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Saturn in the 8th house: Emotional Strain and Lack of Support

Saturn in the 8th house produces an independent, mentality that is strong, stable and reliable in nature. They need to be in control, of everything in their life, and sometimes they like to be in control of others because they fear that if they are not, all hell will break lose. 

Those born with Saturn in the 8th are excellent at handling crisis situations and have faced many emotional hurts and betrayals early in their life.

8th house Saturn people have experienced and seemingly continue to experience deep personal rejections on a soul level that have come in forms such as emotional trauma, or emotional negligence, which began in early childhood will likely last until midlife. 

In some cases, Either parent may have been unaffectionate or cold, strict and some cases selfish, mean or abusive. 

As a result, of having the planet of structure in the house of change, chaos and instability,they have the ability to bring order to chaos and are often called to do so which is physically and emotionally exhausting and often empty-handed. When one crisis is over, yet another challenging situation will arrive. Most pains suffered are a result of strange betrayals that are very painful and stick to the bones and soul, from people close to them, 
As a result of the constant change, betrayals, uncertainty and lack of support in their lives, they have become Masters of Chaos. 

This is where their true gift lies and if they become aware of the power to direct these forces in their own life, they will have solved this difficult natal placement and are capable of greater things than most. Unfortunately, it is the feeling of defeat and pending doom that contributes to the ill effects. 

Learning to walk away from those situations in which they know are unhealthy. It is important for the native with this aspect to understand that it is they that need to open up their emotions and allow, expect and demand that others give them the same. 

The problem is they need to set much higher expectations of others and put less of the responsibility on themselves.

It is also true that they would benefit from changing their perspective to not only expecting to receive but speaking their needs about lack thereof of emotional nurture, support and trust in others but also demanding that and excepting nothing less than a partner that will provide these things to them.

 By them giving, and asking in return, as well as learning to discern, let go and not get involved with people they intrinsically know will not provide what they need, but rather take from them, they then are breaking this karmic trap.

They may be unaware that because they project the strength and stability they are attracting those that do not and can end up in empty relationships time and time again that leave them feeling uncared for, and in worse cases, betrayed, which can lead to depression.

Because of all these things, They make the most excellent psychologists and are often called into disruptive situations with others in which they will need to test their skills. They feel that chaos and doom will always find them and no matter how much they give to another they will always betray, or the love and support are never returned. 

Although this placement suggests a very long lived life, unless they learn to separate themselves from those that are toxic to them and to not put their efforts into those which they " know" are a never ending drain" and also learn to demand from others "the emotional, mental and financial support they need" and not let their fear or pride get in the way of allowing and even asking others for their support, then their long life will be one of loneliness filled with other selfish and unpredictable people.

"These people would benefit greatly by surrounding themselves with people whose beneficial planets transpose into their 8th house, in order to obtain the emotional and financial support they so desperately crave, in particular, Venus or Jupiter and preferably apart from their Saturn".

Saturn in the 8th house can easily submerge the individual into a world of isolation, self-pity, and agony because they feel as if no one truly cares enough about them. All the wrong people enter their lives testing their limits of Sanity. There can be feelings of desperation underneath the cool, calm exterior, it's as if not much can phase them. It is true, there is not much that they can not handle,  they would prefer not to have to handle these disruptive forces at all.

People with deeply embedded issues often find their safe haven with the functional, rational Saturn in the 8th person. There is no doubt these people are in high demand for the respect they seek is well deserved, and earned but rarely appreciated.

Saturn in the 8th house, builds structure to the chaos of Pluto's house, however, Chaos can rarely be contained for long before it's unleashed yet once again,and these people try very hard to have order in their life.
Putting faith into others usually results in betrayals so they trust in no one.

 Much of their relationships love and friendships with others tend to be painful, cold,  lacking in care and sympathy. 

As a result these people are very strong and learn to rely on themselves, they make excellent partners in which the people involved with them can benefit tremendously from their many gifts for they possess deep insights into the psychology of others, the invisible destructive forces and the importance of emotional strength. 

They have strong powers of observation and the ability to create in the most destructive environments, they function better in chaotic environments or emergency situations than pretty much anyone else. They are often the person in which others turn to because of this. 

These people are penetrating psychologist and have answers to life's most impeding questions, they are the masters of all things hidden that lie beneath the surface. They make the best psychologists, Astrologers, Scientists, witches, spell casters, magicians for they can harness the dark magical power of the underworld for use in their ordinary lives but are often unaware of their own abilities. 

"Saturn is the Master Teacher, The Builder of Structures and in the 8th house of Pluto, they can build their riches, manage their chaos, and utilize all the powers that lie deep within this house".

