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Venus Transits to the natal 1st house- Hey Good Looking!

When Venus transits the 1st house, You feel a desire to improve your appearance, you become aware of the importance of pleasures, scents, fragrances and the finer things life has to offer you pay close attention to how you present yourself. 

You are an attraction magnet at this time polished, charismatic and charming. It's an excellent time to find love because you are more confident, feeling good, and a pleasure to be around.

This is also a time when you can find love if you aren't already hooked up. Pleasurable surroundings and comforts become ultra important now, and you have a desire to be physically pampered, with baths, or massage.

You will attract love partners now, or deepen your romantic or love connection with your partner. Keep in mind, Venus will also be opposing your 7th house of partnerships, which enhances the probability of meeting a significant other at this time as well, so get dolled up and go out!

Overall, This is the "ideal time" to change your look if you have been wanting to. Venus will make sure you love the choice. Your eye for fashion and beauty is charmed now. 

The general mood: Eating fine food, relaxing, and pampering yourself, and thinking and feeling beautiful.

Venus Transiting the 2nd house- Money and Gifts

Your personal income should increase if you are in business for yourself this should be a good month. If you are unemployed you can find a money making opportunity or money will find a way to you through some unexpected means. 

On another note, this is the house of valuables personal belongings, or things of value. Things you own, so it's also possible you may receive any of these as a gift or for a very large discounted price. If you are in a relationship your partner might splurge on you with a gift. 
It is also possible, that you may decide to splurge little on yourself. This can also be a very romantic time if you are involved as you both and inclined to be more romantic with all of it's fixings enjoying the material and physical pleasures together.  So enjoy just don't over do it. Venus transits sweet but also short.

Venus Transits the 3rd house- Poetic Tone

You have all the right words and are able to say them in a way that others find charming. You are friendly, charismatic and have a way of asking for what you want without upsetting anyone. You are conscious of how to communicate and are very diplomatic in your approach. Romantic words move you now, and you may enjoy reading about relationships, love and romance. It's a great time to communicate with others and a good time to negotiate a contract or convey a message, write a resume, or anything that has to do with getting a message out. It is also a good time to shop for anything technology related or even a car.

If you are looking for love, the person will be found local, or nearby.

If you are already in love, then communication will improve between you and you may even want to verbalize your love for them more openly, or purchase a card that says it all, or a love note. 
And... If you work online or by mail expect to be busy this is a great transit for online business and traffic. 

Venus Transits the 4th house- Home pleasures

Even if you're not a homebody this month you will want to spend more time there. Spending more time with family should be very pleasant. You will also find great values on home furnishings and luck in finding a new place if looking. All things home and family related are favored.

If you are in a relationship and live together, things should heat up at home. Together you will want to add pleasurable things to the home, which will make you both feel newly inspired and more romantic.
Relations with family members will be good and you might find yourself busy with family parties, outings or get-togethers. If you are looking for a new place, now is the time to look. All things home and family related are favored.

Venus Transits the 5th house- Want Love and Fun?

During this transit if you are single you are sure to find plenty of opportunities for romance and you may find love! This is a powerful transit for finding love. Something is in the air, and you will be in for a lot of activities, and will be quite popular. You are much more expressive and confident and are a magnet for love. This is a playful time, so also being around children can make you feel good.  If you have children your relationships with them will be playful and fun.

 If you are wanting to have a baby, this is always a good time to try, Jupiter is much stronger, but Venus will definitely help. 

This is the house of Leo, so all eyes are on you. You will more confident and loving the attention.

If you are in the creative field, this can be a very inspirational time. You may come up with some really creative ideas be sure to put them down in writing so you don't forget them, 
 If you are involved romantically then you can expect added fireworks and more romance. 
Venus Transits the 6th house- A eye for the details

This is an excellent time, to organize, polish, or refine. You take notice of flaws like never before. You are much pickier and have higher expectations.  You will also find pleasure in finding ways to be more efficient with your time. 
In matters of love, those of you looking might meet someone at work, that may have Virgo Qualities of refinement and perfection, which is what you want during this transit anyhow.
Work and your relationship with  co-workers should be pleasant as well.

Also, the 6th house is of health, so starting a new health regime or changing your diet might something considered. 

