify. Without seeing other aspects of one's chart, here are the general descriptions of what you can expect and better yet, plan ahead for during Saturn's transits.

Saturn transits the 1st house- Mirror Mirror on the Wall

P15378982.jpg (320×320)This is a very serious and powerful transit that allows you to accomplish more than any other time in your life.  You are apt to see yourself as you really are now, in some cases Saturn enhances your flaws, causing the urge to take better care of oneself, usually by working out. This transit makes you feel like time is flying and what have you been doing with it! You will feel the pressure to do some self-improvement. You may have difficulty with other's being more judgmental of you or your negative perception of self might be enhanced. Don't let negative emotions take over, things are really not so bad, it's just that Saturn is highlighting issues trying to make you feel bad so that you take action to improve whatever area you can. It often starts with a feeling that time is running out' and you haven't done anything with yours. Suddenly your place in the world becomes very important and what others think or remember of you.  You often feel like there is something that you are supposed to be doing or a strong desire to find out what your purpose is life might be. Unfortunately, tough love either makes one take action or debilitates them, this is not the time to stand still Make plans then execute them, Saturn's goal is to help you build secure structures. 

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Saturn transits the 2nd house- Financial restructuring
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This is an excellent time to get your finances in order. Saturn builds solid foundations and structures so you can make great strides in securing your financial structure. You will come up with new and creative ways to generate more money during this time. Saturn can certainly make you feel as if you don't have enough regardless of your financial situation. This is Saturn's way of making you work harder in order to increase the money that you make. Often it's all an illusion of not having enough even if you have enough it may not feel like enough. If you have not been making enough money prior to this transit you most certainly will at the end. Your future financial security will become very important now. You will also know what your work is worth, and be willing to ask for it. This can be a very good time financially, where you will certainly increase the income that you make by quite a lot. Saturn can create feelings of lack but this is not the case, you are just more aware of the need to have more for the freedom and comfort it brings. It's good time to try to cut back on spending in areas where you can, simply because you want to be more efficient with your resources. It's a good time to open a savings account and start putting whatever you can away to build a strong secure financial future.

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Saturn transits the 3rd house- Troubled Communications

The way you communicate is up for inspection. Are you talking more than listening? people will be apt to say so if that is the case. You may have a lot more paperwork to handle during this time and your communications may feel somewhat blocked. Be careful to double check all emails, letters or texts before you send them because Saturn wants you to be more thorough with your thinking, speaking, and writing. Accidental mishaps are likely to happen with anything related to this house. While driving around, town and pay closer attention accidents can happen to teach you to pay more attention. Siblings may ask more of you during this time or your relations with may go through a troubling time. Speakeasy the frustration with communicating can cause many problems.

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Saturn transits the 4th house- Clear out the clutter

organizing-facts.jpg (500×420)Home life is up for inspection. Difficulties at home may arise, unexpected expenses related to home repairs may suddenly come up. You will want to spend time re-organizing and clearing out clutter and making your home more austere. It is also likely that your parents become needier of your time, because of illness or other. People you live with can be trying on your patience and you may feel blocked expressing your emotions to those close to you. If you have not been taking care of the home front, things can break down, or fall apart to where an immediate action will be necessary. Saturn only likes firm, solid structures, so out with the old and in with the new is likely. Getting a home loan with less than perfect credit could be more difficult, and love relations may prove to be difficult at home as well. Home will be the place that you feel you can get most of your work done at this time to get as much done as you can. Saturn will reward you for your efforts with a much more organized home and family.

Saturn transits the 5th house- Love, romance, and children get serious

The house of fun and sun has turned serious? This is not the ideal transit if you want to meet a light easy fun affair because you have been single and its time. It's also not the best time if you are already in a marriage or a relationship. This is because Saturn makes you look at things seriously, have you been getting what you need out of your relationship? Has your partner been getting what they need? Your children can become a greater burden if you have any, making you reflect on the type of parent you have been. If you are single and looking to date, you may meet an older more mature or at least more serious partner at this time. If you are a creative person you can perhaps structure your creativity or inspect areas of it. This is the house of Love, romance, and children, and Saturn likes to test the strength of things so usually these areas become more work. If your relationship is solid than this transit will only make it stronger. Saturn here may cause the both of you to evaluate what is working and what is not. If you have been overdoing the fun- and not acting responsible Saturn will come to remind you. You may have a creative block during this time or you may solidify any creative endeavor you have begun prior to Saturn's transit. Gambling during this time is also not usually recommended, wait for a Jupiter or Uranus transit for that. This is a time where you feel you may need to grow up in areas of love, romance, creativity, and children.

Saturn transits the 6th house- Get healthy and in shape

Yoga.jpg (1366×910)Saturn's transit here makes you want to get serious about health. If you have not been taking care of your health, things are bound to pop up now to be taken care of. New health regimes are common. At work you are liable to take on much more work, exhausting your body so extra care is needed during this time. People at work can become much more demanding and perhaps chores at home increase also. This is a time when focusing on your day to day, managing work and health are all in focus. People, in general, become more demanding of your time, this is also the house of service.

Saturn Transits through the 7th house- Marriage or Divorce?
scared-of-marriage_istock.jpg (600×400)Well, this can go either way since the planets have a funny way of making what needs to happen, happen. Saturn here can solidify a good relationship even further to where you take things to the next step, Marriage or engagement? However, if you are involved already or married and your relationship has not been in your best interest, things get heavy and come up for intense inspection and in some cases, couples decide to call it quits! Saturn will put the weight on, he want's to find out what is real. There is no better way than to test it. Relationship counseling is a good idea now, and also communication. Try to keep things light, during this time and also evaluate your relationship to see what areas you may have been lacking in and try to make improvements if you would like to save your relationship.

Saturn Transits the 8th house- Where's the money?
Denied-loan-application.jpg (230×135)Need a loan? now is not the time, chances are you will be denied. Okay, not always but you will notice that it's much more difficult and also the interest rates might not be the best. This is the time when you need to depend on your own resources because no one else will be able to help. Saturn here will limit other people money to you. If you are married you may see a shortage of your partner's income as well, giving you, even more, the reason to manage your money extremely well during this transit. Issues with sex and intimacy are possible as well during this time. On the bright side, Saturn is teaching you to not depend on anyone but yourself and the reward are that you have your own personal freedom and you know that you can do it.

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