Transformation is the key word for this house, and Saturn would do well by understanding that it is he that must transform his beliefs in order to change the outcome. Saturn is resistant to change, and in the positive this reflects a personality of the Rock of Gibraltar, someone whom will stand the tests of any trial and overcome any hurdle in their way. One whom will not be changed as a result of all the negative things that come into their lives. 

Although these people are and appear very strong not to mention very capable. They are usually saddened by the lack of support they receive in their life, although they may not speak of it. The pain is deep with this placement and the suffering long but the gift of this house is transformation and it is also the key to the wealth of Gold within this house ( More in Back Room).

Money and Sharing

It is very important that one with this placement be financially independent or make their own money, they will not likely inherit from family or marriage partner so it is said. However, what most don't realize is that it is their own defenses, pride, and frugal mentality or fear to ask of others that prevents them from receiving from others.

When the person learns to give emotionally without need, and to give monetarily without expectation of return and when they also expect this from others and openly ask for what it is they want, along with letting go of those personalities or people that bring chaos or selfishness with them, then they will finally surpass this placement and reap the reward of true deep intimacy and financial wealth, and stable, trustworthy people.

 Although the fear of rejection is valid and a seed planted early on, the past is not the future, if they do not wish it to be a reoccurring theme, then there is an internal transformation that must take place. 

They unconsciously do not realize that it is their resistance to accepting, ask or give to others, or there lack and fear of it that continues the cycle of not receiving. 

Until they learn to null Saturn's restrictions in themselves the blockages or low expectations of others and acceptance of selfishness from others, they will constantly be challenged by these effects. This is the house of intimate sharing, they must release the fear of it and give it themselves but also expect and ask for it themselves, and not settle for less. 

Stop the drama now

All of the planets have their effects and it is up to us to learn to overcome them and null the effects. First through acknowledgment then application of the remedy.

 Saturn all hard aspects or in all the houses can cause low self-esteem, fear, and unworthiness. In the 8th house, these fears revolve around sex, intimacy and sharing which can lead to low expectations in others, and in return that is what they get, the least of everyone. It is important that the individual redefine their beliefs and learn that if "they do not believe them to be worthy" of emotional fulfillment, they will not proactively obtain it. 

Because they are a rock, others go to them for help and because they are self-reliant and never ask others help, others never offer, because they have the gift of psychology others demand much of them, and come to them with their problems, but give not in return.

 If they continue to give off the presence that they are far too capable, proud, tough, and need not or are resistant, then others will not give feel they need these things and won't offer them to them. If they continue to fear to ask the help of another, whether out of fear or pride, they will not receive it. If they do not expect and learn to ask and even demand that others give back, and if not cut ties with those in their lives that abuse them, treat them poorly or emotionally drain them, then they will continue to suffer from these same people.

Sexual Prudence NOT Withholding

Sex is another area where this native will come across challenges as a result of not letting go, and blocking themselves to true intimacy, a depth of sharing feelings and sex in the most intimate way. By opening up to their sexuality and understanding that it is good to feel good and to share with another, these seeming invisible blockages, forces will continue to block. 

"Some believe this to be a placement for an individual that swore to celibacy in a past life", (and although Mother Theresa has this aspect which may validate this point). Even so, It is not necessarily true or fact, but perhaps rather they are being called to be sexually responsible ( Saturn in the house of Sex). They would simply be wise not to engage in sexual promiscuity. (Saturn is Karma no matter where he is placed  in the chart). But Sex with a committed Partner should be enjoyed freely and comfortably, letting go and allowing deep intimacy through sex.

The Problems and the Remedies to overcome Saturn in the 8th house effects.

Key to Obtaining Emotional Support and Trust

First, understand that you do not need to bring order to the chaos of anyone else's life, stop accepting selfish, unbalanced people in your life. 

Saturn in the 8th house people need to be in control of their lives, but life can not be controlled. It is primarily by their preconditioning or beliefs and or their unconscious desire to choose to get involved or stay involved with people that are not stable, offer no support, are selfish or draining, because of there to fix, manage or control the lives of others. It is as if they think if they bring order to others it will bring order to theirs. Not letting the chaos into their lives in the first place is paramount.

Unbalanced, damaged, crazy or selfish people that come into your life are because you allowed them in. Stop allowing people that are unable to give you the support you need into your life or getting into relationships with them. Get rid, or clean house of any and all people that bring this negativity with them.  Do not engage with selfish, self-centered, not- trustworthy or unbalanced people, (unless you work as a psychologist, which is the perfect occupation for this placement with monetary rewards).

 Otherwise, show them the door and do not look back.

By attempting to bring order to their imbalance, or selfishness you are subjecting yourself too much of what you fear, betrayal, rejection, ingratiation and loving partners with the inability to care or share with you.

The secret keys conquering Saturn in the 8th house

  1. The first step is to not accept these people into your life, set higher standards of others.

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