If you need more work or are unemployed you can find a job now but it isn't likely to be too glamorous but will pay the bills. Also why work on personal hygiene, fitness, and health so you are feeling and looking great for Venus's transit next month to your 7th ( partners, marriage).
Venus Transits to the 7th house- Partnership, Marriage

This is a great time to meet a Partner for both love or business. You are feeling quite social right now, and will have lot's of opportunities to get out and about and meet people. If you are in a relationship, you can form a solid commitment or even receive a proposal or get married if applicable. Others find you very charming and appealing. You can use this new charm to go out and find the one. If you have a business you may acquire new clients or partners that you can benefit from.  You will be pretty social this month, finding yourself invited to many events. This is a great time to increase your contact base, you are likely to meet some beneficial people. 

Venus Transits the 8th house- Intense desires

This is a sexy transit plain and simple, but it all depends on if you like the attention your about to get or not. If you like the attention of others, you will be thrilled with this transit because you ooze sex appeal and personal power during Venus's transit through Pluto's domain.

 However, those of you that are on the shyer side might not be comfortable with all the forthcoming attention.
The fact of the matter is you are "oozing sex appeal. Money should come fairly easy too and it's a good time to find an investor. Playing the lotto might be profitable, or applying for a loan. You have strong magnetism, and exude confidence that attracts the trust and confidence of others. If you are in a relationship your Partner will be much more open and generous with you in which you can benefit greatly from a partner.
 If you are looking for an investor to launch a business idea, then this is time to go for it, others will find you to be valuable. Other people's money is favored
On the sexy side, if you are in a relationship expect a new found intensity or more sex.

On a psychological level, you will be much more open to expressing your inner needs, and will likely find you have much support during this time. Serious relationships often get married during this time, since it's the house of deep intimacy and sharing of resources.

Venus transits the 9th house- Ciao Amore!

If you are into the "exotic or foreign" then this is the time to get out and find your international lover! Travel is favored! Get swept away by a wee!wee! or a Ciao Bella! Go somewhere exotic or different, expand your horizons. If you are single and looking, You can find this person at any cultural get together, or far away place, but even if you can't travel far simply try a unique and different restaurant with the flavor of your choice. 

The more you experiment the luckier you are! This is the house of expansion, travel and all things foreign. Seek, Search and expand your horizons.
It is also an excellent time to increase knowledge, take a class, get licensed or go back to school. If you are a writer and want to get published now is a good time to get started on the process.

Venus Transits the 10th house- Public Appraisal

You want to be noticed and people take notice in a big way! It's possible if employed that your boss finally takes notice on the great job you have done and rewards you, with a promotion or raise. You might even receive some positive PR this month. If you are looking for a job you are likely to find one. You present yourself to the world in a Venusian manner and are much more refined and courteous. 

This is a great time to get out and mingle. If you are involved in a long-term relationship you may get a public proposal. This is also a great time to plan a wedding or any public gathering.  If you are single and looking for love, you can find them at work or simply out in the public.

Venus Transits the 11th house- Love my friends!

Your social life will be big this month. Group gatherings are favored now.  Friends are keeping in closer contact now, and your friendships are flourishing and more fulfilling. If you don't have many friends or want to make new one's because yours stink then get out and meet new people you're sure to find some great people. 

 If you are looking for love Venus here favors, group settings or even a friend introducing you. 
Don't forget this is also the house of hopes and wishes so go ahead and make as many as you want! 

Venus Transits the 12th house- Secret Lovers

This is Venus drifting off into the oceanic sea of dreams, longings, and fantasy. You actually don't mind that you have drifted off alone, as a matter of fact, being alone in your head and the world of fantasy makes you feel pretty good!

Relax, and soothe your soul, by getting in touch with your inner needs, explore spirituality, eat nurturing food, take care of yourself on all levels. Imagine it as a getaway or a sanctuary to heal, nurture and get in touch with your feelings.

If you are single, please watch for falling for an unattainable or the bad omen married person. Hidden agendas or relationships built around secrecy often begin. Keep in mind this is also the house of self-undoing, and longing, so things that start here often end up in these categories.

You are unconsciously attracted to the hidden and clandestine. This is a time when someone may confess their love for you that you had no idea they felt this way.
Yes, it's true if you are single and looking you can also meet someone that works at a hospital, like a Doctor but single and looking should be preferred.

If you are already lucky in love, then you will grow spiritually during this time this can be very a romantic time where you both enjoy your quiet alone time together.

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